Jordan Reed and Trey Burton Switching From QB

As expected, Charlie Weis announced that Jordan Reed and Trey Burton will not be playing QB next season.

This comes as absolutely no surprise.

Reed has always been a tight end, and wants that to continue. As for Burton, it’s slightly more complicated. Weis says he will play the “F” position… could this be one of the surprises I hinted at earlier? What exactly is the “F” going to do in this offense?

It is worth noting that Reed is still a candidate for the backup QB job. Weis made that clear.

But what does all this mean?

For starters, it means that Weis is no moron like Addazio (understatement of the century). But we knew that already.

Thinking deeper, it could just be coach speak for “Reed is our backup QB.”

Or it could be a sign that Weis will really open up the playbook in 2012.

Generally speaking, you want your best players in the skill positions, not at QB. The obvious exception is Tebow. As we know, neither Burton nor Reed is Tebow. But having a mobile QB that can’t throw that great is nothing more than Wildcat.

That’s for Burton.

Reed is going to be on defensive coordinators’ minds from now until he plays them, what will he do, will he play some QB in Wildcat?

So that’s a great sign for Gator fans- the enigma that is Jordan Reed.

And Florida football.

7 thoughts on “Jordan Reed and Trey Burton Switching From QB

  1. I can’t wait for the season to start. Finally after the disaster that is dumbazzio is gone! Florida can be great again.

  2. Oh that was great… I actually felt bad for her. I mean, I was humiliating a girl. How much lower could I get? Well. I could convert to UGA’s side.

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