Muschamp To Stick With Driskel For Tennessee Game

Despite the heavy criticism that has been flung at both himself and Jeff Driskel, Will Muschamp is going to give him another shot against Tennessee.

If you are in the Treon Harris camp, you may pause to scream.

I know, I’ve defended Driskel in the past. Then came the Alabama game. Driskel’s performance suggested that at the very least, Treon Harris deserves a fair shot to win the job. But at least for this week, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. And that really makes me nervous.

Even more disturbing was the Gators247 article that said Treon Harris wasn’t getting any of the first team reps. That crosses the line between sounding bad and being bad. It’s one thing to keep quiet or lie about a certain player’s status to try to throw off the opposing team. While maybe not the most ethical thing to do, that’s football. That’s how it goes. But not giving Harris a single snap with the first team offense makes me believe that Muschamp is being honest- he’s really going to stick with Driskel despite his obvious inefficiencies and confidence issues.

I don’t think there’s any possible way to get around this, and I know we’re all thinking it, so I’m just going to put it out there: if Driskel fails, it’s going to cost Will Muschamp his job.

Last week, Neil Blackmon wrote this outstanding piece about how Muschamp has to turn to Treon Harris for the sake of the program. I very much enjoyed reading it, and agree wholeheartedly. Since Muschamp is not going to listen to NWB, myself, or the thousands of others who agree, he’s apparently made up his mind to rest his entire coaching career on the strong but very inaccurate arm of Jeff Driskel. Should Florida lose, even if Driskel doesn’t do horribly, it’s going to end Muschamp’s days at Florida. Whether or not he’s fired on the spot remains to be seen (and we all know what I think, so please don’t ask again- he should have been fired after losing at home to Vanderbilt last year), but it’s as close to a certainty as anything in the uncertain world of college football that he will not be back in 2015.

6 thoughts on “Muschamp To Stick With Driskel For Tennessee Game

  1. Lassiter has been such an awful coach for this program that I am actually rooting against Florida in the hopes that he gets fired.

    1. What, and lose one of the only bragging rights we have left? Sorry, but I value the one sidedness of this rivalry. I want Muschamp gone too, but I’ll never actively root against Florida

  2. Muschamp does not have to lose to get fired. With this schedule, his days are numbered. If he does not have at least 2-3 series for Harris planned the Nation will come unglued.

    The Gators may beat UT, Vandy, and E. Kentucky but then who? Thats only 5 wins.

    If the Swamp starts having 30-50% no-shows Foley will have no choice.

  3. Yeah, but if he’s gonna get fired, I’d prefer it happen sooner rather than later so we can give Kurt Roper or DJ Durkin a trial run as head coach. I’d like to give them a large enough sample size to judge either of them by in case we can’t lure any big name head coaches over and have to look at the next echelon of potential coaches. Who knows, maybe one of them would lead Florida to a 6-1 record over the final seven games and get us to Atlanta? And if that happens, maybe our search for the next head coach would end right in Gainesville.

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