Name me a Better Hire than Charlie Weis

Charlie Weis is a great pick for Florida's offensive coordinatorWith the Steve Addazio nightmare finally over, the task of rebuilding the side of the ball that’s not called defense (can we really even call what we had in 2010 an “offense”?) now falls into the hands of one of Will Muschamp’s first hires, Charlie Weis.

I’ll get right to the point here, the hiring of Charlie Weis is a huge coup.  A successful NFL offensive coordinator coming off a great season and taking a college job that’s not a head coaching position?  I don’t think many people dreamed that would happen.

Sure, the Notre Dame fiasco is the freshest thing in most people’s minds when the name ‘Charlie Weis’ comes up, but some people just make great coordinators and not great coaches.  Josh McDaniels is one of those guys, Mike Martz is one of those guys, Romeo Crennel is one of those guys, and yes, Charlie Weis is one of those guys.

When Florida lost (got rid of) Steve Addazio, we lost one thing.  Recruiting.  For as much as Addazio sucked at everything a person can possibly suck at, he was still a good recruiter.  How he convinced those kids to come play in his wretched offense is beyond me, but somehow he did.  Charlie Weis brings that same recruiting panache with him, without the part about sucking at everything else.  For all the struggles he had at Notre Dame, his teams there were good at two things, scoring points and bringing in top recruits.  Those two things will be his only jobs at Florida.

So let’s look back at the career of Charlie Weis.

He entered the NFL in 1990 and spent his first seven years as various types of assistant coaches (running backs coach, tight ends coach, wide receivers coach, etc).  After spending 1996 as the wide receivers coach for the New England Patriots’ explosive offense, he was given his first gig as an offensive coordinator in 1997 with the New York Jets.  That Jets offense actually took a step back in ’97 from where they were in ’96 (mediocre), but in ’98, in Weis’ second year, they finished 4th in the league in offense.  You may remember 1998 as the last good season of Vinny Testeverde’s career, one year after he was cut by Baltimore.

In 1999, Testeverde got injured early on and the Jets offense took a big step backwards with Rick Mirer and Ray Lucas leading the charge.  New England had seen enough though, and hired Weis to be their new offensive coordinator in 2000.

New England’s offensive stats are not as good in the early 2000’s as people remember.  They put up a lot of points, but not a ton of yards.  A big part of that was the strength of their defense, which led to the Pats nursing a lot of leads.  Of course, the big thing everyone will remember from that era is the decision to go with Tom Brady as their starting quarterback, and many super bowl victories to follow.

By 2005, the Patriots were rolling along with Brady and Weis and a top 5 offense, when the Notre Dame job became available.  Weis took over a team that had finished 82nd in the country in total offense in 2004, and led them to a 10th place finish in his first year in 2005.  2006 was similar, as many of you will recall the media believing ND to be a national championship contender during those years, but their defense was just too bad.  In 2007, Brady Quinn had graduated and the nation’s top recruit Jimmy Clausen got the start for Notre Dame in what proved to be a horrible year, offensively as well as defensively.  Notre Dame’s offense didn’t come back until 2009, Clausen’s junior year, when they again finished in the nation’s top 10.

Finally, Weis was fired from Notre Dame after the 2009 season where a top 10 offense paired with a horrible defense led to a 6-6 finish.  He took over the Chiefs job in 2010.  The Chiefs had finished 2009 with the league’s 25th ranked offense, made no major personnel changes in 2010, and ended up finishing 12th in Weis’ first year there, vastly improving as the season went on.

So what conclusions can we draw about Charlie Weis?  For starters, he is not the type of guy who has finished with a top 5 offense at every stop along the way.  In fact, his offenses, statistically, have rarely finished in that threshold.  On the flipside, in every case, his teams have all shown a drastic offensive improvement within two years of his arrival, in more cases than is just pure coincidence.  With Florida, and following up Steve Addazio, that will be no tall order as a band of merry monkeys could probably coach this offense to a significant improvement within the next two years.

What we have in Charlie Weis is a guy who has been successful at running pro style offenses, and is a good recruiter.  What more could we have asked for with this hire?  That’s a serious question, for the people that are disappointed with Weis, who would you have rather had?  Sure, a guy like Steve Spurrier or Gus Mahlzan would have been great, but I’m looking for reasonable answers here as obviously Spurrier is not going to take an OC position and Mahlzan probably won’t move until he gets a head coaching gig.  I know a lot of Gators wanted Kerwin Bell, and while I would have liked to see what he could do as well that was before I ever dreamed that a guy like Wess would take a college OC job.  And were his son not soon to be enrolled at Florida, he likely wouldn’t have.

Will Muschamp will have our defense ready to go within two years, as he has everywhere he’s been.  Charlie Weis should do the same for the offense.  The coaching staff is really shaping up, and the major question left for Florida next year is whether John Brantley sucked because he played for Addazio, or whether he sucked and also played for Addazio.  That’s something we’ll be exploring here soon.

