Janoris Jenkins Arrested Again For Pot

Will this guy ever learn???

I’m starting to believe he won’t.

Janoris Jenkins, for the third time in his career, and the second time in three months, was arrested. Once again, it was for marijuana.

Come on. You cannot be that stupid. You can’t even wait 9 months until after the season to be stupid?

This time, I’m actually extremely worried about his future. It’s his second arrest in three months under Muschamp and I have to believe that Muschamp won’t handle a repeat offense internally.

But like I said the last time he was stupid, this could be a blessing in disguise. Maybe Florida can develop a DB for four games, then Muschamp reinstates Jenkins for Alabama. That’s the only positive I see right now.

If I’m Muschamp, I give him the boot. Three strikes and you’re out. It’s an embarrassment to UF. I can forgive somebody for a first offense, and maybe for a second, different offense. But for making the same mistake twice in three months (and it’s probably been more, his previous pot issue probably was nothing more than a warning) he clearly has no regard for laws and orders.

He’s got to go.

So long, JJ. I no longer want you on my team.

7 thoughts on “Janoris Jenkins Arrested Again For Pot

  1. Everyone in Gainesville knows that the downtown is crawling with cops…you have to know it is about the dumbest place to sit in a car and smoke a blunt. The kid can sure lay a hit on someone, but man, he needs to use his brain a bit too. It’s just stupid to get busted twice in three months. Definite bummer, he’s one of my favorite players on the current roster. Hope it doesn’t end up hurting us too bad.

  2. What is there left to be said? Seriously?
    You’re an embarrassment to your school and the entire Gator Nation Janoris. You’ve pretty much slapped all of your fans in the face. Now go crawl in a hole and die.

  3. Wow just got back and I see this what a way to end my easter weekend. But coach needs to eliminate him from the team show his players that even stars aren’t above the law put the fear of god into em

  4. Getting rid of him will be easier said than done… Muschamp is probably thinking getting rid of maybe the best corner in the SEC isn’t a good idea. I bet he just gets suspended a few games. Without Jenkins whos going to cover the opposing teams best wideout all game. Not Muschamp or anyone else on his team besides Jenkins.

  5. Yeah i hear ya bro he will only get 4 games at the most, I’m just more concerned with the younger players that will be here after this year, if they see that our best defensive player isn’t untouchable maybe it will keep them in check…I know thats just wishful thinking.

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