FlipGate: QB Deondre Francois decommits from FSU (or so we think)

UPDATE 6:30pm: Francois has tweeted that he was hacked. Read the rest of the story to get a sense of the state of chaos he caused over the past two and a half hours. He may still flip to Florida on National Signing Day- multiple people who are closer to him than I am have indicated to me that he will do so- but as of right now, he’s a Nole.

In one of the most fascinating developments in a recruiting season filled with them, prized QB recruit Deondre Francois has decommitted from FSU. Or so it seems.

Francois tweeted out his decommitment around 4pm, and then immediately deleted the tweet. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for him, someone grabbed a screenshot of his tweet and sent it to me.

But where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and there has been some smoke about Francois potentially flipping from FSU to Florida for quite some time now, even despite Francois recently shooting down rumors of a potential flip. And the tweet came at an interesting time; Florida OC Doug Nussmeier met with Francois earlier today. Sounds like there are dots to be connected here, and over the past hour or so, I’ve heard from three separate people that Francois would eventually decommit; the most prominent of whom is the offensive line coach at IMG Academy, where Francois trains/is a high school student.

There are several different potential theories as to what really happened with Francois. He could have mean friends who stole his phone and tweeted that out; he could have been saving that tweet as a draft for closer to Signing Day and accidentally published it; he could have simply tweeted it out and then had a change of heart about the timing of his decommitment (of course it was too late, but that fact is apparently unbeknownst to him). But honestly, it’s not important. Francois has supposedly decommitted from FSU. That’s what’s important.

Or maybe he hasn’t, and everybody’s sources who claim he has- mine included- are wrong.

Chris Weinke, the head coach at IMG Academy and proud Seminole, refuted that statement by his offensive line coach… right around the same time he allegedly met with Francois in private. I almost hate to say this, but this reeks of a desperate FSU alum trying to continue his pipeline to his alma mater. And because I’ve always maintained that these decisions are the kids to make, I don’t appreciate that:

But whatever the reason, it’s possible that Weinke may be right about Francois not really decommitting. Of course Weinke may have immediately talked with him and changed his mind… but that would still qualify as Weinke being correct. And Weinke was backed up by FSU running back commit Jacques Patrick saying that Francois’s twitter had been hacked, which made me throw my hands up. Half the people who claim knowledge on this story say Francois really did decommit, and the other half say he didn’t.

But here’s the thing that sticks out to me. Patrick just tweeted that talked to Francois. So it’s not a reach to say that Francois has had his phone on him nonstop since the tweet was sent, right? And if he did have his phone on him the whole time- why didn’t he tweet out that he was hacked? Why didn’t he put out some kind of statement- any kind of of statement- addressing the tweet? I don’t know what this means exactly, but something just smells fishy about that.

Sp we’ll have to play the “wait and see” game, as much as people hate doing that- because it’s the only option we have to solve a complicated and frustrating recruiting mystery. We all have theories about what’s happened, and I’ve heard a couple different theories from different people that sound good for Florida- but they’re just theories. So hang on, and keep checking for updates.

17 thoughts on “FlipGate: QB Deondre Francois decommits from FSU (or so we think)

  1. Neil- thanks for keeping us updated and entertained with this “recruiting-game-of-clue” going on. Any idea what reason or motivation Deondre would have for misleading us and publicly remaining so committed to FSU if a possible flip is in the works (granted a few of your sources were on to something)? I guess I just don’t get it.

    1. I’m hearing several theories right now.

      The most common one I’m hearing is that Nuss gave him a lot to think about (he visited with him earlier in the day) and DF impulsively tweeted out his decommitment. But as for purposely misleading us… he’s a high school kid who loves attention? After that, your guess would be as good as mine.

      1. It’s up there, though I think the story about Alex Collins’ mother stealing his paperwork and driving off with it because she didn’t want him to go to Arkansas takes the cake.

  2. Honestly, I don’t get why Francois would choose Florida over FSU. He’d have to beat out Will Grier and Treon Harris, while FSU’s QB situation is a bit more in flux. If he comes here, I bet he winds up transferring eventually. Either him or Grier, or Harris. One of them will. Maybe I’m missing something, but I just don’t get it from his perspective.

    1. Probably because he doesn’t want to play behind an offensive line that only knows how to block itself?

      OK, serious answer: each of the QB’s is starting fresh with Jim McElwain and new offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier, and that works both ways. He’s going to come in, pretend like he’s never seen either of them play before, evaluate what he sees in spring and fall camps- and then make his decision. Nothing that happened under Will Muschamp is going to sway McElwain in making personnel decisions. Treon Harris being the starter last year means nothing. Now enter Francois. If he thinks he can beat both QB’s out, he very well may come to Florida.

      1. Should we really make that joke? FSU did it as defending champs and made the playoff. UF did it during a 4-8 year with a loss to an FCS team.

  3. Holy fatherfuck, the hatred is real from Gaytor Nation.

    Francois has Nole blood running through him as much as Victoria Justice has a pussy. By even considering turning this ridiculous little twitter mishap into a story much less doing it you have once again proven your desperation for clicks. Based on your twitter/facebook followers you and your site look wildly popular, but whatever credibility you built crashed by trying to turn a evil hack job by a jealous Gaytor of a proud Nole commit into beer and snack money for you and your bosses at Fox Sports. You also shown desperation in repeating your FSU blocks themselves joke. Yeah like the Gaytors didn’t invent that little bit of art themselves LOL. You first linked a tweet and then replied to another Gaytor’s comment with the same joke. Hilarious.

    Be creative with the stuff you put up here. At least put a ribbon on it and make it look nice like other Gaytor sites. I mean its still trash but at least its under the costume of being football talk.. You are whats wrong with Fox Sports they just want to make green off this trash. This isn’t a story it’s fucking trash.

      1. Love how y’all think the Gaytors just dressed up in Oregon jerseys that day. What bowl were y’all in again? It wasn’t a very good one

        1. Classic Nole- I’m sorry you were denied admissions by UF and had to settle for such a mediocre University- I understand how distasteful those sour grapes must be. College sports are cyclical but Gator Nation is about to experience a new moon. UF > FSU for: Academics, Athletics, Environment. Fact.

  4. You know, I never understood the whole homophobic thing with the usage of Gaytor.

    That being said, FSU fans should be the last ones to use that. Because, you know, Semenholes….

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