Something Missing In The Swamp, Hidden In Blowout

I loved the field goal with a minute and a half left in the game to run up the score to make it 41-3 after FAU coach Howard Schnellenberger did the same thing to Florida when he coached Miami in 1980.

But that was the happiest moment for me.

Sure, there were bright spots, such as Rainey and Demps running rings around FAU defenders, and Brantley looking a lot more confident, and of course a nasty defense, but something just didn’t seem right for Florida.

In fact, lots of things didn’t seem right.

Let’s start with this stat: 3 picks thrown by Florida, none by FAU. This is after Florida’s defense picked off an FBS 4th best 22 passes last year. Granted, the Gators have lost Janoris Jenkins and Ahmad Black… but you’ve got ESPNU 150 players taking their places. I understand the lack of experience, but that kind of talent across the board alone should be worth a pick per game, especially against a team like FAU.

On the flip side, Brantley had been hearing all offseason long from Weis NOT to force throws. So, you’d expect him to err on the side of caution in his first game of the new offense, right? Instead Brantley proceeds to dismiss heavy pressure (sack? Nah, that can’t happen to ME. I’m a freaking god) and throw a ball that gets tipped at the line and is picked off. Later, Weis calls for a pop route into the end zone. The way for this play to work is to aim it over the crossbar, so only your receiver has a chance to catch it. The idea is, if he doesn’t, nobody will. But Johnny B throws a numbers-high ball into triple coverage and guess what happens?

Jeff Driskel had an even worse fate- his first pass as a Gator was picked off. He simply overthrew it, and that’s part of being a freshman and taking your lumps. What I don’t get is why you put him in so early. Weis may want him to get experience, but what can he possibly prove against FAU? Even if he shreds them for 500 yards… it’s still FAU. Big whoop.

Brantley, on the other hand, has this and only this season to prove himself. HE needs the big confidence booster, not Driskel. Put him in when it’s 38-3 and leave him in for the rest of the game. Because, like it or not, in tight spots, Brantley will get the call. He has the experience edge over Driskel and will be called upon in crunch time this year. Even Jordan Reed would probably be called upon before Driskel with the game on the line for the simple reason that he has a year under his belt and Driskel does not.

Another major issue is guess where a first down snap went? If you say Brantley’s hands, you’re incorrect. It went way over his head and all the way into Wakulla County. I thought we’d seen that movie before, and it was too nightmare-inducing of a horror film to watch again. I understand it’s the first game, and there might be some sloppiness. Having said that, FAU did not do that once (though it’s worth mentioning they did get a punt blocked). This cannot happen if Florida wants to win big games.

Perhaps the most obvious question unanswered: where was the deep ball? With no exaggeration, Brantley threw deep this game as much as he did against Miami Ohio last year, and if you haven’t removed the 2010 part of your brain, you know that’s NOT GOOD. Wasn’t that why Charlie Weis was brought in?

Actually, Weis was brought in to do what he does best- exploit opponents’ weaknesses over and over. But he did that too much last night. FAU’s weakness was simple- they could not catch Rainey or Demps. Since neither are really tall, the best way to utilize them is to run them outside and throw swing passes to them. But as I’ve stated for months now, Weis does have a tendency to fall in love with his mismatch a little too much. Sometimes, it will be to such an extreme that he forgets about the rest of his team, which was the case tonight. We only saw a couple of deep balls throughout the game, which is OK for now but this will need to be a big part of the offense for Florida to succeed.

And then there were PENALTIES. I mean, EVERYWHERE you look, there was a penalty of Florida. The Gators committed 9 penalties for 65 yards- that’s nearly HALF of FAU’s  yardage total. That doesn’t even count all the yards wiped out on Demps’ opening kick TD on- with no apologies- an absolutely bullshit block in the back. You really think anybody’s gonna catch Demps? Come on, be real. If you think the answer is yes, you should be on the bench for sheer stupidity. Once again, it’s the first week of the season, so things might get sloppy, but when Alabama rolls in here, those dumb penalties just gotta go.

There really isn’t a lot of good to take away from the game aside from the obvious stuff- a great defense (look at all the ESPNU 150 guys in the front 7, you can’t honestly tell me you’re surprised), Rainey and Demps being phenomenal (which anybody who watched SEC football over the course of the last 3 years could tell you when blackout drunk), Brantley looking confident (which is what happens when you work with a guy with a track record like Charlie Weis has) and a much improved offense (hard not to do when you consider who our OC was a year ago, my old buddy, Steve Addazio). No pleasant surprises, which is fine for now, but we better get some answers in two weeks against Tennessee if not next week.

So we won our opener with relatively little heartburn, which is great. We also got approximately zero answers, which is not. But next week we get an ever so slightly stiffer test in UAB, so we’ll see if anything new surfaces there.

59 thoughts on “Something Missing In The Swamp, Hidden In Blowout

  1. What I took away from the game:

    1. Brantley is still a disaster. He just doesn’t have it.

    2. Good move getting Driskel in early against the 1st team before they were in coast mode. If the same Brantley continues to show up, the Driskel era could start before next year.

    3. Complacency. About midway through the second half you could see a sense of “we’re back” across the team. And not the good kind of “we’re back.”

    4. Good gameplanning. You can get by on pure athleticism against a FAU and against a UAB so why show your hand before the SEC schedule begins ? Maybe they don’t have anything up their sleeves and what we saw is what we’ll get, but I doubt it.

    I know it’s easy to dismiss it as FAU but success and confidence beget success and confidence. One of my favorite examples, to this day, is the 1999 St Louis Rams. The first year of “The Greatest Show On Turf”

    They played in a cupcake division against a cupcake schedule. Everyone kept waiting for the bottom to fall out because they “weren’t challenged”

    As well all know, the bottom never did fall out.

    A win is a win. When you’re a young team (which the Gators CLEARLY are and I never really truly appreciated it until I saw the graph last night and got to compare the numbers against each other) there are no meaningless wins; you have to learn how to win small and bad before you can win big. To this day, even the world champion boxers start off by beating guys you’d expect to see, when you step out onto your patio, across the yard BBQing with a “Kiss The Cook” apron.

    In my world, there are no moral victories; there are wins and there are losses and you have to learn to win em all, pretty and ugly.

    So, in short, I like the look of 21 starting positions and I like the look of the backup of the 22nd.

