Janoris Jenkins Caught With Pot

Janoris Jenkins certainly keeps his name in the news, doesn’t he?

Most of his attention has been positive, stemming from superb play, locking down great receivers such as Julio Jones, AJ Green, Brandon Lafell, etc.

Not this one.

According to numerous sources, Janoris Jenkins was caught with marijuana.

After that, the reports veer off in different directions.

Some say he was so high that he forgot how to open a bottle of Gatorade.

Others say it wasn’t even enough to get him arrested.

Here is the full story on what happened, according to Robbie Andreu:

UF senior cornerback Janoris Jenkins cited for pot

Published: Monday, January 24, 2011 at 2:33 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, January 24, 2011 at 2:33 p.m.

Florida senior cornerback Janoris Jenkins has been cited for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana by Gainesville Police.

Jenkins received the citation after officers observed Jenkins attempting to roll a cannabis cigarette in the bathroom of a downtown night club (Status Nightclub) on Saturday night. Because the amount was so small, Jenkins was not arrested. The possession charge is a misdemeanor. Jenkins was issued a notice to appear and released. He has a Feb. 17 court date.

Jenkins is the first UF football player to get in trouble with the law under new coach Will Muschamp. There were 30 arrests of UF players under Urban Meyer (2005-10).


This is breaking news, so more info will become available shortly.

Whatever really happened, this is not good.

The day Will Muschamp was announced, he warned his players that if they got into trouble, they would be in even bigger trouble with him.

What does that mean?

As much as it kills me to think this, Gator fans have to brace for the possibility that he was loaded with pot and was arrested and is therefore done for the year. Keep in mind that he has been arrested before.

Maybe Muschamp meant it. Maybe he’s the overreacting type. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing considering the dirty reputation Urban Meyer had, but it could happen.

So what then?

Then the Gators didn’t lose anything, and as I’ve said, they might actually gain.

Because let’s face it, we all thought he was gone.

Josh Evans, Jaylen Watkins and Matt Elam have to step up then.

This is not a good start to the Will Muschamp era regarding arrests.

10 thoughts on “Janoris Jenkins Caught With Pot

  1. Okay, let me be honest more than half our team smokes weed that was during the Spurrier era and its after. The testing in collegeisnt the same as the NFL. Jenkins just got caught, and its embarssing I know. Muschamp will make an example out of him and its time for change. Students can do what they want at Florida I was one so I’m not on my high horse but student athletes have to be held to a higher standard. I’m expecting at least a 3 suspension maybe more. BOOM is going to show us the new Florida way, no Jenkins for awhile.

  2. Did Florida nation know that will hill has come out and say his Twitter account was hacked and he’s saying that the NFL guys told him he’s a 2nd to 4th round pick, you can’t be serious!

  3. He’ll definitely play…after all it was only a ticket and not an arrest…but I’d say if Muschamp wants to do things ‘The Florida Way,’ a suspension is definitely in order. But after missing a couple games, he’ll likely come back with something to prove. And I’ll still be a Janoris fan.

  4. I understand it’s the offseason and he may be wanting to have a little fun before spring training, but we need leaders on our team. He should be one of our leaders on defense, and being busted for possession isn’t a way a leader should act. I’m sick of hearing about our players in the headlines for getting into trouble, but I guess that it’s becoming the norm for most schools nowadays because the student athletes are treated like celebrities.

  5. Ya’ll, I was a student also and I know it’s only a ticket. I get that but if pop positive at work I’m fired. This also makes the coach look bad. Plus, this could cost this kid millions. It’s pure stupidity.

    Then tell me this, how can Rainey get BLASTED by the media for texting a threat to a girlfriend? Never touch the girl, but put it in writing. She never even felt threatened but because it’s not PC to even threaten a woman or get racial, this guy gets suspended for weeks.
    If it were me, I’d make him run stadiums until he puked. Then I’d film it and show it to the team. He’d then apologize to the team. And last but not least, he’d have to work at a drug rehap center for the entire off-season.

  6. I’m embarrassed that Muschamp couldn’t even get through his first month as HC without one of our players disrespecting the honor of playing for UF. I’m all for a little harmless recreation, but don’t mix it w/arrogance and stupidity, you dummy! I fear that this kid’s indiscretion comes from a sense of entitlement, which is poison to a team ethic. I don’t know Muschamp from Adam but from his intro presser and other stuff I’ve read about him, he’s gonna do the right thing, and ole JJ’s gonna eat a big ole slice of humble pie.

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