National Signing Day Thread- Know Your Enemy

This, right here before your eyes, is the official National Signing Day Thread. Below is a list of all the players who will be making their decisions today on national television, and the hour that they make their decisions (the rankings are ESPNU’s- I personally don’t put much stock into them, and truthfully, nobody should, but if you do and you want to, then go for it). Players in bold have Florida as a finalist.

Hour (ET) Rank, Player & Position Hometown School
8 a.m. No. 25 Solomon Thomas (DE) Coppell, Texas STANFORD
No. 127 Braden Smith (OG) Olathe, Kansas AUBURN
CJ Worton (WR) Homestead, FL FLORIDA
Isaiah McKenzie (WR) Ft Lauderdale, FL GEORGIA
9 a.m. Treon Harris (QB) Miami, FL FLORIDA
10 a.m. No. 26 Damian Prince (OT) Forestville, Md. MARYLAND
Terrence Alexander (CB) River Ridge, La. STANFORD
Kenny Young (ILB) River Ridge, La. UCLA
No. 194 Mattrell McGraw (S) River Ridge, La. OREGON
No. 17 Malachi Dupre (WR) River Ridge, La. LSU
11 a.m. No. 67 Damien Mama (OG) Bellflower, Ca. USC
No. 52 Rashaan Evans (OLB) Auburn, Alabama ALABAMA
2 p.m. No. 9 Adoree’ Jackson (CB) Gardena, Ca. USC
3 p.m. No. 14 Lorenzo Carter (DE) Norcross, Ga. GEORGIA
No. 249 Myles Autry (ATH) Norcross, Ga. GEORGIA TECH
4 p.m. No. 24 John ‘Juju’ Smith (ATH) Long Beach, Ca. USC

As you can see, the Gators are very much in play here for several prized targets, although the only one I think Florida will actually get is Adoree’ Jackson. Jackson was supposedly between Florida and Tennessee, and when he dumped the Vols from his list of finalists, it sent a strong message to Gator fans that in all likelihood, he’ll be coming to Gainesville.

There’s obviously more to NSD than just who Florida gets and doesn’t get, though. I’d much rather see the top recruits considering schools that Florida will have to compete against pick against them, for obvious reasons. For example, I’m going to be watching top receiver Malachi Dupre make his announcement, hoping that he chooses UCLA over FSU, LSU and Alabama. Whether or not that’s a realistic hope is irrelevant; kids do crazy things on signing day. Remember Dante Fowler?

Anyway, save this page as a bookmark for the next couple of days and keep checking back here throughout the day tomorrow, because we’re going to be updating it live as the announcements happen. Until signing day kicks off at 8am tomorrow, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments, and also feel free to ask IAKOW’s recruiting guy, Joey Vizzi and/or myself any questions you may have about anything that has to do with recruiting. Follow us on twitter @AllKindsWeather, me @IAKOWNeil and Joey @Brody_IAKOW. We’ll also update this page every five minutes.


Update 8:10am: DE Solomon Thomas picks Stanford.

Update 8:20am: WR Isaiah McKenzie picks Georgia.

Update 9:40am: WR CJ Worton picks Florida.

Update 9:45am: QB Treon Harris picks Florida.

Update 10:30am: OT Damian Prince picks Maryland.

Update 10:40am: DB Terrance Alexander picks Stanford.

Update 10:45am: LB Kenny Young picks UCLA.

Update 10:50am: S Mattrell McGraw picks Oregon.

Update 10:55am: WR Malachi Dupre picks LSU.

Update 11:25am: OG Braden Smith picks Auburn.

Update 11:55am: OG Damian Mama picks USC.

Update 12:05pm: LB Rashaan Evans picks Alabama.

Update 2:10pm: DB Adoree Jackson picks USC.

Update 3:40pm: LB Lorenzo Carter picks Georgia.

Update 4:05pm: DB Myles Autry picks Georgia Tech.