    PS FAU or not, this Easley kid looks like a devastating force. Right away the forst things that came to my mind were “this kid could be the next Suh or Fairley. It was about 10 minutes later the announcers mentioned Fairley (they didn’t mention Suh). With more experience and more Marotti time, my god.

  2. I agree with pretty much everything you said except about Brantley. Give him a chance. He hasn’t sucked yet and until he does no reason to shoot him down. He very well may fold against UT/Bama/LSU/FSU but this is clearly a rebuilding season anyway so if he does then so be it. But he’s been a Gator fan all his life and I say he’s earned a chance to play in an offense that fits him after suffering so much a year ago. Read, a CHANCE. Not saying he should be the permanent starter; just until he falls apart.

    I completely agree about the gameplanning. Remember in my “What Does It Mean That Muschamp Closed Spring Practices?” post that I agreed 100% that you should not show your hand before you play good teams. Having said that, what’s tricky about throwing the deep ball? That sounds like something Master Addazio would say. That play has been along literally as long as football itself. Every team without Addazio calling the plays uses the deep bomb- why didn’t Florida last night? How is that showing your hand?

  3. I think Weis was more concerned about boosting John’s confidence and therefore had him throw relatively easy passes. Having him throw the deep ball probably wouldn’t have helped out his confidence. Especially if he didn’t complete them.

  4. My take was slightly different. We have to remember for many of these “kids” they were asked to change everything they know about their playbooks. Case and point remember when Zook first took over for Spurrier and the players (Grossman) were calling audibles back to the old play book? I think because Weis has such a complex playbook its gonna take us until the 4 th or 5th game before we see some growth. IF WE SEE ANY. Too many people are giving him (Brantley) a pass talking about he wasnt suited for the spread. Correct me if I am wrong. He chose to come here right? I know Texas was in the mix as well but at the time they were running a variation of the spread as well. My point is some players are over-hyped and never cut it. I hope he grows and I will give him a little time before I start calling for a change.

  5. That maybe true, but then remember the flip side effect, if he does complete the deep ball. And it could turn out to be for the best, but this is where you practice the deep bomb

  6. Yeah but I’m betting that Weis didn’t wanna take that chance seeing how it was the first game and all. Let’s see what he calls in the UAB game. I’m thinking that we’ll see him call for the deep ball once or twice.

  7. Weis did not open the play book at all and I understand why. We played FAU and there was no reason to open it up. We beat them with two players in Demps and Rainey, why show anymore of your hand?

  8. Welcome back Coach! Brantley didnt look as bad as he did last year and with a few more games he should settle right in. If not Im really nervous because Driskel is not ready and if he is better than Murphy and Brissett we are in serious trouble!

  9. Well we all knew this offense wasn’t going to be all over the place until maybe Tenn., certainly for Bama’. I think there was a ton of good things to take form the game. We weren’t shut out in the first qt. That happened what in six or seven games last year. There was no real need to go deep last night, they gave us those out patterns all night, and they went for 10+ yards almost every time. Hey, if we can get those types of ypp I could care less if we ran that play 90% of the time. As far as not getting any turnovers, that sucks, but hey, when the qb doesn’t have really any time to throw, it’s no surprise. We didn’t have many sacks, but we were constantly in the back field, something that was sorely missed last year. Obviously with it being the first game there are a lot of things that can be worked on, but it’s like that everywhere. I’m pretty encouraged by what I saw last night, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

  10. We should not have shown any of our hand at all, as I’ve been saying the whole time. Throwing deep balls is not showing our hand. Everybody knows we’re going to do it some; Weis is our OC. That’s just who he is. It’s obvious it will happen sometime- why not sooner rather than later?

  11. Retard: same. The sky is the limit for this team. The talent level they have enables them to play with and even beat the best teams, and I mean THE BEST TEAMS, in the entire country.

  12. I have given Brantley a chance. He has had many. How many am I supposed to give him ? One chance for each set of different weather conditions and wind directions ?

    To me he looked every bit as bad as he did last year. The only thing that created the appearance of looking better was CW actually uses swing passes, which is where “Brantley” did most of his “damage”

    Down the field it was the same old bullshtang – off target, picked, batted down.

  13. I can, because he also completed a series of 10-15 yard passes. Watch the highlights again. Was he perfect? Absolutely not. Far from it. Was he noticably better going downfield? Yes.

  14. We all watched the same thing you did. The difference is, a person like me doesn’t watch with fanboy optimist goggles. It’s the same thing that happens when people watch their favorite fighter – they see things that didn’t really happen. The body shots from their favorite fighter seem harder, as do the head shots.

    It very similar to Tyson fans. Tyson fans couldn’t believe Buster Douglas knocked him out because they couldn’t believe Tyson could be beat, so they started with every excuse known to man – didn’t train, long count etc.

    This in spite of the fact that it was well established that Tyson’s lack of height proved extremely detrimental against such foes like Bonecrusher Smith and Tony Tucker, two taller fighters who Tyson “won” shares of the title from.

    In each fight, Tyson “won” the the fight by a “decision”

    Bonecrusher actually held Tyson pretty much all fight and didn’t rack up any points, but in the final round he started to let go and he was rocking Tyson, whereas Tyson never really landed a clean shot on him.

    As for Tony Tucker, Tucker fought over half the fight with one hand broken. Tyson “won” on a “unanimous decision” but there was nothing victorious or unanimous about it – what the world saw was a limited fighter finally exposed as the manufactured product he was.

    That’s why his handlers (King) proceeded to put him in fights against castoffs and blown up light heavyweights while billing things as the greatest fight ever.

    The fact is, the blueprint foe beating Tyson was out there, his limitations revealed. Douglas beats him, yet the fanboys came up with every possible excuse known to man in spite of the fact that you could see it coming a mile away.

    I see the same kind of fanboyism with regards to Brantley – every possible excuse known to man to absolve him of the fact that he is the ULTIMATE Mitchum Huntsberger example.

    We kept hearing from the fanboy types how this is Brantley’s, fits his skill set, similar to Kerwin’s offense.

    You know what ? He’s a 5th year senior who’s had all year to practice and the best defense you can come up with is “noticeably better”

    “Noticeably better” just doesn’t cut it. “Noticeably better” is not a good thing; it simply means he is no longer trying to remember to catch a snap, read the end and the DBs at the same time, while trying to decide to hand it off or throw.

    “Noticeably better” is “Monica Lewinsky has a pretty face”

  15. The swing pass has to be one of the most accurate passes a QB has. You have to lead the RB just right so he catches it running downhill. Brantley has that down pretty well, as he did not last year.

