Top Dual Threat QB Sheriron Jones Commits to Florida

There was a time, very recently, when Florida had no quarterbacks of 3 star- or higher- quality. Now the Gators have three of 4+ star quality, and unless Jeff Driskel leaves for the NFL after this season (which is highly unlikely), Florida will have four in 2015. Normally, I’m not too big on the whole rating system thing, but know this: Florida got a good one.

California QB Sheriron Jones committed to Florida last night, adding some depth for next season and beyond. If nothing else, Jones will be there in case something happens to Will Grier, and if you don’t think that means anything, remember that Florida’s starting QB has been injured at some point in every year since 2008 aside from 2010- and in 2010, there other problems with the QB situation.

Jones reminds me a lot of Teddy Bridgewater. He is great at putting just the right amount of speed on different types of throws, and has great touch on the long ball. In addition to that, he’s faster than Bridgewater ever was. He’s not going to run anybody over the way Tim Tebow once did, but he’s shifty in the open field and very tough to stop.

So, anyway, chalk up another one for Will Muschamp and the Florida Gators. They got a good one, and with the right coaching and opportunity, he could turn into a great one.

3 thoughts on “Top Dual Threat QB Sheriron Jones Commits to Florida

    1. Big get indeed. But I wonder if he’ll ever see the field behind the likes of Grier and Harris

  1. Neil:

    I see at least one of these QBs transferring but this is a nice problem to have, too many good QBs.

    We all know that QBs are usually the best athletes. Do you see someone switching positions?

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