Muschamp boots DT Leon Orr from team

In a bit of bizarre news, Will Muschamp announced in the wake of Florida’s 34-10 throttling of Vanderbilt that he has kicked defensive tackle Leon Orr off the team because he was more concerned with starting that being a part of the team.

The story goes like this.

Orr, who had not started since the Alabama game back in September, was upset that he wasn’t starting against Vanderbilt. He went to Muschamp and complained; Muschamp held his ground (as you’d expect any head coach to do). Orr countered by saying he was going to leave, and Muschamp told him that if he left- meaning leave his football team on game day and just go home- he was done. Orr stuck with his decision and Muschamp stuck with his promise; the bus ticket he bought for Orr was the final accommodation Orr will ever receive as a University of Florida student athlete. He is now off the football team.

UPDATE 12:15pm Monday: Muschamp said that there is no chance that Orr returns. Muschamp added that “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life before.” No chance of reconciliation.

It’s a sad little piece of information that takes away from what was quietly one of Florida’s best performances of the year. After struggling early, Florida played really, really well against a Vanderbilt team that played Missouri much closer than the Gators did, and blew them out. The offense wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough, and even though Muschamp made a couple of questionable coaching decisions, I thought he generally coached a very good game.

To sum that up, last night should have been wholly dedicated to celebrating a solid win. Florida played hard and executed well. They’ve eclipsed last season’s win total, and they’re one win away from bowl eligibility. They’ve avenged a heartbreaking defeat and an embarrassing defeat from a year ago in back to back weeks. And somehow, they’re still in that division race. Those things are what should be the focus immediately after a win like this, but thanks to Orr having the emotional stability of a 12 year old girl, it’s not- and now we have something ugly to have to think about in the wake of a Gator victory when that victory is all we should be thinking about.

On another note, it’s a perfect example of the petulance, arrogance and me-first attitude that Muschamp has made clear he will not stand for. I criticize Muschamp a lot, but in this case, good for him. I hate to use this word unless it’s absolutely applicable, and I think in this case it is: he eliminated a cancer last night. And as this team goes forward with bright aspirations, I’m glad to know somebody who only cared about himself will not be part of it.

17 thoughts on “Muschamp boots DT Leon Orr from team

  1. Let’s all celebrate eclipsing last year’s win total over the worst team in the SEC & allowing them their best offensive stats of the season…. Yeah! Dump Chump!

    1. I wanted him gone after we lost to Vanderbilt last year. But that’s not going to happen, so I believe it’s in everybody’s best interests to support the team despite having a coach we all want gone.

  2. Orr’s a pussy. Glad to see that Muschamp did the right thing. The second you notice a cancer, you extract it. Good for him.

  3. The dude’s a fifth year senior, knows he’s going to play a lot as a reserve anyway, he has a potential NFL future and he does this? He doesn’t deserve to be on this team. Good for Muschamp for kicking him off. Now Muschamp can join him.

  4. There are hundreds of thousands of kids who would kill to have the talent Leon Orr has. Shame on him. I really hope he doesn’t get a second chance. He doesn’t deserve one. This team is finally coming together, having beaten Georgia with one final push to possibly save their beloved coach’s job, and he does this?

    1. Totally agree. He should be more grateful that he actually has the opportunity to play at all for a school as prestigious as the University of Florida.

  5. Screw Leon, I’m happy with the Oar that we have. It’s called the Okefenokee Oar, and unlike Leon, we KNOW it won’t desert us for the rest of the year.

    1. Hahaha that was good I enjoyed that, but maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on Orr? He’s just a kid after all, kids do stupid stuff all the time. I say give him another chance. And before you dismiss me and say he’s a cancer to the team, answer me this: if Dante Fowler did something like this, would you kick him off for good as well or would you give him a second chance?

      1. Well Fowler wouldn’t be benched because Muschamp believed he wasn’t good enough. That was what started the entire problem. I hear you though, and it’s a good question.

        1. OK well what if Fowler got hurt and was cleared to play but Muschamp decided to start Bullard over him as he recovered but told him he would get to play in a reserve role? Or something like that?

          1. That wouldn’t happen either because Fowler and Bullard play different positions and they start simultaneously. But I understand your point. What if it was a star player who did something on the same levels of childishness and immaturity? Would Muschamp kick him off? That’s what you seem to be asking.

            The answer in my opinion is yes. Muschamp showed he had no problem booting players who caused him problems immediately after settling in. Janoris Jenkins got caught with pot, and Muschamp got rid of him. Jenkins was easily going to be the best player on that 2011 team, and Muschamp didn’t care. He wanted no part of the petulance and bitchiness that came with Jenkins, even knowing how good of a player he was, and shoved him out the door.

            1. Precisely this.

              If I were the coach, he’d be gone. Muschamp appears to agree with me, and though I would very much like to see him join Leon Orr in getting the sweet fuck away from the Florida Gator program, I 100% commend him for this action.

              Here’s another thing, too. College athletics is such where no player is forever. At the absolute most, you can keep a player for four years. So if it was, say, Percy Harvin as a freshman who exhibited this sort of immaturity? Yeah, I’d get rid of him. I may lose three more years of him if he chose to stay for a fourth year, but then I’d recruit Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey to replace him. You see? Talent is replaceable when you recruit well enough. Harvin was a beast, but the physical drop off between him and Rainey/Demps each was minimal and thus not worth having to put up with the attitude of Harvin.

              In the case of Orr, it’s a matter of four games. Do you as a coach want to set the standard that it’s OK to be a self centered little bitch when you can simply replace the player with a younger and better one? Again, that’s why you recruit, and Muschamp does that well. I have full confidence one of the young defensive linemen Muschamp signed will wind up being more talented than Orr ever was.

  6. Really disappointed in a 5th year Senior for this. Orr has been a Gator for a long time (seems like he’s been in G’ville since Tebow was starting), and played pretty well much of the time. I wish him well, but disappointed in his actions.

  7. This is another reason I like Muschamp. He will not tolerate this.

    Urban did. Oh, and Percy Harvin he’s a locker room cancer. Thats why he’s in NY. Our locker room was full of this crap.

    Another thing is our youth. They are playing and recruits see this. I see things coming together.

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