Parsons, Florida Cockblock South Carolina in Rematch; Tennessee Up Next

Now isn’t just so sweet to see that score at the bottom of the screen?

The Gators let South Carolina know that the first game was a fluke. Florida has done that this year, as I’m sure you guys all know, after a big win.

Tonight, however, they hammered a team that seems to have their number on their home floor.

Chandler Parsons played absolutely fantastic, which is the next thing I’ll touch on.

Florida’s only real weakness- aside from free throws- is that they are a solid team with all good players- but no real clear cut leader, no dominating name that scares the hell out of anybody on the schedule.

But lately, Chandler Parsons has stepped into that role perfectly. He has provided the leadership, he has provided the clutch free throws (usually) and he has even provided the opposing team with Gator Chomps.

Seriously, Parsons may be that guy that the Gators lean on as they continue to peak, continue to rise in the rankings and continue to look more and more like the 04’s- Noah, Brewer, Green and Horford.

At least in the win-loss column.

The other big thing that I really needed to see before I believed the Gators had begun to peak is the ability to crush inferior opponents like a grape.

They struggled mightily against Georgia, Auburn and Morehead State, and lost to Central Florida, Jacksonville, South Carolina, Mississippi State and Ohio State (that I can live with).

Come on, Florida is better than each and every one of those teams minus the Buckeyes (and I still believe the Gators can beat them in a one game season, which the what the NCAA tournament is- a bunch of seasons consisting of just one game).

The standings show it. By the way, winning your division is almost a guaranteed ticket to the NCAA tournament (the exception was last year when Mississippi State won the West and were denied.

Tonight was Parsons’ coming out party (one assist shy of a triple double, which would have been the first since Nick Calathes did it two years ago), and I believe this is the sign Florida fans need to see in order to truly believe that we can make a legitimate run in- if not win- the NCAA tournament.

Remember- it’s all a bunch of one game seasons.

Now we get the Vols next, in the O-Dome, and if Florida wins that one, they can book their ticket to the NCAA tournament- 20 is usually the magic number.

2 thoughts on “Parsons, Florida Cockblock South Carolina in Rematch; Tennessee Up Next

  1. Great work Neil, we are getting better by the game we have a chance to do something special.

  2. We destroyed those little cocks last night!:) This team is peaking at the right time, and so is Mr.Parsons.:D

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