Steve Addazio Tops Les Miles For Bumbling Moron Lucky Son Of A Bitch Of The Year Award

Let’s face it, Les Miles is an idiot but is a savvy gambler. Steve Addazio is an idiot, sucks at gambling but good things somehow happen to him anyway.

Well, enough good things so that the hatred of him is limited to the media as opposed to the players, assistant coaches, and Jeremy Foley.

I thought Addazio had this award all wrapped up after putting 48 points on Kentucky, since I knew he sucked and so did 90% of football fans across the globe. How he could be that bad at everything regarding offense and beat two SEC teams, as inept as Tennessee and Kentucky were should have been enough to secure him the award.


Except Les Miles, god bless his soul, kept trying to take it. In 2009, Miles was considered a dunce because his players couldn’t save him against Mississippi. Before that, however, he had been hailed as a genius of a gambler by going five for five on 4th down to beat Florida.

Last year, Miles got lucky against Florida again… but not before losing to Tennessee at home. Yes, LSU was defeated 14-10 at home by a horrid Vols squad that somehow managed to put 10 and 3 together and get 11 after LSU allowed the clock to run out again. Strange how the average mind in Knoxville works, huh? LSU ran another play and Stevan Ridley plowed into the end zone for the “win” and Les Miles was the luckiest mofo on earth.

Then came the Florida game. The Tigers defense allowed an atrocious Florida red zone offense to cross the goal line three times in that game, and had Florida’s offense been .000000000000000000000001 percent as effective as the 2008 offense, LSU would have been screwed. But Miles called for the fake field goal, and Derek Helton threw Josh Jasper a perfect bounce pass and Jasper laid it up and in.

What? What do you mean, this is football? So you’re telling me that unidentified bouncing object was a football?

Long story short: LSU wins.

Then came the Alabama game, the tight end reverse, and the story came out that he eats grass.

So Miles has an extremely compelling case. Not as compelling as Addazio’s, however.

Florida’s offense scored 7 points against Miami Ohio. The rest of the points came off a pick 6, a 3 yard drive, a 10 yard drive and a pass that bounced off a receiver before Rainey hauled it in. The only real touchdown was Jeff Demps breaking off a 73 yard TD.

Had the defense and special teams not set those gimme points up, Florida loses, 12-7.

USF was a similar story. Florida went scoreless for the first 29 minutes, then used Demps’ speed to take it from there. Well, that and the 5 picks thrown by BJ Daniels.

Against UT, Florida was tied with 6 minutes left in the third quarter. Then Meyer called for the fake punt and Florida scored on that drive and the next two. But what if Meyer hadn’t called that fake punt? What if the Vols scored on that next possession- they would have had great field position- and held Florida to no further points?

Kentucky was Kentucky, big deal, Alabama was Alabama, I was shocked that the Gators were even in that game for as long as they were, and LSU, well, we just saw that.

Mississippi State was where his luck started to run out, but he revived his chance of this award when Georgia QB Aaron Murray turned the ball over 4 times. This includes the fatal interception in OT.

Vanderbilt… is a D 3 school. Addazio’s chances of the award glimmered after that game, then looked dull again after the last three. But he bounced back strong after getting hired by Temple, and then won it with the Outback Bowl.

The Outback Bowl in which the leading receiver was Ahmad Black, a safety, the Outback Bowl, in which the average Florida scoring drive was 9 yards, and the Outback Bowl in which Urban Meyer would have retired after a heartbreaking loss had the defense and special teams been our best offense.

Congratulations, Steve, you’re a winner. Maybe you could take that with you to Temple.

10 thoughts on “Steve Addazio Tops Les Miles For Bumbling Moron Lucky Son Of A Bitch Of The Year Award

  1. Neil I think you hate Dumbazzio worst than any other Gator fan. U win my hating on Dumbazzio award lol. BOOM!

  2. It unanimous, I believe Neil deserves that award as well.:D No one hates Dumbazzio quite as much as Neil.:)

  3. Well, Gator football was once upon a time my favorite show. Then Addazio ruined it and took it away from me. But I assuaged the misery by ripping on him, and now that he’s gone, and the misery he’s caused me has not yet been equaled with the number of times I ripped on him, I will keep doing so until I feel happy enough to let it go.

    And by the way, don’t forget about Ryan- he started the firesteveaddazio site

  4. Yeah we can’t forget about Ryan. Without him none of this would be possible. But like Atlanta Gator said, you bring the hate to an entire new level.:)

  5. LOL Neil, I love your hate! Dumbaz crapped all over our beloved program and while I’m moving on along w/our new staff and this new dawn, the sting will last awhile. I can’t ignore the fact that the HC let him do the damage, but Meyer’s good at UF far outweighs his bad so I leave him fondly. SA, on the other hand, can go to h-e-double toothpicks.

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