Antonio Callaway among several Gator players involved in improper credit card use

Multiple sources have confirmed to me that nine Gator football players have been involved in a credit card scheme.

Per the source, at some point this summer, Kadeem Telfort, Jordan Smith, Antonio Callaway, Jordan Scarlett, James Houston, Ventrell Miller, Richerd Desir-Jones, Keivonnis Davis, Rick Wells, bought approximately $15,000 worth of items on credit cards belonging to various people across the United States. How the players obtained these credit cards is not yet clear.

Different players had very different levels of involvement. The source went on to tell me that Telfort and Smith “committed the worst of the crimes, by far.” The others were merely roped into the ordeal by their teammates- which is still clearly not good on their part, but at this way-too-early stage of learning of the facts, that’s something that’ll be worth keeping in mind.

The precise nature of each of the crimes is still unclear, but what I do know is that somehow, Telfort took these credit cards that did not belong to him and added several thousand dollars to his UF bookstore account. With those funds in his account, he then made a laundry list of purchases in a textbook example of fraud. The source tells me that Smith is guilty of similar crimes. Those are all considered felonies.

The other players were involved in more benign variations of those felonies, the details of which I do not yet know. Nor do I know what will happen to them as it relates to either the legal system or their football careers. And I’d hate to speculate. But what I will say is that the non-Telfort/Smith players are significantly more likely to be seen in Gator uniforms again than Telfort and Smith.

I’ll have more information when it becomes available. But regardless of what exactly the crimes were, it looks like Jim McElwain has a mess on his hands.

17 thoughts on “Antonio Callaway among several Gator players involved in improper credit card use

  1. Fraud is a pretty strong word. This is the equivalent of parents giving their kids money to get clothes and supplies and instead they bought an Xbox. Hardly fraud. Idiotic behavior, yes. Not fraud

    1. Oh for fuck’s sake… just when this program seemed to be building momentum, our best players go and pull this stupid shit.

  2. Of course they won’t be suspended, or arrested. It’s the bullshit joke of a conference espn… i mean sec

  3. It is obvious this shit school is more interested in football than teaching these ghetto rats anything. Most likely these human pieces of waste will follow in the foot steps of the illustrious Arron Hernandez.

  4. Where is Steve Spurrier making a joke about FSU, Free Shoes University.? It’s Jimbo’s turn but he has way too much class. If this is the worst thing these kids do. This school gave us The Urban and Aaron Show.

    1. Really? They suspended some of their best players before one of their biggest problem games.

      FSU didn’t suspend their star QB even after he was accused of sexual assault.

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