Stop with the nonsense

I am thoroughly convinced they think us idiots.

I am thoroughly convinced that “Thud” is an idiot.

I am going to dissect some recent statements that are disturbing. Nobody expects Wm to have the deftness of a Belichick at this point. However, he’s been around enough great minds to know how to keep his mouth shut.

I also will dissect the statement of a guy who has to pretend to be a sycophant, but first, WM >

There are a lot of reports circulating out there about who is going to be Florida’s new strength and conditioning coordinator and who might be the Gators’ new offensive coordinator.

But the reality is Will Muschamp isn’t ready to fill either of the two vacancies on his coaching staff. That was the news from the UF head coach after the Gators’ first Gator Bowl practice Tuesday.

“I haven’t hired anybody,” he said. “I’ve talked to a lot of people at the strength position and the offensive coordinator’s position. When I make the hire everybody will know. But no one has been hired, no one has been offered a job yet. So, that’s it.”

Yeah, take your time Will. Leave the current roster (which has already been decimated by transfers) hanging. Also, leave recruits hanging.

There have been Internet and Twitter reports that Jeff Dillman, who works at IMG Performance Institute in Bradenton, is going to be the new strength coach. He previously worked at LSU and Appalachian State.

But Muschamp said Tuesday he’s still going through the process of identifying and interviewing prospects for both the strength coach and offensive coordinator positions.

“I still have people I want to talk to,” Muschamp said. “I’ve talked to probably six, seven, eight people so far. Again some people over Christmas. Some people this week I plan on talking to. Then after the bowl game.

So, you don’t know how many people you’ve talked to ? It’s not like you said “we.” You said you are the one who has talked to people. Why don’t you know how many you’ve talked to ? Will, you might not think it’s a big deal, but as the man who is supposedly running the ship, you should know how many people you’ve talked to. And, if you don’t, say several. This just keeps getting worse every day.

“I’ve never put a timetable on it because it’s the right fit for Florida, it’s going to be the best decision for Florida. It’s an important hire, both of them are. I’ve talked to multiple people on both situations.”

Yeah, we heard you say that last year. Right when you also admitted to not being strong on offense and wanting to hire someone strong. Then you meddled and drove him away. Here we are a year later and you’re spouting the same thing. Maybe Foley should revisit this and take his time making the right hire for the head job.

Muschamp declined to mention names of potential candidates for both openings.

“No. We’re not going to have a public search,” he said. “I’ve talked to people and their privacy is important to me, too.”

Yeah, is it ever. Like declaring the interim is auditioning for the job ? Everyone knows that’s the case but to actually say it in print….

One of the most obvious, and visible, candidates for the offensive coordinator’s job is running backs coach Brian White, whom Muschamp named the interim offensive coordinator for the bowl game.

Muschamp praised the work White has done with the offense preparing for the Gator Bowl game against Ohio State.

“I don’t know that I’ve learned anything. I know he’s a good football coach,” Muschamp said. “It’s reassured my confidence in him as a football coach. He’s done a nice job preparing our football team. It’s all about situational football and being prepared for those situations when they occur in the game.

Yeah, we know you haven’t learned anything Will. As for being prepared, yeah, the hallmark of your tenure thus far is adaptation.

“As a play caller, you’ve got a knack for that. He did a great job for Barry Alvarez for, I believe, nine years and won a lot of football games. When you’ve sat in that role it’s different than being in a role where you’ve never been in that situation at a big program, in the light, in the Rose Bowl. And Brian has done that. That’s exciting to me.”

You BELIEVE ? Will, would it kill you to do some research before you open your cobbler gobbler please ? Also, he did a great job for Alvarez ? You mean he was a yes man who believed in three yards and a cloud of dust ? So excited for the direction the Mighty Gators are headed in !!!

Muschamp reiterated that the offense has not changed under White — and it will not change whoever he names as the offensive coordinator after the bowl game.

“We’re going to remain what we do,” he said. “I like what we’re doing offensively. We’ve just got to be more productive. That’s simple. I like what we’re doing.”
“There’s not going to be a whole lot of change of what we do. Brian’s and Charlie (Weis’) philosophies are both the same. More than anything, it’s my philosophy. It’s what I want to be on offense, and that’s where we’re headed.”

