Video: 2015 Florida Gators Season Highlights: Mac Is Bringing Us Back

Under Will Muschamp, the Gators won ten games in his last two seasons combined.

In Jim McElwain’s first season at Florida, the Gators matched that win total, won their first SEC East title since the Urban Meyer tenure, and destroyed rival Georgia 27-3.

Of course, much of the momentum built in the early and middle parts of the season was lost with a rough ending. But that rough ending should in no way take anything away from what this team accomplished. And so while the form it takes is something of a movie, the highlight video I put together for this season should serve as both a trip down memory lane and a glimpse of what’s to come in the future.

Note: for those curious, the title “Mac is bringing us back” was chosen in order to prove that there’s merit to the “Mac Will Bring Us Back” video I made last year

7 thoughts on “Video: 2015 Florida Gators Season Highlights: Mac Is Bringing Us Back

  1. Great job man. The end is kinda disappointing but that’s not really your fault lol. Other than that, this is incredible. Really got up in my feels

  2. I think it’s a bit premature to think McElwain is a better coach than Muschamp. Muschamp won eleven games one year and was also SEC Coach of the Year. One thing that hasn’t changed is that UF still is one of the worst teams in college football on offense. McElwain’s boasts about being able to have his dog play quarterback was a lot of nonsense. It seems McElwain talks big, but has yet to back it up. I’m still skeptical about UF improving on offense. Both McElwain and Nussmeier haven’t wowed anyone yet, and Nussmeier’s offenses have sucked very badly for two years in a row.UF is still in as bad a shape at quarterback as they have been for the past six years. The good news is that the SEC East is so bad at the position that Treon Harris is as good as anyone in the division.

    1. SEC east first year. Proven ability to build.

      Already better than Muschamp.

      Their offense looked ok with a decent QB running things. We’re talking about a cast of players that were recruited for downhill during Muschamp’s tenure except the last when he brought Roper in, and practically no offensive line.

      One of the big things this year was Florida found a way to win the games they’d have lost under WM which is a very good first step.

      Look at Callaway – a talent that actually got used because coaches know how to use weapons.

      1. Let’s see how Callaway performs this next year.There is such a thing as a sophomore slump and I remember McElwain hyping Brandon Powell to the point of bringing him to the SEC Media days when he had done nothing to deserve it. The bottom line is that UF’s offense was as bad as it ever was the previous five years, and making excuses for it being becuase UF lost a quarterback that should have never played in the first place because he was a cheater is just the latest example of the whining and excuse making that has plagued UF since Tebow left. I also think it’s a lot of nonsense to say UF won games they would have lost under Muschamp. The game against Tennessee is a perfect example, the game went almost exactly as it had the year before under Muschamp. The prognosis on offense isn’t any better for next season. UF still has no clue if they will put a decent quarterback on the field. The running backs are all unproven. The receivers and tight ends are still mediocre and the offensive line remains a huge question mark. I know about Georgia Southern, but the way UF played in it’s last three games is not anything but shameful. UF has never been embarrssed at home as bad as FSU creamed them. Even Skyler Morninhweg produced a touchdown, and McElwain couldn’t even do that. I’m sorry, but winning the pathetic SEC East this past year is not something to crow about and it seems UF is counting on a lot of players who have never played a significant down in college football this upcoming year is not a recipe for success. I’m not the one who proclaimed that he could be successful playing his dog at quarterback, so call me not impressed with McElwain’s offensive acumen. Guess what? The odds of converting fourth downs are much lower that McElwain’s luck doing so last year.

          1. Dude

            Houston is a good team and Herman the next great coach.

            Meanwhile we will always have Georgia Southern which buys opposing fans years of currency

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