To Hell With Muschamp’s Ties- He’s a Gator Through and Through

OK, I admit, watching Urban Meyer call timeouts on Georgia was the single funniest thing I have ever seen that was not affiliated with the Hangover.

As you may have heard, he’s gone now and this kid named Will Muschamp has come aboard.

When you’re trying to make an impression as a coach before you’ve coached a game, you want to show a perfect balance of bashing other teams while showing respect for them.

In other words, be a toned-down version of Lane Kiffin.

Don’t boast about singing your school fight song, or accuse somebody else of cheating. Worse, don’t be dumb doing it. It’s one thing to accuse Rich Brooks or Bobby Johnson of cheating, but why do it to a guy that’s won 2 BCS Championships in 3 years?

Muschamp’s done that pretty well. Of course, he did go to Georgia, he is friends with Jimbo Fisher, and he worked for Nick Saban. So talking trash about those three schools wouldn’t seem right.

And he’s done more than bash teams at these Gator Club Meetings, as I’m sure you know. He’s talked plenty about how our front 7 is going to carry the defense and maybe the whole team. He’s talked about attacking A-gaps early in the game and forcing some bad decisions to try to set the tone of the game. He’s talked about how he trusts John Brantley.

Recently, however, a girl asked him if he could guarantee a win over Georgia. She explained that she was marrying a Georgia fan and that the wedding was on the same day as the Cocktail Party. Muschamp smiled at the pretty girl and replied, “Sure I can!”….

Is that too much?

Nah. It’s merely playing to the crowd.

It also disspelled any doubt that Muschamp was a true Gator. He’s already learned to take shots at Miami, now he’s onto the team that allowed him to play SEC football.

To hell with his friendships. To hell with his alma mater.

He is 100% a Florida Gator.

5 thoughts on “To Hell With Muschamp’s Ties- He’s a Gator Through and Through

  1. Of course he guarantee’s a win over UGA. I mean what was he supposed to do, guarantee a loss? He’s a Gator now, not a mutt.

  2. Well some coaches would say, I can’t guarantee anything, but we’ll try our best.

  3. Yeah something tells me that BOOM will never say anything like that. This guy is kind of all in on everything. 🙂

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