Nightmare Scenario Avoided: Sparty Knocks off Ohio State, Meyerfreude Takes Off

What an awful night January 6th would have been if Ohio State was, you know, good, and had taken care of business against Michigan State in the B1G championship game.

I guess that’s what happens when you play a ranked team.

If you follow me on twitter, you were probably able to tell from tweets like these that I was pretty happy with Sparty pulling the upset. I’ve never been one for sympathy towards those who betray me:

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 4.20.54 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 4.21.04 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 4.21.12 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 4.21.21 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 4.21.29 PM

And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one expressing jubilation.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 2.31.08 PM


Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 2.30.58 PM

I don’t actually have a problem with Urban Meyer for leaving Florida and jumping to Ohio State the way he did, and I don’t have a problem with him wanting to be a family man (I actually respect him for that), but I do have a problem with him reporting Florida for a violation they didn’t actually commit, and I have an even bigger problem with him telling a recruit not to go to Florida because of character issues in the locker room. So yes, I am very happy that Meyer no longer has a chance to win a national championship. I believe strongly in Meyerfreude, a new word that surfaced on twitter last night that specifically means “Taking pleasure in Urban Meyer’s misfortune”. He seemed to have no problem with Florida’s misfortune of supposedly committing a violation, didn’t he?

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 2.09.25 AMBut while I was most excited at the prospect of Ohio State blowing its chances at a national title, there was something else mixed in there too. Something akin to relief, perhaps at the fact that now I don’t have to watch the BCS Championship Game rooting for lightning to drop in and force officials to call off the game. I’m going to be watching it in Tallahassee, too, to prove that I can indeed take what I dish out (karmic payback for the days when the same Urban Meyer who I’m now mocking was thrashing Florida State).

Having said all this, I’m not a huge Auburn fan, but I have historically rooted for them more often than not. They hate Georgia and Alabama, two of the most ignorant fan bases on the face of the earth, and they dropped 55 on Rocky Top, which is always good. I didn’t exactly appreciate Wes Byrum’s Gator Chomp in 2007, but I can accept it as a 17 year old kid having fun, and speaking honestly, I probably would have done the same thing if I were in his shoes. So I can root for the Tigers now, and quite easily, over FSU. An Auburn victory would mean that the Tigers would own a sweep over the Gators’ three main rivals, and I love watching Georgia, Tennessee and FSU lose any game regardless of how bad they are.

Before the game kicks off, though, I’m going to sit back and think: what, exactly would it have been like to be watching Florida State and Ohio State? We all know that would be miserable, but just how miserable? Do we root for the Buckeyes to keep FSU stuck at two national titles (while Florida has three), or do we root for the Noles to silence our former coach and prove that he misses Tim Tebow more than he cares to admit? I think at the end of the day, most Gators would swallow their pride and grudgingly root for Ohio State, but not before giving it a ton of thought.

Even worse, though, would be the fact that the SEC’s streak of seven straight national titles would be over- and that would be a crying shame. Ohio State would have beaten two ranked teams, and zero top ten teams. Auburn beat two top ten teams, went 12-1 in the nation’s best conference, won that conference, beat the defending champion of that conference and out dueled the defending Heisman Trophy winner on his home turf. Sure, Ohio State would have been undefeated with the win, but everybody knows that if you dropped them in the SEC, their record would be much worse than it is in the B1G. There’s a reason the Buckeyes are 0-11 against SEC teams in bowl games.

But thanks to Connor Cook, Jeremy Langford and Michigan State’s defense coming up big in the clutch, none of this is going to happen. Langford exposed the Buckeyes’ defense, gashing them for 128 yards on the ground and Cook picked them apart for 304 yards and three touchdowns.

The highlight of the night came in the first quarter. Cook dropped back to pass on a routine 2nd and 14. His receiver, Keith Mumphery, ran a simple 20 yard out pattern, and Cook lofted the ball towards him. Ordinarily, this would be fatal. A real defense would have a safety back there to clobber Mumphery, even if the corner was beaten by as badly as Buckeyes DB Corey Brown was. But then, OSU doesn’t have a real defense. Brown jumped the route, but found himself badly out of position and Mumphery caught the rainbow pass and sprinted 50 more yards for an inexplicable touchdown.

Even though the Buckeyes came back, and actually took the lead, I knew Ohio State was bound to screw up defensively at least once more. And they did, after Sparty had taken the lead back from them, 27-24 with just a few minutes to play. Langford, a power back with decent, but certainly not overwhelming speed, looked like a jet busting up the middle and splitting a pair of Buckeyes who took horrible angles en route to to the clinching touchdown.

