Video: Flashback Friday, 1986 Florida Gators @FSU Seminoles

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t really gotten a whole lot of videos out there recently. I’ve been really busy with my summer internship, and with the actual content. But that doesn’t mean I’m quitting completely- I’ve got a few more coming before football season starts, and here’s the first one.

I was actually planning to hold onto this one until next week, but then I found out that today is the birthday of a loyal IAKOW reader and huge Gator fan, Kelly O’Neil- happy birthday!- and so I decided to get it out there immediately.

Anyway, this was quite a dandy. Florida vs. FSU 1986. What a game.

The Gators were still feeling the effects of the disaster Charlie Pell left them, and staggered into this game 5-5 and bowl-ineligible. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t wreck FSU’s fun. And that’s exactly what they did, walking into Doak Campbell Stadium and snatching the game right out from underneath FSU’s noses.


One thought on “Video: Flashback Friday, 1986 Florida Gators @FSU Seminoles

  1. I was sitting in the end zone where Nattiel caught the game winner… I was seven years old lol. What. A. Game.

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