Pryor Apologetic: Why is he taking the blame for his former coach?

Terrell Pryor

As much as Gator Nation likes to see anything Ohio State fail. I really wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

On Tuesday, Terrell Pryor, along with his agent Drew Rosenhaus made a public apology to his former coach Jim Tressel for all he did to cost him his job. I don’t know about you, but I thought Pryor’s apology was actually pretty heartfelt and sincere. The problem I have, is that Terrell Pryor apologized “for” his coach more than he did “to” his coach. Listen T.P., as much as I and everyone with any sense think you messed up with your greediness, you definitely did NOT cost your former employer, I mean coach, his job. Jim Tressel lost his own job when he found out what you were doing and instead of walking down the hall to the compliance director, he called your mentor and notified him that he knew and he would protect you.

According to reports, Tressel talks to Pryor several times a day. Don’t you think Tressel would do all he could to make Pryor believe that he was not at all responsible for him departing Ohio State. Did Pryor really have the guilt on his mind of that? Tressel is an adult and seems like he cannot or will not take responsibily still to this day for what he did or did not do. Listen Jim, we all know that your players think you are stand up guy and you are a “father figure” for all your players. But as a “father figure” isn’t your duty and your responsibilty to make sure your players are doing the right things and that includes following the rules? I know my father instilled good values in my life and told me it was despisable and wrong to break the law, whether or not I agree with it.

Don’t get me wrong, Pryor is partially to blame for what is happening to Ohio State right now. But the lion’s share falls on the adult, the grown up, the “father figure” that not only was breaking the rules along with Pryor by covering everything up, but was protecting his legacy. Yes I said it, Jim Tressel, you were in a National Title hunt this year and you knew that losing several of your starters, including your star QB, would overall cost you a chance at hoisting the crystal ball.

Mr. Pryor, I am pleased at your apology. I actually think you helped yourself a little bit. But I am not pleased at your former coach, the one who deserves 75% of the blame. Where is his apology? Why did we see him stand on the podium back in the early spring and pretty much make himself look like a noble guy protecting his players (or should I say, protecting his season). Does Tressel just have a Jekell and Hyde personality? Some see the good and others see the bad? Guess most of us just do not know.


9 thoughts on “Pryor Apologetic: Why is he taking the blame for his former coach?

  1. I agree for the most part. As a Gator I get great joy out of Ohio State suffering, but I’m surprised Tressel himself hasn’t gotten more flak for this.

    In the end, as best as I can tell from our limited outside perspective, he’s hardly less of a sleaze than Carroll. When push comes to shove, they both just ran away and let someone else deal with the problems.

    At least Tressel wasn’t running to a better paying job though, so I suppose he’s done some penance.

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  3. Yes the fact that Pryor has apologized & Tressel hasn’t is a little puzzling to me as well. I guess some people just can’t admit that they did something they weren’t supposed to do.

  4. I sorta see this as karma coming back to bite them almost 10 years after they were handed a NC by the refs against Miami, I know they had no direct action in the calls being made but its just the universe rectifying a mistake. Don’t be fooled either I hate Miami just as much if not more than Ohio St. I just hate inflated arrogance that results from being handed something more.

    As for Tressel not apologizing I don’t see it happening, while he may not show it outwardly all of the accolades and praise and excuse me but dick sucking foisted upon him by the Ohio St. fan base and alumni etc exploded his ego. Anyone that far up on a pedestal and as ego maniacal as Tressel will never admit they were wrong it would be too devastating to him.

  5. Every time I hear a OSU fan blame T.P. It makes me sick to my stomach. Tressell is the guilty party and he gets a pass because he beat Michigan every year and that is horrible. We all love our football but thats secondary compared to the pride of our university. OSU puts football before everything I can see that now, hopefully the NCAA comes down harder than it did with USC. Tressel has a turn the other way while bad stuff happens type of personality and he carried that with him to OSU, I know the players are suppose to know better but if I can get away with something im going to do it especially being 18 or 19 and for these fans to blame T.P. is sickening, this stuff was happening way before he got there and it would’ve continued after he graduated… D*mn Ohio hicks make me sick!

  6. Welcome Joey!!! I can see you’re fitting right in. I’d like to introduce you to Jurgensen. He’s a moron. Now ignore him from here on out.

    Good piece. Personally, I say they’re both to blame. Pryor apologized, Tressel didn’t. Tressel deserves more flak as Ryan said. The thing that surprises me is that Pryor stepped up and covered up for his boss, not the other way around. Maybe Tressel still has not fully recovered from their version of the Fiasco Bowl. Whatever the reason, it’s disgraceful that a kid covers up for a grown man.

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