Now, the Buckeyes will likely go from playing the ACC’s best team to the ACC’s second best in Clemson in the Orange Bowl. It’s not a done deal yet, but I have a gut feeling that will be the matchup in the Orange Bowl. I think it’s a safe bet that most Florida fans will become diehard Clemson supporters in the Orange Bowl, while we all sit back and wait until January 6th for the real football game to be played.

15 thoughts on “Nightmare Scenario Avoided: Sparty Knocks off Ohio State, Meyerfreude Takes Off

  1. 1. OSU is already on thin ice from JT so he had no choice but to report the whispers.

    2. While I love the symmetry of an SEC vs FSU BCS game (the first ever was Tennessee vs FSU) to end the BCS era, part of me wanted OSU there and to win. Here’s why

    First reason – it would have been nice to see the coach they ran out of town in favor of Paul Lassiter win a title.

    Second reason – it would have been nice to see Meyer beat a Saban acolyte.

    Reasons why I want Auburn to win:

    1. SEC

    2. SEC

    3. SEC

    4. To see a hurry up/read option offense beat a Saban acolyte as a f-you to Foley.

    5. SEC

    Reason I will not be too terribly upset if FSU wins – this Saban acolyte is an offensive acolyte so it will tell Foley he has the wrong one.

    1. Bone! Welcome back- did you get my email?

      I would have had no problem rooting for Ohio State if Urban Meyer wasn’t there. But in any case, I would never root for FSU, even though you bring up a valid point. If losing at home to Vanderbilt and Georgia Southern wasn’t enough to tell Foley that he has the wrong Saban acolyte, though, I don’t think FSU winning a national championship will.

  2. I am the exact opposite; OSU is m most “hated” team, but Meyer there lessens that.

    Hey, a guy’s gotta hope Foley will wake up and get a clue on the football side of things.

    When did you send the email ?

        1. Well… if you recall, before the site went under due to malware, you, sir, had a job as a staff writer. Most of your comments in the old IAKOW were more like articles than comments anyway, so Ryan gave you a staff writer position.

          So get ready for a novel.

          As soon as I got the idea to fire up the site again, I started looking for you, and found nothing other than an email address next to your old user name. I sent you an email asking you if you wanted to rejoin the force. Since you apparently didn’t get it, I’ll give you the pitch…

          Basically, IAKOW 2.0 is almost exactly the same as it was before, except I’m running it instead of Ryan Moyer. He’s the one who did all the tough work in rebuilding the site, but he’s got a real job now and doesn’t have a lot of time to run a site. He’s still around as an admin, but for all intensive purposes, this is my site, and I want to restore IAKOW to the way it was before viruses consumed the site.

          However, I don’t exactly have a ton of free time either, which is why I’ve been looking for staff writers to help me out. Joey Vizzi has returned as a staff writer, and I made an excellent hire, if I do say so myself, in Neil Blackmon, from (where he worked with ESPN’s Corey Long) and the Independent Alligator, (alongside Israel Gutierrez, Andy Staples and Jeff Darlington). That makes three writers, and while I could live with three, I really want a fourth. Four is a really good number in my book, for so many reasons.

          Anyway, who better to have as the fourth than the football coach I used to argue with deep into the night? I’m 19, which may make me pretty young to run a site, but it doesn’t make me stupid, and I know good work when I see it. No matter how strongly I disagree with some things you say, sometimes that’s a good thing, because debate is part of what can really get a website some publicity. Plus, what you write is usually agreed upon by some other people who think differently than me, and I think it’s good to have every Gator fan’s opinion shared by at least one writer that can word it really well.

          There are two major differences between this version of IAKOW and the original. One is that I want it to become a place where people can come to get breaking news (in ADDITION to it being a blog with our thoughts, not in lieu of). Not necessarily always be the first to report something, or break it, (although I’m working on that with Ryan B.) but be quick enough with news that people can come here regularly trusting that if something seismic happened, they’ll learn of it here. We have four people with staff writer power now; the likelihood that a staff writer of IAKOW sees a piece of breaking news and is able to quickly throw it up is four times greater.

          Another difference (read: upgrade) is that this site is going to be featuring much more coverage of Gator sports. Whereas the old IAKOW featured maybe 2 articles every three days, I’d like IAKOW to now have at least 2, maybe 3 a day. If that’s too much to ask of y’all, I’ll back off, but that’s my initial goal.

