Memo to Will Muschamp: Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You (Part II)

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Alright Muschamp, you’ve obviously got no self control, so now we’ve got to go back and do this again.

A few months ago, Will Muschamp insulted Florida and their facilities in response to a question that had nothing to do with Florida, after which I pointed out that this was maybe not the brightest thing to say about a school that was paying him north of $6 million to basically go away. And now, Muschamp has decided to get a little smart-assed with the coach who replaced him.

As we all know by now, Jim McElwain does not believe the roster Will Muschamp left him with is a very good one- or as he put it, “insufficient”. Muschamp didn’t appreciate being directly refuted, and sarcastically shot back, “Hey, this guy thinks he can win with his dog, right? Does he like his dog better than his players?”

I don’t have a problem with Muschamp defending the quality of the players, or the team, that he left McElwain. I do have a problem with Muschamp thinking he can just respond with sarcasm- which in a backhanded sort of way hurts the Gators’ recruiting- and get away with it. Recruits’ minds are fragile, remember. They’re 16-17 year old kids with tremendous egos, and are easy to make an influence on with the right wording. Of course, Muschamp was a horrible coach, but he’s a rather tactful recruiter, and is skirting around the facts to use the mess he started at Florida to his advantage on the recruiting trail.

I’ve asked nine different kids in the Class of 2016 whether or not Muschamp negatively recruits against Florida. Eight of them- including two who are currently committed to Florida- said yes, he directly puts down the Gators in private meetings with them. And now we see him doing it in a much more covert, yet public manner. We as Gator fans know that Muschamp wouldn’t know offensive talent if it jumped up and bit him in the Adam’s apple (which Jordan Scarlett confirmed to me), but recruits don’t all know that, and if they believe Muschamp’s assertion that McElwain has talent and then McElwain doesn’t win right away, McElwain then looks bad because he had all that talent. It doesn’t matter if this logic is faulty or not in reality, all that matters is whether or not recruits believe it. Muschamp’s sarcastic quip, while not that damaging on its own, can potentially carry a lot of weight with some top players who are down to Florida and Auburn.

So let’s do this again: cut it out, Will. You are arguably the worst coach in Gator history, as no coach ever won less with such high expectations of the program over a span of several years; anything bad you say about Florida looks like nothing but the sourest of grapes. And if Florida had such a talented roster, why couldn’t you win with it? Why did you go 10-13 your last two years if the team McElwain is inheriting is so damned good? Why should he be expected to win right away when you couldn’t? Is this your way of admitting you’re an incompetent buffoon? Why should I have to be asking these questions?

I can promise you one thing, Muschamp. This is not a good look for you. Any effort you can make to damage the progress of the program you once worked at, no matter how sneaky and unnoticed it is to the general public, only makes you look like the craziest of exes to anybody who stops and thinks about it. Just stop talking and coach your team. Leave Florida out of it.

15 thoughts on “Memo to Will Muschamp: Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You (Part II)

  1. Question, Neil: did any of the kids say if McElwain negatively recruits against other schools? I agree that Muschamp has no right to do it, but unfortunately, this is pretty common among college coaches, no?

    1. I didn’t ask them about it; one kid said “all coaches do it”, though, which sort of answers your second question. I’ll ask other kids in the future.

      1. I’m pretty confident Mac does it too. The
        only people that are true to their teams
        is the players and the fans. None of
        these coaches are loyal to any one school.
        Steve Spurrier is a dying breed. He
        should have been given the job when we fired Zook.
        We can all thank Foley for that. Spurrier
        would have won multiple NCs and would have stayed loyal to the Gator Nation. Good article.

        1. I agree with you about Foley and the ol’ ball coach. When he said 12 year was enough, meaning Foley.

  2. Would you expect anything else out of Muschump, though? Serious question. I hate him as much as anybody else does, but you wrote this almost like you’re surprised, which I don’t get.

  3. The comment wasn’t really that much of a shot at Florida to the naked eye, but it can be sold as such to recruits. Therefore, it is potentially damaging to the Florida football program. Therefore, Will Muschamp is continuing to try to hurt the Florida football program. Therefore, he can go fuck himself.

  4. Who cares about this clown? Although you were kind enough to say he was ‘arguably one of the worst coaches’ UF ever had, I respectfully disagree…He was indeed THE worst coach in Florida football history. Thank God he’s Auburn’s problem now. Perfect place for him.

    1. I understand exactly where you’re coming from with the “who cares” angle. But… unfortunately, I care, because his nasty little recruiting tricks could continue to hurt the Gators. It’s so wrong, and so difficult to fathom… but this is the world of recruiting, where flawed logic can be effective if presented right.

  5. I was one of the biggest on backing Muschamp up to his release, but now feeling duped. The main thing Muschamp needs to understand is that he was called the best DC in college football and supposedly had the likes of Spurrier beating down his door. If Auburn has a bad defense, does that reflect on him? Recruiting is a swinging door and he might want to figure that out and quick.

  6. There was a post I made around 2011 or early 2012 about all the ridiculous things that seemed to always be flowing from his mouth.

    This is another example. He essentially just admitted he is a terrible coach.

  7. This means a lot coming fro a guy who produced our worst season in 35 years, an offense ranked below #100 in the country for four years and set us back at least 4-5 years in rebuilding the program through the damage he did directly. Yeah, you left us loaded, Will, no doubt about it. Too bad you could only recruit defensive backs.

    Muschamp has accomplished what I thought to be impossible: He has me rooting for Alabama against Auburn.

  8. Neil great read and right on the head. Remember what Muchamp, in his first year said; Look what I have, what tou expect. He was clueless on developing an offense and wore than useless on developing player

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