It’s My Turn to Take One Final Look Back at 2010, and Muschamp’s New Thing is… Paintball?

I’m so ready to erase the awful memories of 2010, that I’ve already erased all the tape of all the games off my computer- even the “good stuff”.

News has come out that Will Muscgamp took the Gators out paintballing yesterday. Personally, I like it. He says it’s a team building activity. Well, I’m all for it, because last year’s team was not on the same page, not in the same book, not in the same genre and not even by the same author.

John Brantley erroneously assumed he would be taking snaps, not infield practice.

The defense assumed they would just stand there and look pretty, somebody else will get him, and not cover wide open downfield receivers.

Urban Meyer assumed the Gators would be OK.


Lost in the mass fellatio that was Steve Addazio and the offensive offense that Addazio was pretending to run was one of the worst defenses I have ever seen at Florida. Hell, at least Ron Zook’s defenses were decent.

Even the bright spot of the defense, the secondary, was awful. Yes, they picked off lots of passes, but compensated that with deep busted coverage TD’s. In the Tennessee game alone, there were two UT receivers with no Florida body within 15 and 40 yards, respectively. Yes, 40.

It wouldn’t hurt to have them all on the same page next year.

With the front 7, I actually forgot I was watching the Florida Gators. No pressure on opposing QB’s, no open field tackles and big gains by running backs. This was never more evident than when Marcus Lattimore ran wild in the Swamp. All it takes is a porous run defense to make a good running back look like Emmit Smith who’s just found out the opposing defensive coordinator has just murdered his daughter.

Ronald Powell, to me, is the key. There was a nice article about how he was ready to step up and live up to the expectations. Let’s see him do it. The Gators have so much talent in their front 7, I honestly believe they can match up with anybody in the country.

This year is obviously a huge one for the entire defense. Aside from Janoris Jenkins, pretty much everybody will return in 2012. Jelani Jenkins, Jon Bostic and Sharrif Floyd are the keys as well. First, I’d like to see Powell improve; then I’ll look at these guys. Jenkins in particular has what it takes to be a fearsome linebacker. He knows what’s going to happen two seconds before it does, and he needs to take that talent and turn it into sacks, fumbles, and interceptions.

Anyway. Back to Muschamp and the paintball.

It seemed like everybody had a good time, and I’m happy for them. As Muschamp said, nobody feels sorry for Florida, because of their history of success, but I kind of do. Actually, take that back. I REALLY do.

You know why?

Look at the coaching staff from last year: Steve Addazio, Chuck Heater, Scott Loeffler- STOP- all three of them make up the head coach and the coordinators at Temple.

I feel sorry for the Gators because they had SEC talent, and a MAC coaching staff.

And a head coach who was asleep at the wheel.


10 thoughts on “It’s My Turn to Take One Final Look Back at 2010, and Muschamp’s New Thing is… Paintball?

  1. Another great article Neil, I’m trying hard to forget last year! That dang Dumbazzio!

  2. Another great article Neil, I’m trying hard to forget last year! That dang Dumbazzio!

  3. Close, I was thinking more along the lines of “Whatever Addazio told you, do the opposite!!!”

  4. Thanks, but I’ll never forget Addazio. There’s another Addazio to Gator Nation article over the horizon. I’ll never forgive what he did to our beloved football team

  5. I have to agree Coach B, Meyer and his staff could no longer cut it in the SEC. That’s sad knowing we just recently won two championships, all good things come to an end.

  6. At least last year makes us appreciate our good years even more and took all the pressure off of us. The 09 season was so stressful and in the end heart breaking, last season I knew after one game not to expect too much and after our first couple losses I had to force myself not to care because of our lack of competitiveness. I love Urban but without his original staff he wasn’t putting the same product on the field. Now we’re a new team with a new staff and a totally new look. I’m not declaring Muschamp our savior because he hasn’t won a single game yet, but I’d rather have a 0-0 coach than to have Addazzio at the helm. If we didn’t get run out of the stadium so many times last year we may have had the team handed to Addazzio on Urban’s wishes, so I’m thankful for that.

    Our rivalries are heating up too, some of my friends which are FSU fans texted me at 1am to let me know that they beat us in baseball. All of my friends in Tennessee think they have a shot to beat us this year as well. My cousin who grew up in Atlanta can’t be happy about us stealing their recruits either. I think this is going to be a very exciting season for us, back to how things were in the 05-06 era. I don’t expect us to win the BCS title but I would bet on us making it to Atlanta and in the SEC any team can win on any given Saturday so there’s a chance we make it to a BCS bowl game.. Even if we did, I think Muschamp’s second year will be a lot better. Weis will have worked with Driskel for two camps and he should be able to grasp his playbook by then. Plus our defense should be playing with a lot more confidence as well. I’ll be glad to see a more physical style football like Alabama has been playing.

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