So, Now that We Know that Tebow Was the Best Ever… We Are Being Haunted By it

Those of you who know me know that I don’t just randomly post stuff about somebody being the greatest player ever.

There’s a reason behind it.

And the reason is this: we must let go of Tim Tebow.

I said this once before, and many of you disagreed, and some of you questioned how much I loved watching him burn opponents to the ground.

I hope my last post disspelled anything like that.

Tim Tebow is the greatest player in college football history. So why must we keep using him as a measuring stick?

Even before he really broke out, everybody knew he was going to be special, and that’s when the comparisons started. It really all began with Cam Newton smashing Dennis Rogan of Tennessee on an option keeper in 2007. Verne Lundquist: “Hel-LO!!!! It’s Tim Tebow!!!”

Ever since, people have been comparing everybody to Tebow.

When Tebow left, believe it or not, there were some people who honestly believed that John Brantley would be the next Tebow. No, I am not kidding.

We know better now, don’t we?

We also know that Brantley has zero confidence. Sure, a good chunk of that is due to my best buddy, Steve Addazio. But when Brantley runs out of the tunnel for every home game, the first thing he saw was the list of Heisman trophy winners- yes, Tebow included.

We did the same with Trey Burton after he became the first Gator player to do two things: account for 6 touchdowns in one game and actually make me drop back into my seldom used seat and literally LOL.

But even I knew Burton wasn’t Tebow, if only because nobody is. We saw just how much of a Tebow he really is against Alabama.

Burton is a phenomonal athlete, but is he Tebow?


Of course, being the incredible moron that he is, Steve Addazio was the worst of all at trying to recreate Tebow. Not only did he try to remake one guy to be the next Tebow, he tried to get three guys to do what Tebow could do by himself.

And wasted two player spots on the field, so now Florida was playing 9 on 11 when they were already having major issues just playing 11 on 11.

Jordan Reed did fine, but again, he isn’t Tebow.

So why are we making the same mistake with Jeff Driskel? He’s no Tim Tebow. He’s said so himself. He wants to carve his own name. But no, no, no, the media who are supposedly Gator supporters keep on slapping him with the tag, “Tebow’s replacement.”


It’s only hurting us.

I would assume that the Tebow cries will die out with a Charlie Weis offense in place, but with idiots like Jurgensen, you never know.

Of course, he could bring them back.

Tebow is our golden child, but is no longer our quarterback.

So please, guys, do yourselves a favor and forget about him when thinking about the next season.