It’s all over: Florida fires Will Muschamp

The storm clouds are breaking up.

A day after an inexcusable loss to a South Carolina team that was struggling for bowl eligibility, Jeremy Foley has pulled the plug on Will Muschamp. Technically, Muschamp is reported to have agreed to “step down”… but let’s be real, who doesn’t believe Foley made the move? He has no business coming back, and Foley finally figured that out.

Here’s the statement from Jeremy Foley:

“Upon evaluation of our football program, we are not where the program needs to be and should be. I’ve always said that our goal at the University of Florida is to compete for championships on a regular basis,” Foley said. “Coach Muschamp was dedicated to developing young men both on and off the field. Our student-athletes showed tremendous growth socially and academically under his leadership. His players were involved in campus activities, engaged with the local community and represented the University of Florida with pride.

“I will be forever grateful to Will and his staff for their unwavering commitment to the University of Florida and the mission of our athletic program. He will be missed by everyone in our athletic department – from the people that worked in his office to the people that painted the fields. Will knew everyone and they knew him and everyone in the building loved working with him. Will is as fine a man as you will ever meet, and I will always cherish our relationship with him and his family.”

Here is Muschamp’s statement:

“I appreciate the opportunity that has been offered to me and my family by Dr. Machen, Jeremy Foley and the University of Florida,” said Muschamp. “I was given every opportunity to get it done here and I simply didn’t win enough games – that is the bottom line. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get it done and it is my responsibility to get it done.

“I have no bitter feelings, but this is a business and I wish we would have produced better results on the field. We have a great group of players and a staff that is committed to this University and this football program. They have handled themselves with class and I expect them to continue to do so. As I’ve said many times, life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond.”

That was about as classy as one could handle it, and that’s part of why I still like Muschamp very much personally, and wish him the best wherever he goes after this. He is a smart, talented defensive mind and a solid recruiter. I hope somewhere down the road, he finds success as a head coach. He’s a likable man and a hard worker and I think he deserves success somewhere.

I don’t hate Muschamp personally in the least bit, and neither should you. He did try his best, which is something that the millions of dollars he makes kind of obscures from a fan base that wants championships every year, and you can’t argue otherwise without having your sanity questioned. I was among the first to call for his head, but even then, I held that he was a good person and should not be criticized personally. I’ll say it again: I do wish him the very best going forward (I just hope it’s not at Georgia).

But there was never a way he was going to survive in Gainesville beyond this year, not with the amount of pressure he put on himself by going 4-8 last year and losing to Georgia Southern. And if there was still any doubt, he erased it with his team’s ghastly performance against Missouri.

This had to happen sooner or later, and I’m relieved that it did. Now Foley can get a head start in searching for his next head coach, which I will be discussing in much more detail throughout the week.

In any case, we’re going to get our Gators back. Someday, anyway.

18 thoughts on “It’s all over: Florida fires Will Muschamp

  1. Foley needs to go as well. He is responsible for Zook, Myer, Will and for running Steve off the last time we were looking for a coach.

    BSBA ’71

    PS Steve would make a great coach or AD.

      1. Wait a minute… you’re blaming Foley for Meyer how, exactly? He won two national championships and 65 games in six years? Not that he even hired him, but how can he be blamed for Meyer at all when all Meyer did was bring success to Florida?

  2. I want him out NOW, before he gets to fuck up against another FCS team, but let’s face it, Muschamp handled this with about as much dignity as one possibly could. Because of that, I’m semi rooting for him going forward.

  3. “I’ll say it again: I do wish him the very best going forward (I just hope it’s not at Georgia)”

    Uhhhhhh, I’m not so sure I want to see him at Frequent Scandal U, either…

    1. No he didn’t. Foley did. Foley knew in 2008 he was on his way out and he didn’t bother with a contingency plan.

        1. Jeremy Foley has averaged more than one national championship per year. How are you going to persuade Dr. Fuchs to fire him? He would laugh you right out the building.

  4. I’m more worried he’ll land as DC in Columbia.
    Spurrier & Muschamp?
    South Carolina will OWN the SEC for years if he goes to the Cocks.

    I want him as far away from the SEC and fsu as humanly possible. Maybe Michigan will take him. (Holding back a grin)

  5. You can’t call for Foley’s head because of one sport. That’s extremely nearsighted. Do you see how well the overall athletic program has been doing? Come on, people.

    1. I said it before and I will say it again – it’s football. Then two rungs below is basketball. Then MAYBE baseball. Then a bunch of sports nobody but the participants and their parents give a damn about. It doesn’t matter if your hermaphrosite dog poop scooping team has won 38 consecutive titles if your football team is in the tank. Florida is a football school. If this was Kentucky he would have been revered and Donovan would be under the gun all the time. Alas, Florida is football first.

      Also let’s not overlook another important factor – any good AD could have that level of success with the advantages Foley has. It’s KIND OF like Switzer being handed the reigns to the Cowboys in 1994. As Jerry Jones correctly stated (while assuming far too much credit) – 500 coaches could win the Super Bowl with the talent on hand. Same idea at Florida.

    1. I am wrong about what, exactly ? Florida is a football school? Football ranks ahead of basketball at Florida ? Go ahead, prove me wrong .

  6. Foley isn’t going anywhere

    Champ stepped down, so he doesn’t get his guaranteed money.

    He didn’t have too. That was a classy choice. Now
    True class will ensure he doesn’t go to FSU, but anywhere else is fair game.

    They should make a clause for all coaches that by signing on for Florida, you can not go directly to FSU thereafter.

    Foley and Machen will make the decision and they should not spare any expense. We need a proven HC, and one with a big name. Then start stealing our recruits back!

  7. Once again Muschamp handled himself with class. I wish him ALL the best. He’ll get his $10 mil buyout. And if ends up at USC, UGA, FSU… that is something we’ll have to deal with.

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