Rhaheim Ledbetter Becomes 14th Commit for Class of 2012

Uh oh, rest of the SEC. There goes another one.

The Gators just received a verbal commitment from safety Rhaheim Ledbetter, who spurned South Carolina to come to Gainesville.

And it gets even better.

His high school teammates, safety Marcus Maye and defensive end Johnathan Bullard, are both highly sought after prospects who have said that they would like to all stay together in college.

Both had high praise for Ledbetter, the 9th ranked safety in the class of 2012.

Bullard in particular said that Ledbetter was a “joy to play with” and that he loves to “get crunk and hit people”.

Here’s another interesting footnote. The last time the Gators raided the city of Shelby, North Carolina, they came away with this wild, fun loving young man by the name of Brandon Spikes.

Could this trip into Shelby be even more productive? Maye is expected to make his decision as early as Monday, and Florida has always been a favorite. Bullard seems less likely, but there’s always a possibility.

And there’s still more good news.

Whenever a verbal commitment is made, there’s usually some guy that asks, “Are you sure about this?” The responses are varied. Most of the time you get something like “yeah man”, “sure”, or “I’m pretty sure”. Those are all college athlete talk for “No, I’m not sure.”

What was Ledbetter’s response?

“I’m 100 percent Gator.”

Awesome. Now onto some physical characteristics.

He will be the match made in heaven to either start ahead of or back up Chris Johnson. Why? Because they are two of the most feared heat seeking missiles in the last five recruiting classes. Nobody has been more feared of a tandem since Major Wright and Will Hill (though Hill was a bust, it’s safe to say, minus the big play against Georgia).

Ledbetter can also play some linebacker, as he is a sure wrap up tackler who can also go up high and de-helmet an unsuspecting runner.

Where is all this going?

It fits exactly into what Marcus Roberson said when I interviewed him- it’s all thanks to Muschamp’s go get em scheme. No matter what position you play, you’d better hit pretty hard if you’re going to play for Muschamp. So while our front 7 will have to pick up our secondary, the secondary can also be counted on to make some big hits and break up some potentially dangerous bombs.

It’s guys like Ledbetter, Roberson and Johnson that destroy any worry about our secondary next year.



Just younger versions of our front 7, with different job descriptions.

But all the same player mindset.

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  1. This guy is a huge pickup, he can play ball plus he may get us other recruits. Our secondary will be a force in the next few years.

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