I’m Taking a Leave of Absence- See You Guys Again In the Fall

Hey guys, I’m sorry, but I might not be able to post here very much until football season. I accepted a job as a sleepaway summer camp counselor from next Friday to the middle of August. As a result, I’ll be busy 24/7 and have no idea how much I’ll be able to get to a computer.

Remember, I’m only 17, so in addition to that I’m looking forward to playing some pickup ball on my days off and with some of the other counselors and older campers. You’re only young once, whether you’re a football fan or a martial arts expert (though if you’re a Georgia fan, you’ll probably be stupid for the rest of your life).

Anyway, I could have enough time to write 5 articles a day, but the more likely scenario is that I don’t. I’ll try to do at least one or two posts over the summer to keep things going.

As you saw from Ryan’s latest post, we have two new writers, Joey Vizzi and thebone. The two of them will take my spot in holding down the fort while Ryan puts the finishing touches on his new features.

Onto something else.

Within a week of the facebook group’s creation, we’ve had three more people sign up for the site. That’s with 150 members. Imagine how much more involved this place can be if/when we break 1,000.

Here is the link to the facebook group.

Just ask to join and I will admit you. The only reason it is not an open group is because there are two jerks (ask gatorbuc for details) who are not very happy with me. We got into a fight, they kicked me out of their SEC fans group, and in retaliation, I used a little magic (again- ask gatorbuc) to get their facebook accounts shut down.

So when somebody asks to join, I have to do a search of their account to make sure they have pics of themselves, and a reasonable number of friends. Otherwise, it’s probably a fake account by one of them.

Which I will refuse entrance, because then what those jerks will do is post in the group… we’ll call them unflattering if not illegal lies.

So just ask to join and make sure you have a legit profile.

Rest assured, guys, I remain as loyal a Gator fan as ever. I will be back by mid-August, and will resume posting at this clip then. So please do without my genius wit (smiley face here) until then.

Go Gators!!!

5 thoughts on “I’m Taking a Leave of Absence- See You Guys Again In the Fall

  1. Be safe over your break man, I look forward to reading your work when you get back. Go Gators and I cant wait to read Coach Bone’s articles.

  2. We’ll miss you and your articles Neil. I was a resident camp counselor one college summer and it was a freaking blast. Enjoy it.

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