McElwain holding open tryouts for kickers

In a move that’s highly reminiscent of the movie Invincible, Jim McElwain has decided to hold an open tryout at the kicker position. For real. And better yet, he’s actually, totally, 100% serious about it, and has sent the message out to every single UF student.

Austin Hardin began the season as the starter, but he struggled mightily and was soon replaced with Jorge Powell, who didn’t really do much better. Worse yet, Powell suffered a leg injury against LSU, meaning that Florida’s only current kicker is one who they just benched a few weeks ago. So McElwain is opening up the competition to literally anybody who is currently enrolled at UF, which isn’t a bad idea, because hey, it can’t hurt- and he might find a diamond in the rough.

McElwain’s got two weeks to stage this impromptu kicking battle, as Florida has a bye week before facing Georgia in Jacksonville.

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