New Culture, New Offense, New Formations, Possibilities Are Endless

Before I begin this post, everybody who knows a Tennessee fan go up to him, and say “Brent Brewer” and laugh. He is the newest Vol to swap UT orange for prison orange.

Now. Onto more important stuff.

Remember when I told you guys in one of my first posts, about a month and a half ago, that Muschamp needed to coin his, for lack of a batter word, “thing”?

Well, I’m not trying to be arrogant, I’m trying to make a point, but that’s exactly what he’s doing now.

Anybody remember this?


3) Muschamp has to develop his “thing”

I know, that’s kind of vague. Let me give yall examples. Charlie Pell first came up with the Gator Chomp. Steve Spurrier created the motto “The Swamp: Where Only Gators Get Out Alive”. Ron Zook invented, well, teasing Gator fans by hauling in great recruits and then underperforming like no other. Urban Meyer instituted the blue out against big opponents (which only failed once in 13 tries).

What’s Muschamp’s deal going to be?

Wouldn’t you think that a guy like Muschamp would have some exciting new things in store?

This is vital to recruiting, and Muschamp probably knows that. Recruits would love to hear “Come along to Florida, and join me as we set out to restore Gator football to what it was and more!” The recruit will probably ask what he means by “and more” because Florida won won 3 National Championships, and unless a playoff is instituted, there’s nowhere higher to go. So this is where Muschamp tells his recruits about his “thing”.


So, now we think. What could that “thing” be?

For those of you who are thinking, quit the rah rah stuff and let’s get to work on football already, Muschamp’s got you beat there too. He’s hired Charlie Weis (BREAKING NEWS- REALLY?) to work with the offense and resurrect the talent that our boy Addazio wasted. And Muschamp is no slouch himself when it comes to football details, either- he’s been working on that too.

But, like I said, this is absolutely essential for recruiting. There’s got to be that “come along to Florida, and… do this… do that… be a part of xyz…” weapon that a coach carries when on a visit.

I’ll leave it up to you guys to think about it, and if you want to, start a forum discussion posting your ideas.

I do believe that Muschamp must keep all the traditions in place, and simply add his new “thing” once he figures out what it will be. He hasn’t come up with anything yet, just said that he needs to work on it. But knowing the way he works, he WILL get it done, and it WILL be done with a BOOM.

But deep down, I honestly believe that he already has it in his mind. Maybe the kinks to it haven’t been figured out yet, but I’m willing to bet that he’s got something planned, and he’s just not saying what it is. I’m not saying he should or shouldn’t; that’s just the way things probably are.

He’s already seen some new plays. But now, even though Muschamp is a defensive guy, I’m willing to bet that he’s done at least some offensive planning.

What new creations might be in store on offense for 2011?

One thing I’m pretty sure will happen at some point to some degree is some Wildcat; just because an offense is pro style doesn’t mean there won’t be some gimmicks in the offense. Look at the Dolphins; they ran wild with it en route to a playoff berth a few years ago when they didn’t have a QB they thought they could depend on and instead entrusted some of their skill position players to run the offense.

Sound familiar? Is there a team named the Florida Gators out there that has lots of speed and a QB they don’t trust? Yeah, I can think of one.

I also believe that some form of the option will stay. With a dual threat QB, it’s almost always the best way to go, and even if they don’t use Jordan Reed, Jacoby Brissett could come in at times and run the option. If you think about it, it’s similar to the Wildcat. It’s the same idea, really.

Or they could run a different version of the triple option: Brantley in shotgun with Mack Brown next to him and Gillislee or Demps on the other side of him. Brantley can: hand off to Brown on a dive (USED CORRECTLY), pitch it to Demps/Gillislee or throw a bomb to a flying Chris Rainey, who lines up in the slot.

Yet another idea is to run the diamond: Brantley in shotgun, Brown directly behind him, about 5 yards back, and Demps/Gillislee/Rainey on either side of him. Brantley can hand it off or pitch to Brown, with the other two running backs giving him lead blocks, pitch it to the backs on the sides, or just to keep the defense honest, throw a crossing pattern to Jordan Reed or Gerald Christian.

Finally, Florida can run the trapezoid, which is more or less a made up formation by me during my time as GA- four running backs lined up next to each other in shotgun, any one of them can take the snap, they can hand it or pitch it to any of the other three or keep it, run tight end reverses with a few lead blockers, the possibilities are endless. It’s sort of like a mega-Wildcat with four skill position players.

So the sky’s the limit for formations and culture; the question is, what new things will we see?

We don’t have to wait long; spring practice is in three weeks.

5 thoughts on “New Culture, New Offense, New Formations, Possibilities Are Endless

  1. I just think anything will be better than the threebow or the dive dive sack punt formations

  2. the game, delaying it if you have to.

    Get them working in unison with ever increasing intensity.

    The walk was a good idea for the fans, but it also sends players into the game feeling like celebrities and kings.

    You must make them feel like a brotherhood again and do something AFTER the walk.

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