          Once I finish hiring people (which I hope is right after you read this comment and respond), the four staff writers are going to become a lot closer and communicate better. What I mean by this is, I’m going to create some kind of group chat between us four (and I guess the two Ryans if they want to) where we’ll discuss assignments. Whenever there’s a game/big news, one person will cover the general game recap plus his thoughts/share his general thoughts on the news, and if the event calls for more than just one article, the others who want to will wait a day or so for everybody to read and digest the initial piece, and then put their spin on it.

          As the admin, I technically get first crack at whatever I want, but don’t misinterpret that- I’m a college sophomore who plays NCAA tennis, and the time commitment even in the offseason is a lot (gotta stay in shape!). Plus, I’m not clicking the “make staff writer” button in the dashboard under your user names just so you can comment on my posts. So don’t worry, there will be PLENTY of chances for everybody to write whatever they want. Besides, I looked for four people with four different personalities, so the number of times two people will both want to write the exact same thing with the same spin is expected to be minimal.

          And of course, in addition to all that, the four of us will be continuing to post our thoughts about pretty much anything whenever- just like in the original IAKOW. Stuff like your “Time to Brile Up the Fan Base” post a few years ago on a random Tuesday in July, with nothing warranting it being posted, can really be of use.

          Finally, there’s no pressure. I may be in charge of the site, and some of the stuff I said may seem a little intense, but I’m not ruling this place with an iron fist. No demands, and no real rules, other than the general stuff about excessive profanity and treating others with respect, etc. I understand if you don’t have a ton of time to devote to writing articles here; I don’t either, and that’s why there are four of us. If I ask any of my staff writers to write a recap of a game and all three of you have real life obligations, obviously I’m not gonna hold it against you; worst case scenario, I’ll write it a day or two later if nobody can until then, and it’s not a big deal. I probably will ask you three to frequently write stuff, so I expect you guys to all say you’re busy at least sometimes.

          And of course, you three, as staff writers, can make suggestions to me whenever you want, as I’m not omnipotent, and I’m always open to hearing what you guys have to say.

          Long story short: the job’s yours if you want it. So what do you say?

          1. Works for me.

            I am a fairly new father now so my free time is very limited as well and, truth be told, I only really pay attention to football.

            I am a bit more than a Gators’ homer in that I love NCAA football and the only team I really dislike is OSU, which is tempered by Meyer’s presence.

            And hey, you know me – I can be objective, but when it comes to the Gators, I won’t tow the company line in the sense that I won’t sing all is perfect in Gatorland and I won’t make excuses if I don’t feel they are warranted. For example, all the injuries in the world doesn’t explain two Gators blocking one another. That is a failure, top to bottom.

            So if you think you can handle my random, offbeat stuff, I’ll give ‘er a whirl again.

          2. First of all, congratulations!

            I have absolutely no problem with you coming on and speaking your mind. I do exactly the same thing. The song goes, “In All Kinds Of Weather, we all stick together.” NOT “We lie to feel better.” That means we’ll always be Gator fans, and cheer for them in the worst of times. It doesn’t mean we have to praise them getting a first down when they’ve got 100 yards of total offense. Only one of the four writers here thinks Muschamp should come back. So as long as you support what you say with facts and evidence, you have the freedom to say pretty much whatever you want. I’ve come to trust your knowledge of football, to say the least.

            I’d be happy to let you focus on football. You could be our football specialist- keeping people talking about it throughout the long, miserable offseason.

            Welcome back!

            Is there a quicker way to contact you than by email? Do you have a twitter?

          3. Negative on twitter. Since becoming a father, all the little distracting things in life have vanished. Hell, I just finished Black Flag Monday night. There was a time a weekend would be good enough to finish a Creed game.


            Shoot me an email.

          4. Basketball, very little about the college game.

            Football recruiting, I follow it insofar as I check out the rankings. However, where I live, I don’t get to see the kids play to have any guess as to how they might perform at the FBS level

  3. Haha those tweets are fucking gold! Especially your Braxton Miller one and Quinton Dunbar’s “let’s see if Urban plays sick again” one. It may be a rough year to be a Gator football fan, but it’s always better to be a Gator than a Buckeye!

    1. I was about to say the same thing. Neil, buddy, you make me laugh. And you’re a pretty good writer to boot. Thank god you got this site back! I love the new layout changes, too.

      1. Thanks! And I’m so happy I got this site back, too. You’ve gotta give Ryan Moyer the credit here, though. He’s the guy who actually owns the domain and was willing to put it back up for me, and he’s the one who fought off all the nasty viruses and put it back. I just did the layout, the colors, and designed the logo. He does all the real tough work.

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