That says it all, doesn’t it ? So basically, the next OC has to run an offense not how he believes it should be run, but it must meet the criteria of a DEFENSIVE coordinator. This just keep getting better and better I tell you.

Muschamp said White’s experience as a play caller weighed heavily in his decision to turn the offense over to White for the bowl game.

“No question,” Muschamp said. “Everyone has great ideas until they’ve sat in that chair.

Kinda like hiring an “up and coming” coaching prospect because he managed to miraculously coerce the best athletes in the country to play like…..the best athletes in the country ?

Then they understand the difference. They see the big picture, they understand all the things that go with running an offense or running a defense. No question his experience was very critical in our growth as an offense as we move forward.”

Yeah, sure Will. You mean like last year how you said you were deferring to an expert on O, now you believe you are one ?

Now, we have Pat Dooley. It’s pretty obvious what his REAL thoughts are, but he has to placate the loyalists. I will argue against the “myself” entries.>


It shouldn’t be a debate.

But it is.

It wasn’t even being discussed in the Florida coaching offices during the holidays or on the bus ride over to Jacksonville.

“I’m just trying to win this game,” Will Muschamp said. “I don’t want to be 6-7.”
But in the Gator Nation, it was being discussed. And I can see both sides of the argument.

So … discuss.

Me: There is no way I let John Brantley play this game. What’s the point? We’ve seen what he can do. This was a lost season. 7-6 or 6-7, it will go down as the worst season of Gator football since 0-10-1. I’d let the two freshmen play quarterback. Maybe give them each a half.

Myself: Really? What a great message to send to your seniors. You ask for total commitment and then kick a guy to the curb before his last game of his career? Who are you, Todd Graham? Show a little loyalty to a guy who has been a Gator for life. Let him go out with some dignity.

You mean the seniors who are going through the motions, displaying full blown complacency and a sense of entitlement ? Who cares if you alienate them. Perhaps if the benching had come earlier, it would have lit a fire under them that seniors are subject to benching if they don’t shape up.

Oh, and let him go out with dignity ?  He was given this whole season under Weis, having been given the benefit of the doubt that last year was a scheme issue. When it was apparent that the problem was between the center and the rb, he still remained the QB when healthy. He got his job back and in his last meaningful game as a Gator against their arch rivals, he unleashed his greatest bed shitting to date. The dignity ship has already sailed. Now you’re simply advocating allowing him a chance to use a bit of Pepto in the hopes of removing the aftertaste of the vomit he choked on.

Me: Dignity? Behind that offensive line? He’s going to be chucking and ducking all game just like he did all season. I appreciate what Brantley did but he was 14-9 as a starter and six of those wins came against teams that were paid to be practice fodder. He’s under-.500 against real teams. He’s had his chance.

Myself: Look, he still gives Florida the best chance to win this game. He knows the offense and he’s a senior. He’s been through the battles and you know he’ll be fired up to finish with a flurry. He’s as healthy as he’s been since before the severe ankle sprain. I think he has one more big game in him. Don’t forget, this is a team that gave up 40 points to Michigan in its last outing.

Actually, he does not. He has nerves of egg white. He’s playing against Meyer’s new team. We’ve seen what happens to him when the pressure is on. The roster is stacked with read option guys. The best chance to win is Driskel running a read option as a one game stopgap.

As for being fired up to finish with a flurry, yeah we saw what happened against FSU in his last meaningful game against his arch rival. Supposing your theory is true, we want to see the ball handed to someone who can only get motivated after they outright shit the bed ?

Me: Yeah, against a mobile quarterback. If you base it on that one game, Florida should let Jeff Driskel have this game. Besides, this game isn’t about the 2011 season. It’s about 2012. It’s time for this program to move forward and out of the stench that was last season. This isn’t the last game of 2011. It’s the first game of 2012.

Myself: I might buy that if we knew who Florida’s offensive coordinator was going to be for next season.

I might peruse the catalog  if I thought the HC had a damn clue about what to do.

