The last straw: Muschamp’s Gators blow another winnable game

I’m keeping this one short and sweet, because I’m working on a list of potential new head coaches.

There’s no other way around this. Will Muschamp has no remaining arguments to stay anymore. The 2% of the fan base that wanted him to stay after the Georgia game has to have come to their senses by now. He’s out of supporters, and he’s about to be out of support from Jeremy Foley. This loss is the last straw, the end of the road.

And I’m getting really tired of writing this every week, because all I do is list the most recent examples of botchery with the same spin and the same bottom line. I’ll list off key penalties and turnovers, explain how they led to the defeat in that particular game, add it to the long list of eye-popping errors this team has made, throw in a casual reminder of just how long that list is, and then cap it off with “Fire Muschamp”.

We know why at this point. We’ve heard Georgia Southern, Missouri, 4-8 and 4 years without winning the SEC East more than enough. So I’m not going to shove it down your throat again. Why bother?

The fact of the matter is that Florida blew another game it had no business losing. Up 17-10 with under four minutes to go, Frankie Velez came on to try to put the game away, but his field goal attempt was blocked. OK, that’s… a new way to try to blow the game, but the defense forced another punt and the Gators got the ball back and bled the clock down to :45. All Florida had to do now was punt the ball away, but they couldn’t manage that and Kyle Christy’s punt was blocked. A few plays later, Mike Davis scored, the game went into overtime, Florida kicked a field goal and Dylan Thompson ran it in for the touchdown that- if Jeremy Foley is anywhere near the genius we believe him to be- will be the last Will Muschamp gets to witness as a Florida coach.

Muschamp’s a good man. He’s a good defensive mind. He’s a good recruiter. But he’s not an effective coach for the University of Florida. And so he needs to go, and fast, before our recruiting begins to hemorrhage even more than it already has.

20 thoughts on “The last straw: Muschamp’s Gators blow another winnable game

  1. I’m not even mad. I knew something like this was coming. Well not two blocked kicks in the last four minutes but something really bad like that. Muschamp can’t win big games. He just can’t.

    1. I credit you. You wanted Muschamp gone way before I did. Mad props to you, dude. And Neil. Sometimes I want to start a gigantic fight with Neil but damn it if he isn’t right about this shit every time. Addazio, Pease and now Muschamp. He knows when a coach will fail before everybody else and as much as that sort of pessimism pisses me off, he’s 3 for 3 that I can remember.

  2. This just ripped my guts out. I can’t even express how pissed I am. It looked like we would finally win a big game, but no, we fuck up another one and now we’re looking at the Liberty Bowl. Four years wasted with the most boring bullshit I’ve ever seen from folks in orange and blue jerseys.

  3. So much for all kinds of weather… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I couldn’t say that with a straight face. I’ve supported Muschamp through the worst of times, but if you still support him after today you’re just an idiot. No he didn’t do anything particularly egregious today but why we’re we down 10-0 right off the bat to start with? Why were we slower than molasses out of the gate? I can’t take it anymore.

    On another note, you have some real idiots following you on twitter. Maybe you should invest in the block button?

  4. That was absolutely disgusting. If this doesn’t get him fired… What the fuck will? Maybe a loss to our cupcake opponent next week… oh wait that didn’t get him fired the last time it happened, why would it this time?

    I’m ashamed to admit it has come to this, but: if Jeremy Foley doesn’t fire him after 2014, it may be time to evaluate his future, too.

    1. He’s the anti-Meyer: He’s a good ol’ Southern boy, he doesn’t like to win, but he’s loyal and would never leave us in the way big bad Meyer did. Wah!

      Frankly, there aren’t any real arguments. There haven’t been throughout his tenure. The ONLY reason Muschamp is still employed is that flukey 2012 season, the worst possible thing that could’ve happened to Florida football. Many UF fans have suffered from the terrible affliction of sacrificing long term success for the here and now pleasures of a one time drubbing of UGA or beating FSU and ruining their season. Many nearsighted people have kept Muschamp in place for four years, including the man that matters, Jeremy Foley.

  5. I am so tired of being depressed all weekend because of Gator football. Anyone who would be soooooooo conservative in that last possession and not at least pass the ball once to make that game winning first down should go. I know for a fact that play calling did not come from our OC who has that long reputation of being aggressive… came from the head ball coach. That’s what he does…..holds back the OC to his conservative game. That first down would have insured a win, so don’t blame it on the blocked kicks….we never should have gotten to that point. Time to go Coach!

  6. Oh, and one more thing…..the criminoles pull another one out……Think I am moving to Europe!

  7. Neil, when you come up with your list I want you to include a certain former Auburn head coach. The guy with swagger, that pulled off a 6-pack against Alabama and that can bring the fun back to Gainesville.
    I’d like to hear your take on him when you post your follow up wish list.

  8. Well, it finally happened. About time. I do wish him the best of luck, but I also wish it happened a year ago.

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