    Fanboy optimism? Not really, the guy has been a Gator fan all his life and he deserves a chance to run an offense that he’s better suited to in what is clearly a rebuilding season for the Gators. Give him a chance against an SEC opponent. If he reverts back to last year’s form? If he goes 2 for 19 for 20 yards and a pair of INTs? Yeah, then I’ll say he sucks, and I’ll call for Driskel. You just have no patience.

  16. FYI you take away his passes to the RBS out of the backfield and guess what you have ?

    11-20 (%55) for 130 yards, with no tds and 2 ints for a 6.5 YPA and a 89.6 rating

    By the way, that’s me giving him credit for a downfield pass to DT on the fake end around, even though it was another swing pass. And also giving him credit for downfield passes on his hitch passes.

    Last year’s stats >

    %60.8 YPA 6.26 TD 9 INT 10

    Yeah, so much better than last year

  17. Again, being accurate on swing passes is essential to being a good QB. He threw his swings right on the money so Demps and Rainey could catch the ball in perfect stride already running downhill. It is an improvement, whether or not you’ll take away enough time from your Brantley hating to realize it, because last year he couldn’t even hit the swing passes right. One thing at a time.

  18. I know it’s only FAU and all…but I don’t like the overuse of Demps and Rainey. If something happens to them before we really get into the meat of the season, we’re going to have to find other ways to move the ball. And if we don’t practice those other ways against teams like FAU…we won’t be good at it when the big boys come to town. Just sayin’.

    Not huge into Brantley yet. Better than last year, but frankly, it’s not hard to be better than he was last year. He still had 2 picks, and as was pointed out before, the swing pass accuracy was lacking. Okay, it’s the first game of the season. Okay, maybe there were some jitters and pressure for this new team with all the hype over Weis and Muschamp and all the talent, but Brantley is supposed to be a veteran. I hope he ties up those loose strings next week because even the worst team in the SEC is miles better than FAU. He can’t get away with that for much longer.

  19. My god. Swing passes. SWING PASSES ! Come on Neil. Yes, they have to be accurate, but they’re extremely low risk.

    I do indeed have patience; I’ve endured watching this piece of toilet paper for over a year now. Realize that those numbers he put up were against FAU. Those downfield completions, do you think he’ll get away with those vs a UT, let alone Bama ?

    As for my “Brantley hating” you’re incorrect; it’s booster hating + a lack of fanboyism. Are we forgetting that this is the same “leader” who had to have his daddy speak on his behalf ?

    A reminder, you’re talking to someone who is older. I’ve been watching the Gators a long time. Hell, I was there through Kerwin Bell himself. I can tell you, I have never wanted a QB replaced like this.

    Other QBs were maddening with their mistakes, but they also made things happen so the thought was “if the light goes on….”

    The closest thing to Brantley in my life was Terry Dean, but calling for the hook with him was because of some kid named Wuerffel who was showing he was clearly better. I wondered what kind of dirt the Dean clan must have had on Spurrier/Foley.

    Dean was frustrating because one game he looked like the second coming of Marino, then he’d turn around and look like the second coming of Testaverde. Yes, I’ve been watching the Gators so long that one upon a time, Vinny Testaverde was once considered one of the biggest busts in NFL history. Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell level busts. He was so bad, strong rumors circulated he was color blind. It was meant as a joke, but he was so bad people thought it was serious. This was so long ago, it was when the original Cleveland Browns still existed, were coached by Belichik, and some of his assistants were Nick Saban and Kirk Ferentz. When the team relocated to Baltimore some of the names on the offensive side were Ferentz, Pat Hill (Fresno State) and Ken Whisenhunt.

    The point? Testaverde was well into his 30s before he really turned it around and thus was a laughingstock for a long time, most of which wasn’t his fault – he was the director of the Miami hype machine so of course people loved watching him flounder.

    Ultimately, going back to Dean, he had the ability to make things happen, but he was too maddening. He was, in a way, the original Brett Favre, on a college level. Brantley has none of that. Zip. He’s a placement player.

    Even the coaches are softly admitting that. Weis wants Driskel to get some reps in meaningful minutes so they are not starting over next year. LMAO. Read between the lines – they are required to play Legacy Tissue but cannot wait for the new era to begin.

    One of the “knocks” on Weis is he falls in love with something that’s working and overuses it. Well, knowing this about Charlie Weis, the “building for next year” thing is a stretch – they are hedging their bets for this year and if Brantley had been playing the way he’d been hyped, there’s no way Weis takes him out.

    The first team needed as many reps as possible in game situations. Moreso than “next year’s QB”

    Read between the lines, it’ll make your life much better.

  20. I don’t know how to be any more clear- if it turns out that Brantley cannot be a good QB, I will call for his benching and call for Driskel. You have my word. But I don’t have enough evidence yet to do that. Honestly? I think there is a strong chance Brantley will lose his job sometime this year. I really do. But until he really has a bad performance, I’m behind him. Until it’s proven that he really cannot have success in a good offense for him, I will support him. I want him to have one bad game in what is clearly a rebuilding season before I go off on him. This way his attackers will have no argument back.

  21. So a subpar performance (in line with last year’s debacle statistically) against a vastly inferior team does not constitute a bad game ?

  22. For amusement purposes, can anyone guess what game this stat line is from ?

    1st Downs 13 23

    3rd down efficiency 7-15 9-14

    4th down efficiency 0-2 1-1

    Total Yards 275 475

    Passing 153 235

    Comp-Att 12-26 14-20

    Yards per pass 5.9 11.8

    Rushing 122 240

    Rushing Attempts 35 45

    Yards per rush 3.5 5.3

    Penalties 5-35 6-35

    Turnovers 4 0

    Fumbles lost 1 0

    Interceptions thrown 3 0

    Possession 26:50 33:10

  23. Yes because he looked a hell of a lot more like the leader a QB is supposed to be and because he didn’t get a chance to really show off his arm on Saturday night the way he will in coming weeks.

  24. Have you considered the possibility that he “didn’t get to show off his arm” because the new regime has little faith in him ?

  25. I have considered it, and I have dismissed it as a possibility because it is simply ridiculous. He can throw a great deep ball as we saw in high school. If he can get his old high school swag back he’ll have a great season considering the weapons he’s working with

  26. “I have considered it, and I have dismissed it as a possibility because it is simply ridiculous. He can throw a great deep ball as we saw in high school. If he can get his old high school swag back he’ll have a great season considering the weapons he’s working with”

    I have explained, at length and multiple times, his High School production.

