Million Dollar Question: Brissett or Driskel?

Every Gator fan wants to know who will be the starting QB next season. It’s by far the biggest question mark on the Florida football team.

The coaches are silent, neither QB really distinguished himself as a legitimate starter last year, so it appears to be dead even.

One thing that’s for sure: whoever does get the starting job has full support from Will Muschamp, who has praised both throughout the spring. Muschamp says the Gators can win with either one.

My thoughts? If that’s the case, pick one and move on. If you really feel you can win with either one, then just make up your mind. The two split reps with the first team offense, but it would benefit the starter to have 90% of the reps so he can really get accustomed to his fellow starters, rather than sort of have the hang of it. A starter must be picked by mid summer.

The other option is rotating QB’s, which is really not an option but an absolute last resort. We’ve seen that before, and even with a much better offense than we had in 2010, it still is not a good sign. Only somebody who’s lucky enough to have a football bounce like a tennis ball can pull that off, specifically Les Miles.

Both have their strengths; Driskel is really fast and a good runner, more like a Tebow type (but certainly not Tebow’s level) and has a good arm while Brissett has good mobility and a great arm. Both can make smart decisions, and both can read defenses. There are slight differences, but no major ones.

Unless one goes a long way to separate himself in the summer, if they’re really dead even, then do whatever you want to pick one. Use any of Steve Addazio’s play-calling methods; have them play rock paper scissors, pick one of their two names out of a hat, use a magic 8 ball, ask jeeves or do eenie-meenie-minie-mo. I don’t care. Muschamp, you really need to just pick one by mid-summer and ride him all the way. The extra practice with the first team will pay off.

See what happens.

One thought on “Million Dollar Question: Brissett or Driskel?

  1. I’m hoping that both QBs improve before the season starts, with that being said I would love to see Brissett start. Right now he fits what we are trying to do and with that swagger you cant go wrong.

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