More BCS Madness

Right now, the BCS brass is meeting to discuss a potential “playoff” to determine the national champion. Who do they think they’re fooling?

Certainly not me, or any other college football fan with any common sense. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that a four team playoff does nothing at all, you just need a single grain of intelligence.

What does a four team playoff do that the current system doesn’t? OK, it involves two more teams that would be left out- but so what? Within five years, I will guarantee, there will be five undefeated teams from different conferences, or at least one undefeated team that gets left out behind a one loss SEC team, and then the original problem is even worse- an undefeated team isn’t in the top 4 in the country.

This is only one of dozens of playoff plans that won’t work, and while the BCS Cartel doesn’t know a whole lot about anything, they know enough to see that this type of doomed plan will keep the money in their pockets, the arguments and therefore “attention to the game of college football” stronger and the fans of all fan bases steaming.

At least the Cartel is not flat out denying this “playoff”. They’ve shot down every somewhat possible proposal. They’ve denied Craig Thompson’s 8 team playoff, Death to the BCS’s 16 team proposal, and a bunch of others. And at least the Cartel appears to be a fair group of people. They gave Joe Paterno the same amount of respect they gave all the others- none- and shot down his plea for an extended postseason as well.

In order for a playoff to work, each of the following criteria must be met:

1) Protecting/increasing the importance of the regular season.

2) Conference championship games must still mean something.

3) Higher seeds must host early round games; not bowl sites.

4) TV ratings must improve; all games must be intriguing for random fans.

5) Schools must profit more than from bowl games.

So as I’ve said, my proposal will be available tomorrow right here on IAKOW, at about 1pm. It covers all the bases. The fans win, the schools win, TV wins, and I’ve even made sure the bowl games don’t go down. The only people that lose is the BCS, and, well, that’s too bad. Because this playoff actually uses logic.