  27. Honestly, i have to question your know how of good qb’s now. It scares me, but what were you saying about Tebow?? I mean Brantley has 10x the arm of Tebow, but Tebow is just the better athlete obviously. Frankly you can say what you want, but he is “it” as you say, and this offense suits him. Its up to the offensive line, to keep him passing accurately, bc if he has time, he will hit them gauranteed.

  28. I agree completely with that, he needs a good offensive line and I think he has a talented, yet inexperienced one. We’ll see how well the oline gels and they need to very quickly or else Brantley’s in trouble.

  29. Excellent.

    Now, I am sure you can point to some examples of JB displaying the “it” factor.

    I’ll wait

  30. The “IT” factor so you know, is an all around QB. The guy that may not be perfect, but he has that vibe to his team mates of confidence. So the “IT” you speak of, You and I would never know of, but his team mates say he is a different guy and a leader now. He is also a quarterback, that is making throws and ESPECIALLY looking at coverage alot more then most QB’s I have seen in college football. THink what you want, obviously only game play will tell, but you and I should both know, the “IT” factor is only determined by the team.

  31. LMAO

    The “IT” factor for a QB is when, as a fan or player, you believe he can make something happen almost every time, no matter the situation.

    The “IT” factor is visible on a TV., not just something hidden inside the locker room. Tebow had it. Cam Newton had it. Vince Young had it. Hell, Florida had two players who had “IT” at the same time – Tebow and Harvin. Players who, no matter the situation, if you put the ball in their hands you felt like something would happen and the game was never truly over until it was over.

    So, please, tell me the specific examples that JB displayed this “IT” factor. Tell us all how this tissue paper, who supposedly has the confidence of his teammates even though his daddy has to speak for him, has the proverbial “IT” factor.

    PS He has his teammates confidence ? It’s not just them being a good teammate and defending him ?

  32. Just to clarify something.

    This isn’t Chris Leak redux where people wanted rid of him for Tebow. Yeah, there were some out there who wanted him gone but my opinion is that was, by and large, a more sinister thing than level play, the same kind of thing that got Cam newton shipped out in favor of the Legacy Tissue and what made Meyer say “f*** these *ssholes” and walk away, but that’s for a different day.

    Chris Leak was terribly miscast in Meyer’s spread, yet Chris Leak was still very productive. Yes, he was in his third year of starting experience in year one of Meyer, but he was also on his 3rd offensive coordinator in as many years so he was learning ANOTHER system, a system he was not built for.

    He also continued to persevere through a constant barrage of putdowns; he took just about as much bashing as Zook himself did.

    So, with that, we can assume JB isn’t nearly on Leak’s level in terms of talent and mental makeup.

    He’s obviously no Tebow, nor is he another Wuerffel or Grossman.

    So, let’s compare to Shane Matthews, Terry Dean, Doug Johnson and Jesse Palmer. Those guys were all productive, but they also had to endure Spurrier’s mad mind games. They persevered.

    So, over the past 20-30 years, where exactly does Brantley rank ?

    In my watching lifetime, we’re talking Kyle Morris or, more appropriately, Wayne Peace. That’s where the bar is for comparison.

  33. I think the biggest problem is their are haters, and their are people that just know hes a good QB. I see you talking all about stats, yet you ignore the fact that Tebow does not have the arm Brantley does. If I remember correctly he was top in the country as a back up for TD’s and pass yards when Tebow was a starter. Then put into a system by wonderful Addazio that was a joke. You dont see Tom Brady running around like an A-hole, no his O-line protects, and he throws accurately, if they dont its a mess almost always.

    You have a simple case of hate for that, and this happens very frequently among people who cannot see past their own judgement. Their is obviously no reasoning with you, bc all you are is a stat boy, and you are hoping that will defend the case. Its fine, I believe the guy has “IT” and thats all that matters, like I said before IF the O-line protects him, you will see that we may surprise many this year, against the bigger ranked guys. Seeing is believing, and it takes the team, not haters of a player.

  34. Thebone, I honestly think you are a very knowledgable football fan who sometimes lets emotion cloud his better judgment.

    Sure he didn’t have a great year last year, but that was because of Dumbassio. He was a moron and will probably be remembered for decades by Gator fans as the single worst OC in the history of the game.

    The fact is, however, that plenty of other players struggled last year. Where was Jeff Demps after the USF game? Oh right, Addazio overused him so much that he got injured, and was never the same again. I didn’t see Deonte Thompson do anything spectacular. Chris Rainey only did OK when we know what a fucking beast he truly is. Mike Pouncey, an All-American talent, couldn’t even snap the ball. What the fuck? To have an entire offseason to teach an All American how to snap a fucking ball and not be able to do it? And our lord and savior, Tim Tebow, regressed as a QB in his senior season. That’s right, Saint Tebow had his worst year when Dumbassio was coaching.

    My point is, that nobody does less with more than Steve Dumbassio, and that you are placing all the blame- only some of it rightfully- on Brantley. Sure, he was inaccurate, but he had zero blitz pickup. Could you throw a ball right on target with a massive truck barreling at you? No? Well that’s pretty much what Brantley faced when his running back would move left to block nothing, while a massive DT would come charging through the A-gap to bury him. His confidence was shot, and while that is to some extent his fault for not getting up, brushing himself off and readying himself for the next play, I don’t blame him because what was the next play going to be? A dive play for a loss of two? Another 3 yard hitch to Deonte Thompson?

    You need to completely forget about the past, and begin to judge him from scratch. If he sucks? So be it. But give him the chance to suck under Charlie Weis. MAKE HIM PROVE that he cannot succeed under Weis AND THEN rip him.

  35. If I was simply a hater (aka a troll) then the admins wouldn’t have offered me, and granted, author rights to the site, would they have ?

    I was given author rights because I have extensive knowledge of the game, seeing how I have been a coach for more than half my life, possibly longer than you’ve been alive.

    I view things in a purely objective manner; what I am NOT is a fanboy, viewing things through rose colored glasses. In fact, my objectivity is such that I often annoy the hell out of my wife – I can’t count how many times I she has vented to me, I offer my analysis of the situation, and she comes back with “can’t you just side with me once, when I am wrong, just take my side”

    Ask any of the non kids here if I am a biased hater, or if my feedback has been absolutely objective.

    My disapproval of JB is based on observation and experience actually COACHING players, being able to recognize mental makeup or lack thereof.