As for Dan Quinn, the new defensive coordinator hire, all you really need to know there is that he has a history with Muschamp and will likely be there to run the day to day things with the defense.  Let’s make no mistake about it here, Muschamp loves defense and he is our real defensive coordinator.

25 thoughts on “Name me a Better Hire than Charlie Weis

  1. Hey man I’m with you on this. Weis was a great hire for us. We couldn’t really have done much better IMO.

  2. Josh McDaniels maybe? But yea, for the most part I agree, not much better we could have done with this hire. Thank you Charlie Weis’ son for choosing UF.

  3. The thing that gets overlooked sometimes with Weis is that his offenses had some really awful years mixed in with all the good ones. Finishing dead last in the NCAA in ypg is quite the feat, with 119 teams or whatever that there are total.

  4. I can’t wait to see what he does with Brantley, kid has talent it just wasn’t used properly, also idk if anyone saw driskal in the game today but he’s going to be special, great build, good arm, smart, and elusive, florida football is looking good.

  5. Sorry, can’t name a better hire. Couldn’t have even dreamed of such a amazing hire. I think I choked on something when I saw the news.

    Now someone teach him how to hold a rifle.

  6. I’m trying not to get to excited about Weis yet. I think he was probably the best we could have done and I think he has an excellent chance of running a great offense for several years. However I was also exciting about this season before it started and before I realized addazio could destroy an offense loaded with 5 star talent. Having said that, I believe we will be back in the BCS hunt by 2012. GO GATORS!!

  7. we all wondered, “who is gonna be the head coach at florida?”….muschamp was a guy on nobodys short list, long list or even on the radar…..who’s a better hire than weis?….probably some guy on nobodys radar….

  8. true…but after the announcement of weis, it seemed more obvious than muschamps….i never even heard of muschamp…
    also, did i mention the guys size….he’s not round…he’s shapes…….what is that…

  9. If you have never heard of Muschamp then you are obviously not a good source at which to gain information based on opinions. Muschamp IS a GREAT hire, Weis, well he is a necessary hire, and until someone proves they are better, there is no one better.

  10. I agree totally, Weiss will get the offense turned around. We’ll also finally know if John Brantley is actually any good, if he can’t flourish under Charlie Weiss then he just sucks plain and simple. Also glad to see that spread be trashed, can’t wait to see the Gators this year. I think we will be better than a lot of people will think.

  11. Weis is an amazing hire! His aweful years at Notre Dame were not because of the offense. Lets see 3 Superbowl rings with New England the Cheifs won their division this year. If not for Charle Weis there would be no Matt Cassel or Tom Brady. Muschamp is building us a franchise! Those are the facts so all you naysayers sit back and enjoy the ride it’s gonna be super fun!!! 😉

  12. I don’t care for Weis as a person, but I think you’re spot on in that we couldn’t have made a better hire. My only question is, how long does Charlie stay? Is this just a launching pad for an NFL head coaching gig? I’m confused as to why he even took a job that is seemingly a downgrade, but even if we only have him for 2 or 3 years, he should be able to deliver us a MNC. Excited to see what he can do with Brantley.

  13. I have faith in Muschamp’s judgment until he proves I shouldn’t. The idea of a HC and OC both with pro experience and going for a pro-style offense is exciting. Is it August yet?

  14. PS: On a somewhat unrelated side note, did anyone notice that Muschamp (knowingly or unknowingly) took a shot at Meyer in his opening presser? Somethihng along the lines of “We aren’t just going to take our scheme, throw it on our players and say ‘this is what we are’ “

  15. I am impressed with Muschamp so far, he definitely knows who to hire to fit his style, and I think brantley will shine now. Its the offense he definitely I think is good at.

  16. I don’t know if that was so much of a dig at Meyer as it was an affirmation of Muschamp to the fans that he wasn’t going to dump his pro-style offense of a team built around the spread.

  17. I hope what he does with Brantley is say “ya just ain’t got it kid” and sends him along.

    I laughed my ass off recently when I kept seeing headlines about what the Brantley’s will be doing, and seeing things like “we still have to sit down and discuss our options”

    Yeah, because you have such a tremendous amount of leverage.

  18. That’s my biggest fear too. I find it hard to believe another team will not take a chance on him as a HC very soon. However, if he came here because of his son, maybe he will stay put for a little while (until his son graduates).

  19. The entire staff Coach Boom assembled is fantastic! From Weis, to Quinn, Wynn, Hill, Verducci and Robinson, UF is stacked for success. The next 3+ weeks leading up to signing day will say a lot about this staff’s ability to get things done.
    2011 is going to be a transitional year, and I dont expect UF to do any better than 2nd (probably 3rd) in the SEC East. If they finish in the top 20, I’ll be happy. But, 2012 will be THE year. I fully expect the Gators to start the season ranked in the top 10, and be in contention for the NC come Dec ’12. Patience and hard work….

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