Update 4:20pm: WR Juju Smith picks USC.

24 thoughts on “National Signing Day Thread- Know Your Enemy

      1. God dammit I knew that despicable performance in Jacksonville was gonna cost us more than just a game. Will Muschamp’s head= on a pike. Now. Not after breakfast, not after CSI, NOW.

        1. Easy, tiger.

          I don’t think Muschamp should be back in 2014 either, but at this point… I mean, what are you proposing we do? Fire Muschamp the day before signing day? You do realize, he’s a hell of a recruiter and firing him now destroys this class. Plus, we’re well out of the coaches’ free agent period. We’re not getting anybody at this point. I agree 100%, the thought of watching another season of Will Muschamp coached football does not sound very enticing, but that’s what’s happening. So let’s support Florida even if we think the coach has brought this program down to a level of disgrace. Just like the name of the website… in all kinds of weather. Even during a hurricane.

          Although I do appreciate the Shawshank reference.

          1. I know we can’t fire him now. That’s the anger talking, I admit that. But the thought of him coming back makes me want to punch something.

        2. I agree with Neil here. Look man Muschamp’s retarded, we all know that. But it’s too late to fire him. We didn’t pack our bags right, but we’re there and we’ve got to deal with what we’ve got.

    1. I think he winds up at Maryland, though possibly Auburn. Maryland’s his hometown school and I think that’s what played the biggest factor in his decision. He did have a great visit to Florida, though, so I caution people from writing him off. You’re 100% right, Florida could really use him, and the prospect of getting some early playing time was enticing. I still say he ends up a Terp.

      1. You think Florida’s shitty season might have something to do with that? Maryland wasn’t a whole lot better, but, well, at least they didn’t lose to GEORGIA SOUTHERN.

        1. No, they didn’t. But they did get housed 63-0 by FSU. That makes Florida’s 37-7 loss seem like a nailbiter in comparison. And they lost by double digits to Marshall.

          I don’t think going 4-8 helped by any means, but I just think that he wants to stay closer to home. Do the math: Gainesville’s two plane rides (40 minutes plus 1:10) plus a layover in Atlanta away from DC. College Park is a 25 minute car ride. I suspect he doesn’t want the hassle every time he wants to go home or have family come see him.

  1. In retrospect, the gators are not far off from greatness. Will M. has given us consistent defense since his arrival, now its time to find some consistent offense or be fired. A couple emergent playmakers and a, what should be, veteran QB could completely transform the gator offense. We shall see. I think our 2014 class will finish strong and give the fanbase some home and give the program some much needed momentum.

    1. I’m not so sure about the consistent defense part. Last year alone, Florida gave up 414 to a beaten up Georgia squad, 500 to Missouri, 429 to Georgia Southern, 456 to FSU and 377 to South Carolina. In spurts, yes, this defense has been solid, but at other times, this defense has been very, very bad.

      I agree that we shall see, though, and that our current class will finish strong and give the fanbase some momentum. The question is, can we build off that and win games?

  2. Whatever happened to Jeff Jones? I thought Florida was going to flip him from Minnesota.

    1. I did, too. But I suspect it’s grades. The talent is definitely there with him, and after Kelvin Taylor, the running back position is wide open, especially if Matt Jones switches to a Trey Burton-esque F back like I think he will under Kurt Roper. It’s far away from home, sure, but he also had a visit scheduled to Michigan which is much closer. Michigan and Florida are far better schools than Minnesota academically, and he then canceled his Florida and Michigan visits. So the only reason I can think of is academics.

      1. But Florida came out and said that they were happy with just taking one running back in the class, and I believe them- like you said, we’ve got Kelvin Taylor, one of the best young backs in the country, already.

        Matt Jones is going to switch to F-back?

        1. I know Florida said that. They’re not going to come out and say that their top RB target they’ve been chasing suddenly doesn’t have grades. And the Jones-to-F-back thing is just a rumor, albeit one that I could totally envision happening.

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