    Now, since you absolutely refuse to provide one single instance of JB showing the “IT” factor, let’s take another approach.


    Florida VS Bama. Bama leading by 14 with 5 minutes left. Can you honestly say you have such confidence in JB that you believe he will direct two quick strike drives to tie it up ? If you answer yes, provide the evidence from which you derive that conclusion.

  36. Speaking of letting emotions cloud judgment, ditto with regards to Adazzio. He’s a popular whipping boy. He’s no Dan Mullen, but he’s no Greg Knapp either.

    Tebow’s regression had as much to do with no Harvin and no Louis, and Riley Cooper skipping practice to play baseball.

    Not to mention, Florida was playing as defending champs and the edict from Meyer was play cautious and let the D win games.

    Adazzio is not free from blame, but last year was part him, part JB and part booster for forcing JB on the staff.

    Look, Florida is not winning the SEC this year. They need to think future NOW and get the youngsters taking some lumps this year so they’ll be primed for 2012 and 2013.

    The fact that Weis had openly admitted to wanting to get them meaningful reps in games because they are thinking about the future tells you just how much faith they have in him this year.

    But, Weis was “pleased” with his performance. Pleased in coachspeak is when your wife/gf tells you she’s “fine”

  37. I have to agree with Bone 100%. It’s not about whether Brantley has improved or not, the question is- Is he really fit to lead a team of Florida’s caliber? No. He is an okay player with a decent arm, but let’s face it, if you are truly looking for the right company to place him in the history of Florida quarterbacks, you’re going to have to look at past 2nd stringers. That’s where his true role is and always should have been. I mean we haven’t seen ONE good game from Brantley for over a year now. If he throws two interceptions against a non-existent FAU defense, what’s he going to do when LSU, Alabama, and FSU are breaking down our O-line? Luckily, I can deal with Brantley’s ineptitude a lot better this year knowing that Charlie Weis is running the show. I think he knows what he is doing, and putting Driskel in that 2nd quarter situation last game was no fluke. I expect a lot more of that to come this year. His interception was bad, but his other throws were great and that one tackle he escaped in the backfield was way out of Brantley’s league. I actually feel like there are a lot of similarities between the Brantley/Driskel situation and Orton/Tebow in Denver. I think a lot of people are wanting to feel good after such a terrible season last year, and think that Brantley gives us a better chance to win more games this season due to his experience. But if you ask me, this season isn’t built for any kind of championship run. It is way too tough to make it out with less than three losses, which is perfectly fine because it sets us up for a promising 11-12 season. It really is the PERFECT setup for next year! If Driskel gets the experience he needs in those tough SEC road games, I’ll feel much better than if we wait to start him next year. He has all the tools to win and is the future of our program and even if he somehow managed to be a bust, I’d rather find out now than let it affect our offense the next year or two when everyone else is in their prime.

    In regards to Chris Leak, I just feel bad for how unlucky that guy was prior to finally winning the National Championship his senior year. I mean, he won the quarterback position as a TRUE FRESHMAN and went on to have an excellent year. The following year was even better when he put up great numbers and was on a lot of people’s early Heisman lists. I really thought he had something special those first two years and honestly expected to see another Gator leading an NFL teams. I wouldn’t take back the Urban years or the 2006 Championship for anything, but I do feel like he was biggest casualty of that coaching change and my heart goes out to him.

  38. Thebone knows football. That’s why we (I was all for him coming aboard but Ryan made the final call) gave him author privileges in the first place. He is very opinionated and hardheaded but as Gator fans aren’t we all? Having said that, he does hate on Brantley without end. He does do it in an objective ways, though, by simply pointing out stats and things he did wrong and I counter that he needs to be given time under Weis. But that’s a different argument.

    Bottom line: thebone injects his strong opinions into discussions, often triggering arguments. But it’s like Will Muschamp said: “I didn’t hire a bunch of yes guys. I hired them for their opinions. We can all agree to disagree.”

  39. See, my issue is usage of the word hate.

    I am not some Neocom fool who preaches flower power or the likes because I actually do hate things in this world and encourage others to as well.

    But, my endless criticism of JB the QB is not hating; it’s criticism.

    Imagine I was talking about Jordan Jefferson instead of of a Gator. Would that be hating, or pointing out the obvious ? Now, Jefferson actually has shown potential and backed it up. In 2009 he had a pretty darn good year, showing he was capable of plenty. However, you hear the whispers, read the comments. From 2010 on, people wanted him gone.

    He seems like a nice kid. He has a nice arm. He’s just not cut out to be QB1 at a place like the University of Florida.

    Again, it’s not me hating when I say this.

    Yes or no, Florida might be the biggest pressure cooker for QBs in the country ? It requires a certain mental toughness yes ?

    We’re talking about a guy who has to have his father speak for him.

    His father changed his mind from Texas to Florida. He did this because the boosters assured him the Catholic’s spread was to be done away after a few years and “real football” was coming back.

    His father spoke on his behalf during the hard times.

    His father started actively looking to transfer.

    His father called off the transfer and spoke on his behalf when Weis was announced.

    Kind of reminds me of the Lindros family in a way.

    It’s not JBs fault – it’s not something you can teach yourself without being exposed to it, and his whole life his father and uncles told him what his life’s path was going to be.

    In a perfect world, Belichik will take him in the 7th round and he’ll sit behind Brady and alongside Mallet and hopefully Mallet will have been corrected, it will all rub off, and JB will go on to have an NFL career.

    However, right now, he does not have the mental makeup to be QB1 at Florida.

  40. All this talk about Brantley but where’s the talk about who Brantley is throwing to?? I’ll be honest, I had to stop reading these comments all the way through because they had become ridiculous but from what I did read, there was not one mention of our receiving corps. You want Brantley to throw the deep ball to whom, exactly? From what I’ve seen, we don’t have one consistent play maker at WR so why would Charlie Weis start throwing the ball down the field when giving it off to Demps/Rainey was working perfectly well.

    As for putting Driskel in early on in the game, the coaches have stated they wanted to give him “meaningful” snaps. Going in in the 4th quarter with a huge lead that you can’t really screw up is a lot different than leading the team on the field when a comeback from your opponents is entirely plausible in the remaining time (perhaps not for FAU, but it has happened). You can disagree with this, but the coaches had their reasons.

    No one wanted to see Brantley off the field more than I did last season but if you’re telling me that the Brantley we saw last Saturday looks like the one we saw in 2010, you my friend, are insane.

