Snapshot: the now famous Florida vs. FSU graphic has been given an upgrade

I’m sure by now everybody on both sides of the Florida-FSU rivalry has seen (or at least heard about) what people refer to as “The Graphic”- visual proof that Florida’s football program is superior to FSU’s in just about every way one could possibly measure.

If not, well, here it is:

So now that I know that everybody knows what I’m talking about, we can proceed, right? Good.

The idea behind that graphic was simple: to research all the various stats one could possibly use to determine which was the better football school, Florida or FSU. Of course, that’s such a subjective topic, and anybody can spin the facts however they’d like to in order to make their favorite school seem better. My job as the sportswriter was to collect all the dozens of ways that you can compare football programs, put them all together in one place and let the facts speak for themselves. Totally objective. No, really. It’s not my fault Florida leads FSU in virtually every category.

Anyway, it’s almost a year later, and that graphic is now outdated. It was only logical to update it. So I made a new one, which I’ll show you in just a bit. But for this one, I added a twist.

FSU’s 4-3 win over Florida in baseball gave them their first football/basketball/baseball series sweep of Florida since 1979, and of course Seminole fans didn’t hesitate to rub it into Florida fans, claiming the #EverythingSchool label that Florida clearly used first. So instead of just football stats, I compared every sport. Football. Basketball. Baseball. Tennis. Soccer. Volleyball. You name a sport that Florida and FSU directly compete against each other in, and it’s up there. And just like football, Florida pretty much owns… well, I’ll stop teasing you and just show it to you.

UF-FSU graphic

FSU is the #EverythingSchool, alright. They’re the 2nd best in the state at everything school.

10 thoughts on “Snapshot: the now famous Florida vs. FSU graphic has been given an upgrade

  1. Wow

    There are some arbitrary stats in there. Granted you did mention spin in your article.

    What about consecutive years in top 5?

    1. Who gives a fuck? You sure you’re not a Nole fan just lurking on here? Because let me be straight up with you, you sure do sound like one…

  2. Also lumping title game appearances with BCS games?

    Come on, you need to remove the mention of being unbiased at the top.

    If you are using 13+ win seasons as a measuring stick then this chart should start at 1992.

    there should be title game appearances with an asterisk denoting the previous Systems in place and what was CONSIDERED a title game

    Then have major bowls as a category by itself.

    Otherwise it just comes off as lumping things together to skew a case.

    that’s something THEY would do; let’s be better. If the facts speak for themselves parse it out and tell it like it is

  3. Hey T, how about you do you create your own visual with the actual stats. Show us what you come with. I bet UF still reigns supreme.

  4. Well, I know what my background for my laptop is going to be. Excellent work, dude

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