Video: Andre Debose Florida Gators Career Highlights

Once upon a time, a kid hailed as the next Percy Harvin committed to play for Urban Meyer at Florida. UF would lose a lot of players from the 2008 team, but with Debose coming in 2009, the Gators figured to be OK in the skill position department. He was that promising.

But those expectations never materialized. Between injuries, two inadequate coaches (Steve Addazio and Will Muschamp) and some personal problems, Debose’s career never quite took flight the way it was expected to. He did, however, tease Florida fans with reminders of why he was so highly sought after in the first place every now and then. And so he leaves Florida having provided legitimate proof of how talented he is, but also the unquenchable desire to find out just how good he could have been with competent coaches and without injuries.

Here’s one last look at the good things he did at Florida. Oh, what could have been.

9 thoughts on “Video: Andre Debose Florida Gators Career Highlights

  1. I blame this on Addazio tbh. He never let Debose do anything when he first came. Of course Muschamp is a dumb fuck and can’t evaluate offensive talent to save his life, but that’s beside the point. If Debose had broken out as a star in 2010, maybe, just maybe, Muschamp would have seen how good he was and made him a feature of the offense.

      1. No but he employed them. And really? Really with that? HE WAS THE HEAD COACH. Short term failures- a bad play, a bad game, even a bad season- can be pinned on assistants and coordinators. Not long term failures. Why are you defending him?

        1. lol Muschamp is an idiot. No argument from me there. Just saying that he’s not in control of the offense the way an offensive coordinator or an offensive minded head coach would be. He’s responsible for hiring the shitty coordinators and/or forcing them to water down the offense, no doubt. But he stayed out of the way in terms of deciding who played.

          1. Oh, so you’re saying it was Kurt Roper who came up with the brilliant idea to start Driskel against Missouri? It was Brent Pease’s call to run off Tyler Murphy and Jacoby Brissett in favor of Driskel? Fuck outta here with that.

              1. Good to see nothing can piss off a fan base and cause angst like this than a horrible college football “coach”. #ThanksChamp

  2. You talk about Debose like he left so much potential just lying there, yet without him, we get blown out by LSU in both 2010 and 2014…

  3. Let’s get real. Coaching is not the reason for Debose being a lousy receiver. He was a lousy receiver because he couldn’t play. Demarcus Robinson is a great receiver, yet the rest of the current receivers at Florida are mediocre, at best. It’s time to place the blame squarely where it belongs. It’s the players that are at fault, not the coaches. If that is not true, how doe4s Robinson play well and another just as highly touted player, Fulwood, suck? Who’s going to win with awful quarterbacks like Brantley and Driskel? Meyer didn’t become an awful coach after Tebow left, but he did have a dud in John Brantley at quarterback. Muschamp was deserving of SEC Coach of the Year when UF won eleven games with another dud, Driskel, at quarterback.
    We’ve already seen the serious limitations on Harris’s passing ability. Are we going to blame the coaches if Grier is as big a dud as the highly touted Brantley and Driskel? Sooner or later, you have to quit making excuses for lousy players. Debose sucked because he was a bust and couldn’t play a lick. He was drafted late because of his speed and return ability, but he’s already been cut. It didn’t take Oakland long to find out that he doesn’t have the work ethic, attitude, or intelligence it takes to be an NFL player. Think about it. He was a sixth year Senior on a team with bad receivers and all he could muster was one catch for minus three yards? Perhaps he was ruined before he ever came to Florida by reading his press clipping and thinking he was something special because he had five stars. It doesn’t matter the reason. Debose failed because of himself, not anyone else.

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