    Lastly, as for overusing Demps and Rainey– since when did Florida Football players become china dolls? I have heard talk of them not being able to maintain such a work load for the season but they clearly will not be getting as many touches per game as they did against FAU. Trey Burton will be back and the mismatches that Cheeseburger Charlie took such delight in exploiting this past weekend will not be there for every game. If they get hurt, yes, that will be a huge loss for us but shit happens. Knile Davis went down in practice! It’s football – injuries can happen at any time.

    I’m just surprised that you Gator fans were able to get over the sheer bliss of college football and our beloved Gators being back quickly enough to find things to bitch about. This post should’ve simply said “Well, we still don’t really know what’s going to happen this season but thank f***ing god College Football is back!”

  41. No point in arguing with you, you win your arguments by not stopping. Its fine, its your character, but how ever you want to label your “hate” lol, its hate. Criticism, is very different when you have a person preaching stats, yet the first game JB plays, he did very well. NOw I hear you talking about penalties, I assume you did not watch the UM game, or the notredame game???? We did pretty well for a team that pretty much is all new, if you want to look at small mental mistakes, its fine. You just have to learn that when you critique something, especially a football team the biggest mistake you can make(which you are making consistently) is that its a TEAM. A QB plays well when he has a good O-line, people like Tebow, Vick, Newton, Mcnabb, are much better out of the pocket. Though almost every analyst you will here, will tell you that that simply is great, but usually calls for a short career. Every QB has his shortcomings, but like Weis has said, you have to go on tape to see what forced that bad throw, most of the time you find out their was a reason that pick happened. Just think about it, I am not saying you are dumb or without knowledge. I just think that in football, its almost never one persons mistake.

  42. That’s just it; he DIDN’T do very well.

    His numbers, “in a system suited to his skills” were on par with last year, when he was “miscast” in an offense that “didn’t fit his skill set.”

    And this was against Florida Atlantic.

    The players were NOT that new. Reed was the tight end, yes ?

    DT the #1 WR ?

    Demps and Rainey in the backfield ?

    Did JB have good protection this year ? Did he face a litany of bad snaps like the opener last year ?

    I am not “hating” om JB; you’re a fanboy homer. That’s perfectly obvious; you refused to answer the “IT” question and then proceeded to ignore the related followup question with the Bama scenario. You claim he has “IT” but there is no evidence he does. Nobody has seen “IT” yet you claim he has “IT”

    That, my young friend, is blind fanboy homerism worship.

  43. Lol far from fanboy, little old man as apparently you speak like your 60. Its simple, FIRST GAME, no one is perfect, but he played very composed, looked for coverage, and always checked for his second option, THAT MY LITTLE OLD 60 YEAR OLD FRIEND IS A GOOD QB. Stop arguing your point, b/c like you being so hardheaded I am too, and your not going to change the fact that though not perfect, he still is a good QB.

  44. Oh and enjoy your blind haterism worship of good QB,s I wonder what you said about TEBOW, do I sniff Meril Hoge Cousin???

  45. You can see what I have said about Tebow; part of it is in this very thread.

    Guess you missed that response to you, the way you seem to keep missing the request for examples regarding JB.

    Some of you folks are giving the impression that you seem to think I arbitrarily chose to “hate” Brantley, as though I was picking names out of a hat or something.

    Here are some copy/pastes of some old posts of mine on another forum. First is from 2009 the second is from after week 1 of 2010.

    You tell me if it was arbitrary hating, or a long, progressive loss of of confidence in his abilities.

    This is a dust up with a South Carolina fan in 2009. He responded to the UT/Bama all caps thread from another person then proceeded to swipe Florida, to “bait” me in, if you will. My words are underlined to separate mine from theirs. >


    Ya don’t know? According to other sources, bama knew that the vols offense was inept, so it was experimenting the whole game trying new things out on offense and whatnot. the fact that vols left 9 points on the field means nothing. ;D

    And on another note, the gators are really starting to **** me off. I mean here’s the number 1 team in the land, and they run the same ****ing plays every ****ing game. Run tebow run! hell when the running back gets the ball, the ****er looks surprised. isn’t florida supposed to be an offensive juggernaut despite losing harvin and that other dude? does anyone really mean to tell me that out of all their top 5 recruiting classes that they have not found anyone just as quick?

    Now their defense is great. No denying that. But isn’t Urban supposed to be an offensive genius? Isn’t he supposed to find ways for other people to make plays instead of becoming predictable on offense?
    I don’t know tombstone, fill me in on the details.[/i]

    [u]Now, if I were you, I’d keep my mouth shut about offensive ineptitude. At least until SC puts up some decent point totals. 400 + total yards, 300 + through the air. 14 points. Against ****ing VANDERBILT.


    [i]We’re just experimenting like everyone else.
    Do you have espn insider?[/i]


    [i]A win is a win my friend. Sucks for your team though, especially when my team only has 7 seniors.[/i]

    [u]I am sure there’s some sort of point there, but I can’t imagine what it is.[/u]

    [i]No gator fan could ever imagine what’s coming.
    Enjoy the outback bowl and your season without your savior next year.[/i]

    [u]Did you see Brantley and the second unit slice and dice FIU yesterday ?

    Sure, it was only FIU, but Brantley shred their 1st team D better than Tebow did. The second unit receivers are much more talented than the first team receivers; they just need to improve their blocking. When those kids spend the offseason working on their blocking coming into next year, look out. Plus, they’ll have Andre Debose back from injury next year, and Carl Moore could conceivably apply for, and be granted, a medical redshirt exception; he certainly shouldn’t want to leave with no resume to speak of.

    And remember this – Florida’s devastating running attack does not have a senior on the O Line. There are only 3 senior starters on their D, 4 seniors in their two deep. If, and this is a BIG if, the juniors all decide to come back, ouch. Hell, even if only a couple declare, it’s manageable. If Dunlap and Haden go, there’ll be a problem, but if they come back and Major Wright leaves, he can be offset nicely.

    Remember this about Florida’s D and the potential STILL for next year – they have the talent and depth to run 3 different systems, depending on their opponent. They switch it up between a 4-3, 4-2-5 and a 3-3-5.

    And when they go 3-3-5 it’s scary for the passers because their linebackers are as fast as most teams’ receivers, so they’ll send Will Hill, a safety with CB speed, on a blitz, then drop AJ Jones, a linebacker with safety speed.

