Tyler Murphy to Transfer from Florida

Amid the chaos that comes with a 4-8 season, and the possibility of being buried behind newcomer Will Grier and incumbent Jeff Driskel, Tyler Murphy has decided to transfer.

Murphy had just graduated on Saturday, and he has one year of eligibility left, so he may as well use it in a place where he can play. Murphy began the year as Driskel’s backup, but when Driskel broke his ankle against Tennessee, Murphy was thrust into action against the Vols, and didn’t do a bad job, guiding Florida back from 7-0 down to a 31-17 win. He also guided ┬áthe Gators to wins over Kentucky and Arkansas, but the trouble started against LSU. Poor line play doomed Murphy, who was beaten to pancake batter by a ferocious LSU defense. The Gators never won another game after that, and after being hurt late in the season, Florida started Skyler Mornhinweg for the remaining three games.

I, as well as everybody else here at IAKOW, wish Tyler nothing but the best moving forward. His departure leaves Florida with Gainesville native Ryan Parrish as the only QB on Florida’s depth chart after Driskel and Grier (due to the departures of Max Staver and Mornhinweg), but you can’t really blame him for looking out for his best interests.

And whoever you want to blame for 2013’s debacle, do NOT blame Murphy.

5 thoughts on “Tyler Murphy to Transfer from Florida

  1. Yeah you can’t really blame him. He would of probably never seen the field again with Driskel coming back and Grier coming in.

    Good luck elsewhere, Tyler.

  2. Spent all last week and weekend dreading this move because I love what Tyler appeared to be for this team. I could not WAIT to hear you two cents on this story. For a kid who was discarded as an afterthought for the last two coaches and 3+ OC’s, to suddenly have the season thrust into his hands and watch him manage the unexpected pressure, notoriety, and blame for his team’s shortcomings was an honor. I enjoyed watching an articulate, seemingly well-mannered, & sincere Gator athlete after years of tolerating foolishness and imaturity from a few chosen members of our football. Love what I’ve see from the kid, and I hate to see him go.

    1. I’ll miss him as well. Shame on all those who denounced him. It wasn’t his fault his line couldn’t block for him. He did make a few bad decisions, but hell, so does everybody. I mean, we saw Tom Brady make a really bad decision to lose the game yesterday against Miami, and I don’t hear Patriots fans calling for his head on a pike. To blame Murphy for the 4-8 record when all he’s really guilty of is a couple of bad reads is just not fair, and I really hope he succeeds elsewhere to kind of stick it to Brent Pease and Muschamp for not wanting him more.

    1. That’s what impressed me most. He was such a true team player. I’ll never forget his reaction after learning that Jeff Driskel broke his ankle. So classy.

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