Two Gator football players cited for failing to pay tab

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A source has told me that two Florida Gator football players were recently cited for failing to pay a tab at a restaurant.

The source said that running back Adam Lane and defensive tackle Caleb Brantley ran up a tab of approximately $90 at a Splitz Bowling Alley. They then walked out of the bar without paying. Legally speaking, that’s a second degree misdemeanor labeled as “FRAUD-SWINDLE: DEFRAUD INNKEEPER UNDER 300 DOLLARS”. Neither player has been formally arrested.

Brantley, Lane and a few other people walked into Splitz Bowling Alley in Gainesville (which also has a bar and grill in it) just before 9:00pm on July 4th. The two left 45 minutes later without paying their respective tabs; the reports list the incident as having taken place at 10:41pm. Brantley’s was for $42.34, while Lane’s was for $16.93. The rest of the group accumulated the remainder of the ~$90 tab.

UPDATE: a source has told me that Lane has settled his tab.

Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Michael Griffeth stated that Brantley was identified “during personal contact with him.” According to Griffeth, Brantley was read his Miranda rights, which he subsequently waived. Brantley then admitted that he had run up a tab of over $40 and then walked out without paying it. Brantley also admitted that Lane and a third, unidentified person had been at him with Splitz and left without paying.

Fellow ACSO deputy Carlos Casanova wrote up the report on Lane. In it, he noted that Lane was placed in a photo lineup, and positively identified by a fellow Splitz patron that night. Casanova named three additional people (Brantley was one of them) as suspects.

I have also obtained court documents from the Alachua County Court Records confirming the incident.

Here’s the court case against Brantley:

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And here’s the court case against Lane:

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Lane is expected to help Kelvin Taylor carry the load at running back, while Brantley figures to be a key piece on the Gators’ defensive line rotation. I’m using the present tense here, because I doubt the punishment for both players will be too severe. This isn’t all that different from what Jameis Winston did in Publix last April, and like Winston, I don’t expect the players to be suspended for very long- if at all. A second degree misdemeanor is not a particularly serious charge, and so this case should be handled lightning fast.

UPDATE: UF is aware of the situation, and said that “it has been dealt with.”

These kids made a mistake. It’s a dumb one to make, but it’s also not the end of the world. And hopefully, the experience will teach them a lesson, and make them better for it.

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  1. If neither has been in trouble before, I’m sure they can avoid prosecution by doing some community service, as Winston did, and keep a clean record. A suspension of a couple of games, also similar to Winston, would be a sufficient punishment. UF plays a cupcake in their first game, but East Carolina , is a lot closer to the level of UF, so it could matter if Taylor is injured or UF loses a defensive tackle or two. It is a misdemeanor, so it’s not a big deal. I’m sure the coaches are going to be nervous until preseason camp opens up, as kids still continue to do dumb things.

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  2. Not sure why they would jeopardize their academic or athletic careers for $90, but hopefully they can rectify the situation and settle up with bar/restaurant. It was a mistake yes, but it sounds deliberate. No one just leaves a restaurant and accidentally forgets they owe money to that establishment for their services. Get it together, you represent more than yourselves when you play for UF and should behave better than that. I certainly don’t want to hear the excuse, “student athletes don’t have the resources” or “student athletes are not fairly compensated” because while that may be true, it doesn’t justify acting like a deadbeat.

  3. they need to be suspended for a time and given a final warning or we will become another fsu criminal team

    1. Since 2010…….UF athletes have been arrested 32 times.
      Since 2010…….FSU athletes have been arrested 23 times.

      Y’all passed the Noles a long time ago…

      1. Noles commit rape and beat up their girl friends. Gators forget to pay a tab and bark at police dogs. Thanks for the great example of false equivalence.

        1. Maybe the Gators should do a photo shoot with famous alumni Aaron Hernandez for recruiting!

      2. we dont have a police department that covers everything up and lets athletes steal scooters and give them back to the owners, shoots out $10,000 worth of windows and lets the shooting at squirrels excuse work….

    2. Well, aren’t you just precious. I am sorry to inform, princess.. but UF and FSU lead the country in criminal allegations over the last 15 years, and the highest rate of “dismissal” exists in Gainsville and Tallahassee than anywhere in the country.

      Oh, and yes… Florida led the country in those allegations. Allegations just like these. Trust me, UF and FSU shouldn’t be pointing fingers at either party. We are both already there.

    3. Your response is idiotic. UF, not FSU, is the school that had a player charged with four violent felonies, J.C. Jackson. Jackson, by the way, was wanted badly by FSU. To say that UF treats transgressions any differently than FSU, or anyone else, is just another example of how some UF fans ignore facts and make up their own little fantasy world.

        1. The Noles were in the midst of an historic season, and Jameis was the Heisman. Suspending him for a simple accusation that could later may have been proven false would have caused unfair and irreparable damage to not only him, but the team. They did the right thing.

          In fairness, the Gators weren’t that good, with or without Treon. Although I disagreed with his suspension at the time, I didn’t lose any sleep over it because it was inconsequential to their success.

    4. Wait, was that Adam “Squishy Pants” Lane not paying his tab? I guess you don’t keep up with Gator news. UF is well ahead of FSU in terms of players getting into trouble with the law, for the past decade as well as 2015. This incident merely increases the gap.

  4. @wild turkey…better do some research there bud, UF had had more arrest than any team in the state over the past 15yrs.Know some facts before you make yourself look like a complete idiot

  5. May be Adam shit his pants (again) and needed a new pair. So he dipped ? At least he didn’t rape anyone.

  6. Meh, they’re just guilty of being stupid, not of being bad people. Suspend them for our joke of an opener and call it square

    1. Basically. But stupidity isn’t just something to dismiss, either. Agreed that they should be suspended for NM State

  7. OK, so the good news is that we’re still not as bad as FSU. We have two players who take food and drinks without paying. FSU has players who take food and drinks without paying (Winston twice). That’s a draw. But FSU has multiple women beaters, dog stranglers, wild BB gun Perdues and credit card thieves in the past two years.

  8. I saw on NBC Sports that UF is aware of the whole mess, and “it has been dealt with.” I also saw the same thing on twitter from Kevin Brockway. Regardless… these guys are idiots. I hope they enjoyed running stairs in the Swamp at 5:30 in the morning, or whatever similarly humiliating and grueling punishment McElwain administered.

  9. Well, this is exactly the sort of warm welcome home from Australia I was looking for.

  10. Saturday brought word that a pair of Florida Gator football players had been cited for failure to pay their tabs at a Gainesville bowling alley. A%2F%2Fcollegefootballtalk.

  11. Why are there so many anti-Gator comments on a site supposedly for Gator fans? Some of these contain profanity and cyberbullying personal insults. Who do you let in this group? Please eliminate those who look to spoil things for everyone who wishes to have positive and intelligent interaction here!

    1. I’ve always been a proud American patriot, and thus I like to allow freedom of speech. Although this comments thread is admittedly making me think twice about that.

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