    That’s the kind of talent they potentially have returning and, to be honest, the way Brantley played yesterday even if they DO win the big one, I wouldn’t be surprised to see most of the juniors return. Dunlap I think is gone, no matter what, but maybe Spikes will talk some sense into him.

    And perhaps Meyer can get to the juniors with a “we have won 24 straight games and 2 titles in a row, with a shot at 3 titles and 38 games in a row. Let’s make some history” type of speech that will convince them.

    Of course, there is the NFL labor issue – IF 2010 is to be an uncapped year and talks of a looming rookie salary cap heat up, an awful lot of juniors are going to jump..[/u]

  46. Again, from 2009. I commented on Spurrier’s complaining about Bama using tape on kicks, then the SC fan chimed in >

    [u]I am sure some folks will start with the “well, he is a Belichick apprentice and we know Beli likes to break rules” but really, The Visor should spend more time getting his team in order and try to actually make them good instead of constantly lamenting potential “cheating”.

    At the very least, he should make his program a nationally relevant program before he runs his mouth.[/u]

    [i]Out of 112 FCS team, #24 BCS ranking is nationally relevant.[/i]

    [u]1. No they’re not. Nobody outside the top 10 this late in the season is relevant.

    2. When did FCS become nationally relevant ?[/u]

    [i]Halfway in the season and if you’re not in the top 10 you’re not nationally relevant? come on man, even if we would’ve beaten #2 bama, we wouldn’t be in the top 10. We can still work our way up there though as long as we don’t resort to old habits like we have in the past.

    FCS, FBS, who the **** cares?lol the damn NCAA! why the **** they change that **** anyways?[/i]

    [u]That’s correct. They are not nationally relevant.

    Not only will they not even PLAY for the SEC CShip, they sure as hell aren’t getting invited to a BCS bowl.

    Thus, they are not nationally relevant.

    They will get to play in one of the absolutely irrelevant kiss-your-sister bowls.[/u]

    [i]So, in the end, only 8 teams are relevant? I guess on a scale that’s right. But what are you gonna do next year when your team is playing in a kiss your sister bowl? ;D[/i]

    Probably the same as I do when they are playing for a meaningful bowl – not bet on games involving my team.

    That being said, they’ll most likely end up in the Sugar Bowl next year. They’ll have enough talent and experience returning to win the east, but no way they win the SEC title. That’ll most likely be Bama’s again.[/u]

    [i]Answer me this though with complete unbias and honesty. Let’s say for conversation’s sake that there was no football last year, that this year was the first year of college football.
    Would Florida and Alabama be the talk of the town, or would it be Iowa who is smacking the **** out of their opponents?
    Remember now, no past to dwell on, no one knows the big 10 is light. This is year one.[/i]

    [u]Well, if we’re going by no history, why Iowa ? They are getting some love because they beat Michigan, PSU and Wisconsin. However, if history is not factored in, then who are Michigan, PSU and Wisconsin ? What I would look at is a 1 point victory over an FCS team because I would assume in this no history alternate reality, FCS is still the inferior conference and there’d be no Appalachian State over Michigan to use as a template for upsets.

    So, with that, I would go with Alabama, Florida, Cali or Texas. Why ? Well, there’s no history for college football but there is for pro football and since those regions pump more players into the pros than anywhere else, we can safely assume that their competition is superior to that of other schools'[/u]

    [i]Okay, I agree with your assesment, BUT, it’s total bull****. I’m not understanding why what a team did years ago has anything to do with a current season. Sure, give em respect for what they did. but ****, ND, Nebraska, Penn State, Ok, OSU, Michigan, those teams ain’t gonna do **** this year! Do you know if any of this **** is calculated in the computer for BCS rankings, or is it just what they’ve done in the current year?[/i]

    [u]It plays a part in the human voting, without a doubt. ND gets preferential treatment because of their TV deal and the amount of alumns and giant fanbase they have. ND = rating, ratings = $$

    OSU and Michigan get special treatment as well. Although they don’t have an exclusive tv deal, they are featured plenty because they have massive fanbases and alumns.

    SEC teams get special treatment more than any other conference. Most of it is deserved, for sure because the results speak for themselves, but make no mistake, both the voters and the BCS folks absolutely love that the SEC has TWO tv deals; one with CBS and the other with ESPN.

    And yes, that’s me admitting the Florida Gators get special treatment on account of their national exposure. They, along with Bama, are the big names of the SEC. Bama more so.

    The sad reality is, anything that is pageant based is skewed by the amount of eyes that will be tuned in.

    Case in point, last year’s ACC Cship had 27,000 people at it. That’s it. FSU had more people than that show up to their spring game. When John Swofford was able to snag Miami from the Big East, he was imagining a power conference like the SEC, with his champion being part of the national title picture with the SEC and Big 12.

    That’s why FSU has been ranked each year since 2001 even though they have been struggling to be even mediocre for the past 8 years.[/u]

  47. Hey, digging up more old posts, look what I found, right when Meyer pulled his 1 day retirement >

    Urban Meyer resigns
    « on: December 27, 2009, 06:04:31 am »

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    * Split Topic

    Sucks as a Florida fan, but understandable as it’s an ulcer inducing job.

    As schlub sitting at home playing armchair QB, here is my shortlist, in no particular order and hoping Foley learned from the Zook fiasco, and using a criteria of getting someone young enough to possibly put in 10 years at Florida and being able to handle the ridiculous expectations:

    Gus Malzahn – Another offensive innovator, which is what Florida loves, and a great recruiter.

    Dan Mullen – he helped recruit most of Florida’s players. It’s his system and it was clear watching them this year how much Mullen was missed. Plus, this would be a “destination job” and he’s young enough to put in 20 years.

    Kyle Whittingham – a little older than I’d like, but clearly a great coach and recruiter and is still running Meyer’s system. Imagine what he could do in a talent rich region like the southeast without having to send players on 2 year missions?? Plus, Florida’s President, Bernie Machen, was president at Utah which helped land Meyer in the first place.

    Kevin Sumlin – clearly a great offensive mind. Florida would be a job he’d never pass up and he’d probably stay 10 years. Plus, imagine his offense with southeastern recruits ?

    Bob Stoops – yep, absolutely. He made his name at Florida. He’s young enough to put in a good stretch. He does a pretty darn good job having to recruit out of state; imagine what he could do in a football hotbed as his home state ? Plus he likes to run an up tempo offense.

    Mike Leach – just the kind of wingnut that could work at Florida. He has done well in Lubbock, and had decent success at Kentucky with that offense, so one only wonders what he could do with the kinds of recruits he’d get at Florida.

