More content, updates coming soon

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of stuff from us lately. I’ve been busy with finals, as has Rylan Romano, and I believe NWB and Joey have been busy with their own stuff as well.

But now that I’m done, I can promise you that we’ll soon be ramping our coverage of everything Gators right back up. We’ve got a bowl game and a Gator basketball team that’s won its last two to talk about, recruiting is starting to really heat up, and we’ll be discussing our new head coach and what he does to make him so successful as both an offensive mind and as a recruiter. This will all resume on Monday. So keep your eyes peeled and you’ll start to see a lot of new stuff from all four of us very soon.

I can assure you one thing, reading articles about the Florida Gators is about to become a lot more fun now that Muschamp is finally gone and we now have some real promise for the future.

7 thoughts on “More content, updates coming soon

    1. Oh for God’s sake.

      Let me fill you in on what’s happened since we last met four years ago. This is my site now. I’m 20, not 16. But in terms of trolls, I have the patience of a 12 year old. Unlike a 12 year old, I’m not going to engage in any back and forth nonsense with you; I’m just going to ban you. If you would like to discuss football/coaches/Gators/basketball/recruiting like a normal person without being the dismissive douche we all know and love from the first IAKOW, be my guest. But troll once and your account goes bye-bye.

  1. Great.

    He made his way here.

    Remember when he thought Muschamp would be so successful he was going to leave Florida high and dry for the Georgia job because he was convinced Mark Richt, who he constantly referred to as Helen Hunt was going to fail and get canned.

    Ahhhh the good old days

    1. I thought Muschamp would be successful? LOL! I said he would flop like Zook did. And he did. And the only reason he’s not at Georgia is because their favorite actress is Helen Hunt!

  2. Neil & Ryan:

    I’d like to see:

    Coaching break downs – Where you see our strengths and weaknesses.

    Recruiting – Gets, Needs, Diamonds in the rough…

    Maybe an article from “Bone”

    1. I made one that has been in pending state for a couple of weeks now (i think a couple of weeks, at least 1)

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