Treon Harris To Start Against Georgia

Is anybody really surprised that Treon Harris will start against Georgia over Jeff Driskel?

OK, so I did tweet out that Harris was going to start two days ago. But when thinking about it, can you really tell me you’re shocked?

More than anything, this appears to be a last ditch effort by Will Muschamp to save a job of his that’s probably already lost. He probably went to Jeremy Foley and said, “look, I know things are bad, but I’m going in a new direction here. I’m going to try the freshman Treon Harris over the tried and true failure Jeff Driskel.” To which Foley probably just rolled his eyes and walked away.

If I know this team well enough, though, it’s not going to matter. The pass protection is a mess, as we saw against Missouri, the receiving corps fluctuates weekly from mediocre to horrendous and the play calling from Kurt Roper via Will Muschamp- yes, that’s Muschamp handcuffing the offense- has been downright hilarious. Running a 165 pound back straight up the middle of the line is something Steve Addazio would do. And we all know my thoughts about him. That’s not a particularly kind comparison to make, but it’s the truth.

Let’s face it, this game is going to come down to a lot more than the Gators’ QB. It’s important to play the better QB, yes, but that’s the absolute least of our problems right now. If the defense doesn’t play its best and the line doesn’t protect, Drew Brees wouldn’t be able to save this team against Georgia.

One thought on “Treon Harris To Start Against Georgia

  1. It’s about time!!!

    This should have been done last week. Muschamp is done. He needs to play balls out. Play the talent even with inexperienced players. Roper needs to come out of the box and get creative.

    This team can play outstanding and the chances of making a Bowl Game (even Shreveport) are slim. They need 3 more wins and they may not win 2 more.

    I am just wondering who will be the next HC?

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