SEC vs. the World: Who Do You Guys Want?

As I’m sure some of you know, there are a string of SEC vs. everybody else in the upcoming season. They all promise to be good games, but who do you really want?

Louisville vs. Kentucky: Kentucky and Florida is not really a rivalry, they’re just another SEC team. So you’d like to see the neutral SEC team do well, but how can you bring yourself to root against Charlie Strong?

Oregon vs. LSU: It would really boost Florida if they beat an LSU team that knocked off Oregon in the opening week of the season. Of course, losing to LSU in that case wouldn’t be heart breaking, either.

Boise State vs. Georgia: I hate Georgia. I will not sugar coat this even a little bit. I despise Georgia, anything about them and anything even indirectly referring to them. But does anybody else get tired of hearing Boise State being the team’s media darling every single year? The Cindarella of choice since Dan Hawkins was there? This is kind of tough to call.

West Virginia vs. LSU: If you picked the Tigers before against Oregon, you should have no trouble with this one. Obviouly, it behooves Florida to play an LSU team with a good out of conference schedule, but that’s only if they win those games.

South Carolina vs. Clemson- This is always a fun one to watch, but not to be in. We all know the Chicken Curse, and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t gone away yet. They got annihilated in the SEC Championship game against Auburn after nearly pulling off a daring nighttime robbery in Jordan Hare early in the year. Whether or not the Curse falls to this game is yet to be seen.

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech- Come on. We all know that Georgia is our rival of choice, and even though we’d like them to be good so it helps our case out, it’s always funny to watch them choke against a mid major. This one is in Atlanta, so you never know…

What do you guys think?

Who do you want in each game?

5 thoughts on “SEC vs. the World: Who Do You Guys Want?

  1. Hmm, I really don’t know. Maybe UK because I don’t hate their football program, but that’s about it.
    Plus like you I hope UGA loses their games.

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