Sources: Gators DB Jalen Tabor, QB Treon Harris suspended for Tennessee game

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According to multiple sources close to, Florida cornerback Jalen Tabor has been suspended for the Tennessee game. An unrelated source has told me the same thing.

UPDATE: QB Treon Harris has also been suspended for the Tennessee game, according to sources of the Jacksonville area radio station 1010XL. 

It’s a big loss for the Gators’ secondary, as Florida will have to use Quincy Wilson (who, while extremely talented, is also inexperienced, which showed when he was burned for a touchdown by East Carolina) in his place against a Tennessee team with a deep receiver corps. Tabor recorded a pick six against ECU, and forced the huge fumble against the Volunteers last year to start the Treon Harris-fueled comeback. 

UPDATE: The players were suspended for marijuana use, according to ESPN and multiple other media outlets. Harris failed a drug test, while Tabor refused to take one. Both are automatic suspensions. Pure stupidity. It’s not the worst crime to commit, no. And I’m not going to start preaching about how weed is bad and anybody who smokes it should be jailed for ten years. But getting high is such a dumb thing for guys of this status to do. Both Harris and Tabor have bright futures, particularly Tabor. And yet this is Tabor’s second marijuana related incident, which will surely be a topic of conversation when Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are discussing his future over his highlight tape on draft day.

UPDATE: Treon Harris has blocked me on twitter for this:

I don’t really care that Harris blocked me because he rarely even tweets, and when he does, he never says anything worth reading anyway. And on the off chance he does say something noteworthy, it would find its way to my inbox soon enough. But what does frustrate me is that he took the time to find the tweet in the first place. I didn’t tweet to his account (@t5_harris), and we never followed each other. For those of you who don’t use twitter, that means he’s been running around on social media searching his name and blocking anybody who dares say anything negative about him for doing something stupid and turning the blame on us for pointing out that what he did was stupid, which suggests that he hasn’t learned a damn thing from being suspended.

Oh well.

5 thoughts on “Sources: Gators DB Jalen Tabor, QB Treon Harris suspended for Tennessee game

  1. Welp… Give Tennessee another touchdown somewhere in the game. It was gonna be close as it was. Jalen’s absence is gonna hurt.

  2. Treon’s absence isn’t going to make a bit of difference. Not unless the unthinkable happens to Will.

  3. lol Treon blocked you on Twitter??? What a pussy. Man up and accept responsibility for what you did. Don’t feel bad Neil, your Twitter is great.

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