Todd Gurley will not play against Florida

I had thought for sure that the NCAA would have cleared Georgia RB Todd Gurley by this point, but I was wrong.

The NCAA ruled that Todd Gurley will be eligible to play again on November 15 against Auburn. That means he will not play in the rivalry game against Florida, which is a major blow for Georgia. UGA is appealing the ruling in an effort to try to get him back immediately.

Personally, I’m not totally stunned. Accepting 3,000 bucks in cash payments is illegal, and Gurley knew it. It’s a stupid rule, but it’s a rule. And while I feel bad for Gurley on a somewhat personal level, I can’t help but think that what the NCAA did was not that surprising. They have a rule in place, somebody broke it, and they are punishing him.

In terms of the impact this has on the Florida-Georgia game, well, it’s huge. Yes, backup running back Nick Chubb is really, really good. But it’s always better to have two running backs of star quality than one. Without Gurley available, UGA may be forced to turn to Sony Michel if something happens to Chubb. Don’t let anybody tell you different; it is a major blow for Georgia.

3 thoughts on “Todd Gurley will not play against Florida

  1. With all due respect Neil, UGA could run Pee Wee Herman and beat us. Our is not them, it’s us.

    We shut Mizzou down from a D stand point. If you can’t score you can’t win.

  2. Georgia has surprisingly looked better WITHOUT Gurley. Georgia is going to have their way with us either way.

    But I would still rather play Georgia at “full strength”.

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