VIDEO: a tribute to Percy Harvin

In a sentence: there may never be another one like Percy Harvin.

Screen passes that appeared to be snuffed out magically turned into first downs after four broken tackles. Simple counter plays designed to get four yards suddenly became long touchdown runs. One step of separation became four in the blink of an eye.

These were just some of the problems opposing defenses faced when tasked with stopping Percy Harvin. While nobody could argue that Florida has anywhere near the success it did from 2006-2008 without Tim Tebow’s efforts, the Gators also probably aren’t quite as dominant in those years without Harvin. Forcing defenses to plan specifically to stop him would free up the Gators’ offense to utilize other players, which helped the offense function, which helped the defense get the rest it needed, which helped Florida won.

Sadly, Harvin’s career was cut short by one too many injuries, as a few weeks ago, he informed the Buffalo Bills that he intended to retire. Sure, Harvin had his share of frustrating off the field moments with teammates and coaches, but he wasn’t exactly a criminal, either. So yes, I do feel a twinge of sadness as his football career comes to a close.

And I’ll admit that perhaps part of the sadness comes from the idea that the world may never see another athlete quite as naturally gifted as Percy Harvin.

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  1. I have known Percy since he about 10 years old. He ran track with my son Sean Lam. I was really touched when he ran track at Landstown high school state finals to benefit Sean Lam and Darren Jones in 2005. Because, he ran Landstown Boys team won the State final. Congrats to a wonderful career.

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