Me: Well, you’ve heard Muschamp. He wants to have some consistency. He doesn’t want to get away from what they’ve been running this year. So whoever it is will be running a lot of what they will be running in this game.

Myself: So what about the other seniors? You want to bench them as well? That will send a great message to recruits. Come to Florida where we use you up and toss you aside. I mean, have you ever heard of the concept of winning the last game for the seniors?

You know what else sends a great message to recruits ? No matter how unproductive and ineffective upperclassmen are, you aren’t playing. Who cares if they practice well and play shitty, you sit. And if  there’s a legacy player in front of you? Well, you might as well not even bother committing. Save yourself the transfer. Because if you do transfer and go elsewhere and succeed  at a high level, they’ll call you stupid and accuse you of academic wrong doings while sheltering those who remain. They’ll give you hell about owning a stolen laptop while covering for other real law breakers. They’ll send you to the salt mines because your father told an outpost they’d have to cough up some cash for his church to get you to consider playing for a hole in the world instead of a national power. They’ll do this, as their former QB and All Apple Pie Guy’s family did the same thing, having managed to circumvent NCAA rules and obtain funding for their missions.

Yes, come to Florida, where the lazy and spoiled will play no matter what. Where DNA is the only true merit.

Me: Great, go win it for them. But if you want to bench them all it’s fine with me. Except Jaye Howard. Florida is too thin at defensive tackle.

Myself: Nice. So the one body you need will be allowed to play.

Wait, I thought the idea was to win ? What are those banners for ? Hey, let’s commission a banner for JB. You are indecisive, and completely lacking awareness. You can’t get out of the way of a helium balloon.  You are responsible for most of the things that went wrong with your tenure. Have a banner for enduring your own problems.

Me: OK, that came out wrong. Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey were a big part of two teams that went 26-2 and won a national title. They’ve earned the right to go out on their terms. This debate was supposed to be about the quarterback.

Myself: Yes and what did you see out of either of the freshmen when they got their chances during the regular season that would make you think they can handle this assignment? Don’t forget, their offensive coordinator is in Kansas.

Actually, as it turns out, the offensive coordinator is still in Gainesville. He’s looking for a lapdog to assign the title to so when the heat comes, there’ll be someone to take the blame. What did I see from the freshmen ? Nothing, really. But I did see the same thing people talked about last year with JB being in the read option. What we do know is you have a read option qb on a roster still stacked with read option players. Oh, I don’t know, maybe try to win the game with what you have ?

Me: I’m not saying that Brantley isn’t the best option to try to win the game. I’m just wondering if it’s the best way to get started on next season.

Myself: This isn’t about next season. Next season starts Jan. 3. Do you really want to see this team go out with a losing record?

Actually, yes, if it serves a greater purpose. A win with JB further deludes the masses because it will just bring forth a bunch of “what if” nonsense. Or, are you under the impression that winning an exhibition game against an out of conference team somehow overshadows losses to FSU, SC and UGA, nevermind LSU Bama and Auburn ? This is Florida. 6-6 overall, 3-5 conference record  finishing 7th overall and 3rd in the weaker of two divisions, ONE game better than Vandy IS a losing season.

Me: I’m just not so sure it can win with its senior quarterback. And because I’m not sure, I’d just as soon watch the other guys play and give them experience.

Myself: We’ll just have to agree to disagree. By the way, you have chicken wing sauce on your shirt.



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  1. Well in this nation some of us are born with a strike against us, Cam is one of those people. I hate to say this especially on iakow but Newton would have been better than Tebow in Meyers offense. The boosters as well as ESPN didn’t want any parts of that. If the Brantley family would’ve just let the tissue boy go to Texas we would have won another National Championship instead Auburn benefited.

  2. Newton is better than Tebow in ANY offense. Not a popular statement around this neck of the woods, but facts are facts.

  3. Really!?! 6-10 to 8-8 with one playoff win… I don’t care how many yards Cam can throw Tebow gets the job done.

  4. I think at this point we can officially say Tim Tebow is better than Cam Newton……….at broadcasting.

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