Tennessee Game Presents First-Ever Opportunities For Brantley, Rainey

I know, I would have thought the same thing as you did when you first saw the title: this is the Florida-Tennessee preview.

No, it’s not.

Instead, it is the first in a series of backstories related to the Florida Tennessee rivalry.

Some of you probably did not know this, but Brantley and Rainey are both fifth year seniors. That, combined with the fact that Florida has won the last 6 games in this series could instantly give you a big clue.

The opportunities, however, are slightly different from each other, and both are only counting recorded games. That means if somebody did either one in 1930 in some meaningless bottom feeding D-3 matchups, it’s not counted here.

For Rainey, it would be the first time in college football history that a player could get a carry of 10 or more yards against the same team three times in the same venue.

In the 2007 Tennessee game, when the game was already blown open, Rainey took a handoff from Cam Newton (yuck), made a juke that impressed Percy Harvin, and ran out of bounds after a 10 yard gain. In 2009, Rainey was Florida’s second leading rusher against the Vols (behind Tim Tebow) with 9 rushes for 65 yards, his longest being a 13 yard run.

Rainey has a few dinstinctions at Florida already, such as one of two players to get a carry for over 75 yards twice, and running for, catching, and returning a blocked punt for a touchdown in the same game, but to become the first to ever do something in history would be quite something for him.

As for John Brantley, he could become the first QB in college football history to fully suit up for five straight wins over the same team. Not five straight games against the same team, five straight victories. Never mind that he never did anything until 2010- it’s still kind of cool to see a stat like that.

That’s it for today, just thought it would be neat to see something like this.

My Florida-Tennessee preview coverage will continue tomorrow…

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