VIDEO: 2015 Florida vs. Tennessee: full game and condensed version

A lot of people love the way I do the 15 minute condensed versions of games, as it makes it easier to watch the game in a shorter amount of time. Others, however, have voiced their preference for me to upload the full game- meaning all three hours of it. The number of people in the latter category has increased since the beginning of this year (hmmm, I wonder why), so I’m going to do the videos a little differently going forward.

Again, since many people like the games condensed, I’m going to continue to do that. But since I’ve got the complete game anyway, it’s selfish to keep it to myself, right? So I’m going to upload the full game, too. Now everybody’s happy, which is my goal!

So here’s how it’s going to work. The 15 minute versions of the game will still be on the In All Kinds Of Weather YouTube channel. The complete game, however, will be on a new channel called “In All Kinds Of Weather Full Games”. This is actually a dummy account that was designed to have future games to be worked on stored somewhere that didn’t clog up disk space on my computer, so it isn’t really a new account; I’m just changing all the videos I’ve uploaded from private to public. Thus, you may see some old games uploaded there that I never got to work on, and feel free to enjoy those, too.

Anyway. Here’s the 15 minute condensed version:

And here’s the complete version on the In All Kinds Of Weather Full Games account. Click the link in the video to open it on YouTube, go to that channel’s page and subscribe.



4 thoughts on “VIDEO: 2015 Florida vs. Tennessee: full game and condensed version

  1. Can your philosophy of “keep everybody satisfied” be applied to politics, e.g., the US Congress? That would be helpful to our nation. (I refer to your decision to make your condensed version of games available as well as the full length versions.)

    1. I wish.

      Unfortunately, I tend not to discuss politics on here, as it’s a surefire way to elicit the wrong type of conversation. Luckily, I know who this is, so the next time I see you, we can discuss this in person.

  2. This is great Neil!! Thanks – I like the 15 mins but it is great to have both options and I am sure when I have the time I will also replay the entire game. Thanks for all you do – I am enjoying your product and will continue to visit.

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