Throwback Thursday: 1983, Florida vs. FSU

Hey, Gator fans: having trouble with FSU fans who just won’t stop repeating “37-7″ like a broken record? Here’s your answer.

The video of this game provides a window into the past for young people (even younger than myself) into this rivalry, and proves that the Florida-FSU rivalry goes back and forth. Both teams have their good years and their bad years, and if the mid 00’s weren’t a good enough reminder of that, maybe this is. FSU’s up right now, but they’ve never beaten Florida quite like this.

So enjoy. And remember, as Gator fans, we will enjoy beatings like this again someday.

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One thought on “Throwback Thursday: 1983, Florida vs. FSU

  1. This was a great opportunity for me to have a private showing of an exciting game. I will watch these as you post them. Thank you!
    BTW, this is a historical look-back for “oldies”, not just the younger generation.

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