Mike Davis Commits to Florida- ANOTHER Slap in the Face to Georgia

According to whitepages.com, 702 people in the state of Florida are named Michael Davis.

Well, whitepages, get ready to add number 703. Because Mike Davis, a running back out of Stephenson High School in Atlanta, GA, has just declared himself a Gator, only a couple weeks after Matt Jones committed.


After sorely lacking a big time runner last year (after the first two games), Florida appears to be loaded at the same position for 2012.

They’ve got, to quote Orange and Boom, a real thunder and lightning. Jones is the thunder, Davis is the lightning.

Check out Davis’ highlight clip here.


Because I sure am. He does a lot of things very well- AGAINST SOME OF THE BETTER TEAMS IN GEORGIA.

Speaking of, how many better ways are there to insult our northern neighbors?

Stealing one of if not the best recruits from their home state? Tell you what, UGA sure doesn’t have another Dream Team coming in next year barring them not losing any other recruits to other schools.

But then, knowing UGA fans and their excuses, they’ll just say that Davis sucks, he’s worthless, we don’t need him.

Right, Georgia?

4 thoughts on “Mike Davis Commits to Florida- ANOTHER Slap in the Face to Georgia

  1. Damn! If he’s lightning then does he crap thunder!?
    Again Georgia you can [b]SUCK ON IT![/b]
    [b]BOOM! BOOM! BOOM![/b]

  2. Jones + Davis>> Crowell.. I’ll take that all day. The underrated part of the Davis commitment is it will probably help Stepheson High’s other players that we want. They have a shitload of talent this year. Very similar to that Lakeland class with Rainey, Black, and the Pounceys.

  3. Georgia fans here are all ready making excuses! One fan said who wants s RB that doesn’t start on his own team. My answer it takes at least 2 backs to carry the load you moron. Can we say BOOM

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