Stan Drayton Ditches Florida For Buckeyes

Stan Drayton ditches the Gators for Ohio State

A year ago, everybody was cheering. The Gators had just hauled running backs coach/recruiting coordinator Stan Drayton back into Gainesville.

Now, he’s gone again.

The Ohio State Buckeyes offered him a job to become the receivers coach, and he accepted. It is the first job he has had that has not dealt primarily with running backs.

Now, Will Muschamp has another spot to fill. Drayton was one of the few coaches that Muschamp retained from Urban Meyer’s staff, but now it is a big question mark for Florida.

They’d better get one fast, before they lose highly touted commit Mike Blakely.

I’m always a believer that it is more important to take care of your coaching staff than to worry about saving one recruiting class. But here, I’d like to have a combination – Florida must not rush too quickly and make a bad decision, and also must not stall so long that Blakely looks elsewhere.

The good news for Florida is that there really isn’t much time for Blakely to start shopping for another school. National signing day is next week.

And more good news is that the running backs coach isn’t really of humongous importance, since Florida appears to be ready to throw the ball next year, whether it be John Brantley, Jeff Driskel, or even Jordan Reed (not likely).

But don’t get me wrong. Florida definitely needs to possess a top 25 running game next year, to set up the play-action. So this is certainly not a hire that Muschamp should pull an Addazio on and pick a name out of a hat, like Addazio did with his play calls.

And as for losing a recruiter… if Muschamp can lure a probable Top 10 pick back to school for one more year, the Gators will do fine in recruiting.

All I’m saying is that it’s not the end of the world if Muschamp screws up, but I’d prefer he not.

2 thoughts on “Stan Drayton Ditches Florida For Buckeyes

  1. Drayton is a clown, you leave right before NSD. I don’t understand why he even requested to remain on the staff? Another thing that’s crazy is you couldn’t even wait for a RB coach position to open up you left for the first job they threw at you. Maybe Weis had different ideas and they couldn’t agree.

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