    Will Muschamp – perhaps he might not want to wait around for Mack Brown to step down. Has much SEC experience in coaching and recruiting. Plus, he cut his teeth under Saban and, since Bama is now the power in the west, might not be a bad idea to get someone who’s proven to be able to beat Saban.

    Jon Gruden – Knows pressure all too well. Still extremely young. Lives in Florida already and loves it there. Plus, it would be almost nostalgic in the sense that it would be The Visor V 2.0.

  48. And, this is from 2010 after opening weekend.

    [i]Come on Darth! You know damn well a debacle like last week won’t happen again!)[/i]

    [u]You’re probably right, and I hope you are, but here’s the catch:

    Even if they only play half as bad, South Florida is light years ahead of Miami (OH).

    South Florida starts off every year strong.

    They have a freakish athlete at QB the likes of which Florida hasn’t faced.

    Also, the snap issues – I see no evidence to suggest it will be much better. THe one thing I watched in the spring game was how bad the snaps were and thought “meh, first time, by the time fall rolls around it should be corrected”.

    It got worse.

    So, even if it “improves” to spring game levels, they have no chance.

    Not to mention, here is what’s wrong with the Gators:

    Mismatched personnel for the plays – Jeff Demps at kick returner and lead back ? Wrong. Demps is a straight line guy. He has no wiggle.

    Oline – talented, experienced. The problem is, these are spread guys who are asked to fire off the line and road grade straight ahead after years of practicing backpedals.

    WR. No deep threat to keep the defense honest.

    Rainey. If they want him to be a slot guy, they need to motion him into the backfield with Demps and Brantley so they can run the dive-option. That will at least freeze some LBs.

    Debose. Get him on the field. Granted, the “next Harvin” thing may have just been hype, but get him on there. If nothing else, when he takes the field, the coaches are going to say “watch out for him” which will free up someone else.

    Addazio. Seems like a nice guy. Great oline coach. A game planner and Xs and Os guy he is not. I don’t like his playcalling. You have one of the best collection of athletes in the country – use them. I didn’t like his playcalling in the BCS title game vs Oklahoma. I didn’t like it last year. I thought the Sugar Bowl was a sign he may finally open things up again, but we’re right back to the grind it out style that doesn’t fit their personnel.

    Admittedly, they trotted out their B team for most of the game, and it’s possible they were sticking to a bare basics playbook. Perhaps against teams they know they can grind it out against, they’ll do that and save the big surprises for the big dogs like Bama.

    At least I hope they do.

    If I am playing Florida, I am sending someone every snap. Brantley is talented physically, but inexperienced. He rushed a lot of throws last week. The more you rush him, the more he’ll talk to his huddle asking the center to get it to him quicker, and then the snap problems will continue and the more he’ll stick to checking the primary and check downs – he doesn’t seem to have much in the way of awareness.[/u]

  49. lol I have to laugh, I figured I would get you a little steamy after that haha. To be honest, I am a gator fan and hope for the best. The truth of the matter is you and I do not see eye to eye at all. You see a bad qb, and I see a good qb in an offense that wasnt suited for him. Now he starts in a new offense, and you are judging him on one game, as am I. Its not a fanboy comment to see common sense, that this team is not the team from last year. So stick to your opinions and stick to minds, its what got us where we are today. Thats the great thing about a forum, people can express their opinions. Heck if the NCAA had their own forum right now, you have to admit it would probably be shut down by now with all the hate, so from one gator fan to another, GO GATORS!!!!

  50. That’s just it – JB showed me nothing against a vastly inferior opponent that inspires any confidence when it comes time for them to face the real teams.

    He looked ok – ok against FAU is just not going to cut it vs Bama, LSU,FSU etc

  51. just wanna bring this in, the tipped pass that was picked seemed to be a timing route in which case it was pre-determined that John was going there, the right tackle simple lost footing and fell down which is why it was tipped.

  52. I love a good debate among Gators!!!! I dont think Brantley is as bad as coach thinks but I dont think he is good either. Like I said numerous times he’s only playing for Florida because his daddy and uncle played for Florida. I also agree with coach thats why Newton was treated like that to make room for Brantley. I hope JB plays well enough to get us to Atlanta if not put Driskel in and lets begin the real New Era! Go Gators

  53. That’s just it; I am viewing him through a coach’s eyes, not a fan’s eyes. I tend to avoid dealing in hope and optimism; hope and optimism are the tools of those who can’t. Hope and optimism also are not tangible; hope and optimism lend themselves to the hypothetical, down the road, and do not have any impact on the moment, the here and now.

    As you can imagine, I’ve had the occasional parent try to sell me on why their kid should be the #1 guy. Fortunately, I know enough of the right people (from coaching for years, political connections, business connections) that I can tell them to go to hell and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.

    Admittedly, when it’s the moms I am extremely polite and cordial and I usually sit down over dinner and calmly explain why I cannot put the focus on one specific person.

    When it’s the fathers, if they won’t listen, I’ll get a bit more brash; we’ll put on the gloves, step into my ring for 12 rounds. If he wins, we’ll sit down and he can help me draw up plays specifically to feature his kid(s). To win, he has to knock me out; lasting 12 rounds is not a win.

    Fortunately, nobody has taken me up on that yet, and my days of throwing down that offer are coming to an end; I am reaching that age where I am losing interest in maintaining peak physical condition, and am looking forward to the day I can ease of the throttle at the gym and start to develop “middle age gut”


  54. Ill accept that offer for sure, yet to lose in that one. You can talk all you want, but talking about the ring may not work so well in your favor lol. I do like that attitude though, some parents just dont get it.

  55. The REAL question isn’t whether Brantley is any good, it’s how do we best use him to build our guy Driskel. I think the priming of Tebow worked perfectly and wish there was a way to do that with Driskel, a lot of big-time game situations and experience in championships. Problem is, Brantley is no Chris Leak, Driskel is not the bone-crusher that Tebow was, AND we’re probably not going to any championships this year to be sure.

    At the same time, Driskel has plenty to offer that Brantley does not. I think we could put him in on some 1st-2nd down situations early in games and let him throw downfield. Brantley can’t escape pressure long enough or throw accurately enough to make plays like that happen and some big plays would be huge for the confidence of Driskel.

  56. Excellent. Produce a son that plays for my team that you think I am not giving a fair a shot and I’ll be happy to throw down.

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