Opening the flood Gators

Brantley Hands on HipsLet me just clarify a few things right away.

People think I am against Brantley from a hatred perspective. Not at all. Brantley seems like a nice kid whose timing in life was horrible, through no fault of his own.

When I say he doesn’t have “it” that’s not a slight to him; it’s not his fault. A person can’t make “it” as you either have “it” or you don’t. If someone is not born with it, it’s not their fault.

Seems to me Brantley tried to carve out his own niche but then was made to go to Florida and coaches were made to accept him, because of who his family is and what the power brokers want.

With regards to 2010, for sure it was part Adazzio but it was part Meyer and Brantley as well; Brantley in so far as he made terrible decisions. Again, not really his fault; he didn’t give himself the recruiting ratings, and he certainly didn’t create his own hype. He was a 4-5 star producer in a 2 star league with 2 star talent. Again, not his fault.

Now, this year, I blame the coaches. You know I think they should have been playing the kids to gear for the future. Whatever, it is what it is. However, vs Georgia, Brantley got a raw deal. The gimp QB was a sitting duck for the rushers to just pin their ears back and go mad dog. I don’t even blame the line – one tackle had a cast on his hand and the gameplan forced them to do the impossible – slow a rush with ZERO amount of unpredictability.

Call this a short leash, but I want this regime gone. I tried to be excited, but it’s a disaster. Why they are playing the guys who are leaving is beyond me. Loyalty ? “Experience?”

It sure as hell doesn’t seem like they are playing the best. Of course, perhaps the youngsters are just plain awful.

I am thoroughly disgusted. This is WORSE than Zook. Worse than Adazzio. Think about that.

Those of you who remember, remember me clamoring for Kevin Sumlin. That still stands. Larry Fedora even, but preferably Sumlin. I know some might be inclined to tether Fedora to Zook but Fedora was good in spite of Zook. Sumlin, while coaching in CUSA, has a great resume. Of course, there may be other factors at play, some of which may have been at play with regards to Charlie Strong.

Regardless, while it may seem unreasonable to think it’s hasty to be down on this current regime, can anyone say with any certainty that this team is improved from the Phantom Meyer and Sieve Adopeyo era ?



6 thoughts on “Opening the flood Gators

  1. You know me man, I agree with you 100%. Regime has got to go. They’re not ready, nor is this scheme a good one. I don’t want to be Alabama, I don’t want to be LSU, I want to be Florida and I want to be unpredictable. Unbelievable that Adazzio would keep us in games better than Muschamp or Weis.

  2. I am right there with you Bone! I was never excited about Weis due to his ND days. Knew nothing about MusChomp. What I know now I would be fine with starting over with a new staff. How about the Boise coach (I know that would be a stretch). UF does need to be careful though due to if coaches are tossed aside easily then that may scare a few quality guys away.

  3. Now if we brought in a staff that was going to continue to run the spread and we still looked this bad, then yeah, get rid of them. But it’s a new system that needs new players, so I’m inclined to give him another year or two.

  4. I honest to God think this team is better than last year’s. Do I think the team is great? No. But I’ve seen us actually make plays. I’ve seen the offense actually do risky plays against Alabama. Did we unravel as the game went on? Certainly. But it was a far better showing than our showing against Bama last year. Same with South Carolina compared to last year. This year, we’ve actually done plays, and while that seems like low praise, I can certainly attest to it after going to the home games last year and wondering why even I could predict the Gators offense.

  5. This is on Urban Meyer. Period. This team is GARBAGE matter what coaching staff is here. Last year is proof of that. I heard Meyer’s boyfriend Buddy Martin on the radio this morning. It was a pathetic and a downright joke to hear him deflect every ounce of blame off Meyer and have the nerve to say that Meyer didn’t leave the cubbard bare.

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