Sorry for the lack of recent content- more coming soon

Usually, going three days without posting anything is bad, so to go a whole week without posting anything is obviously… more bad.

I just wanted to explain the reason: in the past week, I’ve sprained my wrist, and come down with what I hope is not but I believe might be mononucleosis. Rest assured, I have not forgotten about running this site, am still very interested in running it, and will continue to do so when I’m up on my feet again. No idea when that will be, but bear with me here.

A few things to look forward to when I’m healthy again: the real, complete Will Grier story, as confirmed to me by multiple sources close to Grier himself, post spring practice analysis, which actually may be a positive thing coming so late, as it helps tide y’all over until fall ball, baseball analysis, and just generally more of the same awesome stuff that made you guys come to read my site in the first place.

Go Gators.


One thought on “Sorry for the lack of recent content- more coming soon

  1. Get well soon, Neil.
    Suggestion… Maybe, to buy you some recovery time, you can appoint some guest writers to submit content.
    Would be a great way to involve your followers and keep everyone engaged in the interim.
    Just a thought.
    Go Gators

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