My College Football Playoff Proposal

Lost among all the cries of “F*ck the BCS”, “We need a playoff”, and “this system sucks” is the fact that there are very few possible solutions. Sure, go ahead and state your desire to break into a BCS building and assault the extremely irritating Cartel of so called wise (read: moronic) men that decided this current miscarriage of justice of a system.

Yes, there are things that must be included, others that must be admitted, and still others that the country will be half and half on. That’s how it goes in this world.

Here is my proposal for a complete destruction of the current college football season, and the building of a completely different one.

The conferences

TCU and West Virginia join the Big 12. Louisville and Boise State drop out of their disgraceful conferences to form a pretty respectable independent group along with Notre Dame and BYU (and the military academies). The rest of the Big Least can join the FCS for all I care. Everything else stays the same.

The regular season

I’ve changed my mind from the previous post slightly. 12 games to a regular season, but still, the pointless games must go. Florida vs the Citadel is not going to be selected as the ABC Primetime game. Nor will it be on TV at all outside of Gainesville.

So here’s what to do. Play 8 conference games as usual. Play 2 other teams from BCS conferences, and 2 others from lower FBS.

Start the season in the middle of August, and if the southern teams don’t like it, they have a simple choice: man up and offer to fly up north and play there in exchange for a return trip the following November, or play in 95 degree weather against a midmajor. The season will end in mid November following the conference championships.

The playoffs would start in mid February to not coincide with the NFL playoffs ans March Madness, and also to give the kids time to take their exams, making the schools happy.

The Selection Process

To keep the BCS happy, let them pick the field of 16. If a team complains that they didn’t get in, it’s either because they’re a midmajor, and therefore suck, or it’s because they likely have 3 or more losses. It’s their fault for losing three different games. Teams with one fluke loss like Boise State last year will no longer be punished, nor will undefeated teams outside the top 2. The exact same system will be in place, and the Cartel can continue to celebrate their lives of ruining bubble teams’ seasons, this time with worse teams.

The Playoffs

Why play a Round 16 game in the Capital One Bowl when you can play it in someone’s home stadium? There’s no clearer epitome of the love for college football than Death Valley, the Swamp, the Coliseum, or the Horseshoe rocking at full throttle. The Round 16, quarterfinals, and semifinals will be played at teams’ home sites. The championship will be in one of the following rotating sites: Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl and the Orange Bowl. The general idea is to punish the Fiesta Bowl for its recent episode, and restore the Cotton Bowl to the greatness it once held.

The playoffs would start on the second Saturday in February. There would be a full week for the next game, and the semis. The Championship would be on the first Sunday of March.

The Bowl Games

So, now you might be asking: what about the other bowl games? Well, the answer is simple: they don’t mean anything anyway, and who said they couldn’t exist? But it would work a little bit differently here. Instead of all these pointless conference tie-ins, just do it first come first serve.

There would be two options as to when the game will be played: during the regular season, on any random week, or after the season and both teams are done with their exams, sometime in December or January.

It would work like usual for the postseason (except for the conference tie-ins), and the same way for the regular season. For postseason games, though, the teams they ask cannot be in the playoffs and in a bowl game. So the bowls must wait until the field of 16 is selected, then make their calls.

As for prestigious teams not wanting to play in lower tier bowls, however, a team can decline the offer for any reason, including but not limited to, money issue, distance of travel issue, bowl history/prestige, and proposed opponent.

To make the games even, a bowl cannot match two teams with records that differ by more than one game. For example, a 7-5 can be pitted against an 8-4, or a 6-6, but not a 9-3. Exceptions will be made if there are not many teams with similar records.

The four sites that host the championship can host bowl games, too, if they would like.

So any bowl organization has plenty of opportunities to get their name exposure. They can only go once, though, either during the season or after, for obvious reasons. But this should by and large make all the bowls happy.

Overall Look

As with every proposal, there may be a few things here that others don’t like. But I think I’ve done a pretty good job of covering every group of people that has a say in this, and making them happy.

Spread this around. Email friends. Family. Put this on facebook. Spread it along there. Tweet this link. Do whatever to get this as much exposure as possible. In case you’re wondering, the point of this article isn’t to achieve 15 minutes of fame. It’s to fix a nationally recognized problem that has left many teams unfairly robbed of a national championship. It doesn’t really take sides as far as teams go, it’s a problem that a lot of teams have faced. And don’t laugh; Florida could someday be a victim of this BS as well.


5 thoughts on “My College Football Playoff Proposal

  1. Stick everyone in a conference.

    Conference winners faceoff.

    Get rid of the cream puff OOC games.

  2. YES, YES, and YES!!! Well, the Big Least can go decay in D3 for all I care, but everything else, I agree with.

  3. Great article Neil, hopefully we can get this into the hands of a few university presidents and get this ball rolling!

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