Oh Rocky Flop, You’ll Always Be, Second In the East

It was a different building hosting the game in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The game was played on hardwood, not grass.

The coaches wore suits and ties, not windbreaker jackets with the team logo in front.

The ball was orange, and round.

There was a totally different game being played.

The results were still the same.

Florida defeated Tennessee 81-75 in overtime, to deal an early but major blow to Tennessee’s NCAA tourney chances while helping out their own case big time. With the win, Florida already has an impressive NCAA resume: road wins at Florida State, Xavier, Tennessee and a neutral site win over 6th ranked Kansas State. Their only really bad loss was to Jacksonville.

We all know that Florida owns Tennessee in football and baseball.

Recently, however, it’s been Tennessee who’s been beating up on Florida in b-ball. They first started their run by beating the Gators right before they peaked to win the National Championship in 2007. Then it just snowballed from there: a season sweep in 07-08, followed by another one in 08-09.

Last year, Florida led the majority the game in Knoxville. But Tennessee fought back and Alex Tyus missed a 6 footer at the buzzer, and Florida lost 62-61- and the Volunteer band mocked Tyus with the Gator Chomp. But everyone knew that Florida was back. The Gators proved it by crushing the Vols in the rematch in the O-Dome that year.

Then, there’s this year.

Bruce Pearl could do nothing about it as Florida built up an 8 point lead in the second half. But the Vols came back to eventually force OT behind strong performances by Cameron Tatum and Tobias Harris.

Not enough. The Gators controlled the ball for the first full minute of the OT, and even though they didn’t score, the Vols were beaten both physically and in the game.

Tyus redeemed himself by making a steal and a layup that turned out to be the killshot, and something went off inside him.

Not only did he return the favor to the Vols band, he also stomped on the little “T” near the sideline, then did the same to the other “T” that stood for the Lady Vols.

Billy Donovan didn’t look too happy, but whatever.

I certainly was.

In retrospect, though, this win isn’t anything major aside from it being an SEC road win.

Since beating top 5 teams Pittsburgh and Villanova, the Vols have done an excellent job screwing themselves. They’ve lost to Oakland, Charlotte, College of Charleston, and Southern Cal, who is not exactly a national powerhouse. The other loss came to a decent but unproven Arkansas team on the road.

So we won on Rocky Flop, which is excellent. We’ve broken the curse that somehow has been on top of us for the past few years.

We’re also in excellent position for a 10 SEC win season- which almost guarantees an NCAA bid, as long as it’s teamed with a decent nonconference schedule/record and at least one win in the SEC tournament.

So here’s Tennessee’s fight song, Florida’s version (if you don’t know the tune, learn it here– it’s easy!!!):

Glad I’m not on good ole Rocky Flop, where everything goes downhill.

There’s nothing you could do but sit and watch as we proposed our will.

Oh Rocky Flop, you’re Gatorbait once again, and you’re probably feeling ill!!!

Oh Rocky Flop, you’ll always be,


Good ole Rocky Flop

Oh Rocky Flop

Oh Rocky Flop, you’ll always be,







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