Time to Brile up the fan base

Foley/Machen, I hope you’re reading this.

Ditch Willy and his 8 year old boy haircut and tantrums. Florida regressed from a team featuring an unqualified and overworked interim coach and a sleepwalking coach who was counting his days until he was able to get out.

Go get Art Briles. NOW. You missed the boat on Sumlin. That’s fine. Briles is right there. RG3 is going pro. The thought of rebuilding from the ground up with foolish fans might sway him.

Now, the easy path on this would be to suggest that Baylor is a decent gig – low expectations. Nonsense. This was their high water mark but you can rest assured, in 4-5 years when he’s unable to duplicate that success because he’s at BAYLOR and there are no RG3s just falling out of the sky every year, the fans will not care; they’ll see 7-6 and wonder why he’s “lost it”

If you’re going to deal with foolish, unreasonable fans, might as well do it at a school that thinks 9-4 is a down year. That offense with Florida athletes would be a thing of beauty.

Now, his coaching history suggest he is, as Tim Riggins would say, ‘Texas 4 ever” but with news of Mack Brown in line for an extension until 2017 and Sumlin getting the A&M gig, well, elite Texas options are off the table.

This guy returned Houston from the ash heap of history. He moved to Baylor and did the same. To say the man can coach is a gross understatement.

Now, having worked at Texas Tech under Mike Leach, he knows full well about meddlers, so that would be a deterrent.

However, with back to back shitty years, the “Urban Meyer shadow” really isn’t a factor now.

I realize Briles isn’t a spring chicken, but his experience has experience. And he apparently loves a challenge. At this point, what better challenge than restoring Florida to greatness with the SEC having expanded.

Also, we hear about Muschamp’s inroads to Texas recruiting. Nonsense. he was there 3 years. There is no rapport. Briles has been there his entire life. THAT is inroads.

Get Briles.

Get him now !!!!!


5 thoughts on “Time to Brile up the fan base

  1. Great read Coach, but we both know it won’t happen and the main reason being he’s not leaving Texas to argue with Florida boosters. Lets bring back Charlie and have Bell run the offense!

  2. I think the most offensive argument I hear is: Give him time…

    For what?

    To run an offense he’s never participated or coached before in his life? We need a campaign against him, he’s not good news.

  3. Would love your coach option coach. I don’t see it happening. I am glad Charlie is gone though. Just think Notre Dame.
    But, we will never get a good coach to come here if we can Chimp now. It would give UF a terrible rep and no coach would want to come and deal with UF.

  4. Just chill he will be fine, I would love to see a pro styled offense at Florida. Could you imagine a Big 12 caliber offense with a SEC defense… that would dang near unstoppable. All he needs to do is get the right guys to come to Florida and execute. Driskle looked like a little girl when he got his chance and I don’t care what kind of quarterback you are when you get your chance you take it and run. Even though he played tough teams he showed no knowledge of how to read a D or even what to do. I believe JB is our best bet for next year. And now that we have Brent Pease as our OC I’m pumped. If they can work fast and get this offense going the Gators could easily find themselves in another BCS Championship game with a TOP NOTCH D and a decent O.

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